10 Best Series On Netflix South Africa (2023)

While we can’t compare Netflix SA shows catalogue with the likes of the USA or the United Kingdom, it still contains series of movies that gives entertainment. Netflix has been investing in the South African movie industry, and it is obvious that it’s proving to be a win-win for everyone. I listed interesting series and shows on Netflix for your viewing pleasure, this list is not just the most-watched shows and series but also the best on NetFlix South Africa presently.

There are several Series you can get hooked to on Netflix SA, but in this article, we will explore just some of the very best. Let’s get started:

Best Series On Netflix South Africa

1. Blood & Water 

Definitely, Blood & Water was creatively put together, and movie lovers will embrace the storyline and creativity put into it. It’s a South African drama that met mystery, and it is easy for some to relate to the story.

While some people think it is kinda overrated, the movie is addictive, and it has received nice reviews worldwide.

2. New Girl 

New Girl came with some 145 episodes, and you will get addicted to the movie before you finish watching it. Each episode will prompt you to want to see the rest, and with the reviews, New Girl is one that should be on such a list like this.

New Girl is one of the best series on Netflix South Africa, and you should see it if you enjoy something fun.

3. Stateless 

The movie came with just six episodes, but it is still one of the best you can watch on Netflix in South Africa.

The movie Stateless is based on the real events that surround Cornelia Rau, and it will open your eyes to see Australian immigration system. It is quite interesting, and you can finish watching it in no time.

4. Down to Earth with Zac Efron 

If you want something informative (particularly as it concerns climate change and all of its current discourse), then you should see this one.

It’s a simple one. The guy is trying to play his role in tackling climate change. And what he does is travel with a Wellness Expert to see how things can go well in the realization of his vision.

5. The Politician 

From the stables of Ryan Murphy, the Politician is another superb one out there that can be recommended for netflix South Africa users. This movie takes you into the fast world of politics.  

Expect an addictive work creatively put together by Ryan. Before seeing season 2, ensure you first watch the first season, as a knowledge of the incidents will make you roll easily with the second (which is better than the first).

6. Pose

Pose isn’t merely entertaining, but it is informative. It takes viewers back to the 1980s, and you will get some insight into the nastiness of the early years of the AIDS crisis.

Pose was written with skill and the cast did a strong job too to make it an interesting watch. It is a great work that has been seen already by plenty of Netflix users.

7. Locke and Key

The movie is an adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ superb work. A lot waited for the Netflix release, and it came on an interesting note.

If you’ve seen the comic, then imagine following the animation form on your Netflix. Locke and Key is addictive and is still one of the best series in recent times.

8. Sex Education

Netflix has been pushing towards diversity, bringing up movies that prompt different discussions from different perspectives. And when the movie Sex Education came, a lot of people quickly, via curiosity, joined the ship.

It is an addictive work that is been enjoyed by many Netflix users. The characters did a good job in passing across the information the creators of the series have in mind.

Of course, topics relating to sex and sexuality are quite sensitive, and it is advisable that one approach such with tact and wisdom. The point is, as a viewer, you might not embrace all the sexual opinions given in the movie, and it’s very fine. You can get to know what others think about what you hold on to. You can know their stance and expand your mind, without having to compromise on what you know is true.

9. The Witcher

Here is a superb fantasy drama you can watch too on your Netflix. Of course, like other nice fantasy dramas, it is also addictive, and you will want to watch the next episode after seeing the previous. And it goes on and on like that.

The movie is an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s work. Get ready to watch war with interesting twists and actions. The first season came with eight episodes and you should be done with it in no time (while waiting for the arrival of the second season). The Witcher makes for easy viewing and you should appreciate the cast for such a creative movie like this.

10. Queen Sono

From South Africa, Queen Sono is another superb work you should see on Netflix South Africa. If you follow the spy drama genre, you should find this amazing, as it came with a unique twist, high paced and filled with surprises.

After the release of the first season, a lot of people embraced the concept quickly and it was obvious that they appreciated the creativity of the makers. It has been a hit and even stayed at the top of Netflix rankings when it first came out. Of course, it has tons of reviews too. 

Is a second season on the way? There have been rumours. But just wait and see. But if you are yet to see this work, you should search for it on the platform and enjoy the story that has gotten many Netflix users excited. Queen Sono is one of the best out there.


In conclusion, there are several other exciting series you can follow and watch on Netflix South Africa, and there is something for everyone, irrespective of the type of movie you enjoy watching, and its genre. If you are yet to watch any of those listed above, you can follow and enjoy them on your Netflix