Short Courses That Pay Well In South Africa (2022)

The pace of change in the world today is so rapid that traditional education is struggling to keep up. This is a list of short courses that pay well in South Africa, but the information is not only restricted to South Africa alone. As the world marches forward, you will find that there are several opportunities coming out, through which one can become financially stable and even build wealth.

Rather than spend several years in the university to study sometimes obsolete courses that cannot guarantee good economic prospects after completion, it may be a better idea to study a short course which would arm you with the information and skills you need to engage in profitable economic activity, even as a professional, without the unnecessary stress that can sometimes come with higher education.

The major advantages of going through this route include saving time, saving expenses, and you get practical hands-on knowledge about what you are learning. If this sort of education interests you then you may want to read more below.

Short Courses That Pay Well In South Africa

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a trending business opportunity, not only in South Africa, across the world as well. Digital Marketing, as the name implies, is all about selling products and services to people online, rather than physically. Believe it or not, this is the future of marketing; you can already see this because every business is finding a way to put its products in front of people, either on their phones, computers, or any other digital device. This is one of the short courses that pay well in South Africa because professional digital marketers are so much in demand. As a Digital Marketer, you will be consulted and recruited by companies and brands about how they can take their products online to meet their potential customers.

When learning the art of digital marketing, you will about how people think, what people want, and how to make products appeal to them. You will understand more about the various demographics, and how they respond to certain online sales pitches. As a Digital Marketer, you should also know how to market yourself so that your services will be highly sought after by businesses and companies alike.

Advanced Project Management

As the gig economy continues to expand in which companies now prefer to hire separately for each particular project, you can see that Project Managers are highly sought after because they will help the companies coordinate the workers as teams so as to reach the set goals successfully. It is no surprise therefore that Advanced Project Management is one of the high-demand short courses in South Africa, and also that most of those who pass through this short course are well paid.

Customer Relationship Building

As simple as it may seem, maintaining a relationship with customers over a long time is not easy at all. When a business makes one sale and records it, it goes a long way in calculating your market share. The last thing any business wants to see is that they have lost that one customer to a competitor. Do not forget that every customer has the potential of convincing other people via word-of-mouth advertising to start using your products or services.

It is, therefore, a priority of any business to identify these key customers and to build long-lasting relationships with them so that the business can continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Customer Relationship Building is therefore one of the short courses that pay well in South Africa; the potential benefits being uncountable.

Health and Safety Representative Training

Health and Safety Representative Training is vital; it is now one of the short courses that pay well in South Africa. Health and safety are becoming of increasing importance in South Africa; the government is beginning to ensure stricter compliance with health and safety regulations, and there is more responsibility on an employer if an employee should sustain an injury or die as a direct result of carrying out his work duties. Therefore, employers are starting to pay greater attention to Health and Safety in the workplace. Health and Safety Representatives are people tasked to ensure that these safety standards are met at all times. They can work in factories, construction companies, freight forwarding companies, and so on.  Because Health and Safety Representatives are such important people in the workforce, they earn good money for their services.

Software Development

Software development is one of the short courses that pay well in South Africa. This is like an exclusive job because there are too few software designers in the country, and demand is quite high. Software developers make business easier; this article was typed on Microsoft Word, and you are probably reading it on google chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, or some other browser- all of which are software. Many businesses need software developers to help them design and build software that is specific to their needs, and that will help them perform better. Many people may think that software development must be given to big companies but that is not always true; some of the biggest software development innovations that have come out in recent years have been done by small teams; sometimes not more than 4 or 5 people.

Cryptocurrency Development

You can think of Cryptocurrency as online money, and so Cryptocurrency Development can be described as the process of creating online money. Understandably, anything that has to do with money is potentially big business, and cryptocurrency development is no different. This is one of the short courses that pay very well in South Africa.

CryptoCurrency development has the potential to literally create billions of dollars; but it cannot come without the hard work and consistency of the developers so as to create something that will appeal to the people; a project that can make an impact.



It is always better to have a talent, or an eye for a particular field of work, before committing to study it at a professional level. Granted, these are the short courses that pay well in South Africa, but they can pay you even more if you have the talent or some knowledge about the fields of work, before going for said courses. Besides, your personal work ethics come into play because more dedicated people will always earn more than those who are less serious about the job.

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