20 Best Movies On Netflix South Africa (2022)

Netflix users, whether living in South Africa or elsewhere in the world, usually encounter the issue of not knowing what to watch at some point. The platform has a unique algorithm that works the way it has been programmed – whether you are using it from South Africa or elsewhere. Nevertheless, an easy way out to know the best movies in Netflix South Africa is to check the ranking here

Hence, in this article, I present to you the top 20 superb movies available to watch on Netflix in South Africa. They were picked from different genres and categories, which means, there is something for everyone to watch and simply go for it.

20 Best Movies On Netflix South Africa

1. Icarus (2017)

Directed by Bryan Fogel, Icarus (2017) is an award-winning movie that is in the “Documentary” and “Mystery” genres. This is one of the best movies on Netflix in South Africa that has been made in recent times, and you can enjoy the actions. If you are a fan of true-crime political thrillers, you should see Icarus. Simply search for your movie and start enjoying the actions

2. Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton (2017)

A comedy movie directed by Chris Smith. The movie remains one of the most unique and mind-blowing documentaries on Netflix. The production team invested a lot in bringing this up, and it is been enjoyed by many film lovers too. If you want to enjoy some fun stuff, go for this.

3. Blue Jay (2016)

Blue Jay (2016) is directed by Alex Lehmann with Alexandre Lehmann. The Drama-Romance movie stars the versatile Sarah Paulson, who calmly carried out the act in a convincing way, making Blue Jay a movie that can be recommended.

4. The Edge of Democracy (2019)

The Edge of Democracy (2019) is a powerful documentary, directed by Petra Costa. It opened the eyes of people to some aspects they might not know about Brazil – which is her home country, and you sure will enjoy this. Let’s get going

5. Divines (2016)

Divines (2016) was directed by some of the finest directors in the industry – Houda Benyamina (an award-winning director) and Uda Benyamina. The drama exposes the economic reality in a setting of poverty. It revealed the lives of two friends as well as their desire for freedom. You should enjoy this movie on your Netflix.

6. Virunga (2014)

Virunga (2014) is an epic documentary of war available on Netflix. Directed By Orlando von Einsiedel, the movie is exhilarating and educational, and it is recommendable too.

7. Operation Odessa (2018)

Operation Odessa (2018) is another superb movie available on Netflix. Directed by Tiller Russell, you might be surprised that some of the activities in this documentary happened for real. It started with a submarine deal, and you will see how three criminals ran the deal (which is worth $35 million)

8. Klaus (2019)

If you love animation movies, Klaus is one of the best movies on Netflix in South Africa then see Klaus. Directed by Sergio Pablos, the movie present several funny moments and well-known voiceovers like Rashida Jones and J.K. Simmons.

9. Struggle: The Life And Lost Art Of Szukalski (2018)

Struggle: The Life And Lost Art Of Szukalski (2018) was directed by Irek Dobrowolski with Ireneusz Dobrowolski. It is a superb documentary you can watch on Netflix in South Africa. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be surprised to see some of the characters displaying some weird characters. When a man (an art collector) saw the artistic works of an unknown artist, he did research and eventually found him – Szukalski. So, basically, the movie is a collection of tapes from plenty of interviews between the collector and the main character.

10. Shéhérazade (2018)

 Shéhérazade (2018) is a Drama, Romance, Thriller movie directed by Jean-Bernard Marlin and set in the notorious city of Marseille in France. The movie has a nice storyline and was adorned by superb actors. 

11. The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

You can get a good laugh from The Fundamentals of Caring, directed by  Rob Burnett with Robert Meyer Burnett on Netflix. It is one of the best movies on the platform and deserves to be on the list. The movie is an offbeat comedy/drama that takes you into the world of two funny people trying to overcome emotional pain.

12. My Happy Family (2017)

My Happy Family, directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili with Simon Groß, is another dramatic masterpiece you will find on Netflix. It is a beautiful film about a mother who decided to switch her life into solitude. Those who have a sacrificing mother while growing up will appreciate their efforts much better after watching this.

13. I Lost My Body

If you are a fan of exciting animation films, you should see this then. Directed by Jérémy Clapin, with Jérémy Clapin, the movie is the first-ever animated film to win the Nespresso Grand Prize. It has the reputation for being the first-ever Netflix movie to win the Prize. This should make you realize how nice the movie will be.

14. Tell Me Who I Am (2019)

Tell Me Who I Am is another fine film directed by Ed Perkins. In the movie, a man had an accident that made him lost his memory. He forgot everything about himself, except his twin brother, who was trying to make him remember his childhood.

15. Paddleton (2019)

Paddleton was directed by Alexandre Lehmann, who worked on Blue Jay. If you are a fan of Ray Romano or Mark Duplass, then you should enjoy this movie. The two were neighbors in the movie, and you should expect to see some drama in this dramatic movie

16. Private Life (2018)

Directed by Tamara Jenkins, Private Life is another exciting movie you should see on Netflix. The movie introduces viewers to a couple trying to have their own child, but they just couldn’t. They were getting frustrated but decided to go to a long extent to get their own child. The dramatic movie is in the Comedy genre and you should enjoy it. 

17. Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story was directed by Noah Baumbach. It is a marriage story of a family (you will enjoy it if you are a fan of drama/romance. Noah Baumbach I a talented filmmaker that was nominated for the Academy Awards. 

18. The Irishman (2019)

The Irishman is another superb movie available to watch on your Netflix in South Africa. You love and enjoy interesting movies? Then you should see the Irishman.

19. The Dig (2021)

The Dig is a recent movie brought up in recent times. If you want to see something that is more recent and interesting, then you should watch this movie, available on Netflix.

20. Little Women (2019)

Last on the list is the movie Little Women. Nope, this is not just for ladies and women, but anyone can enjoy the story, even men.


In conclusion, while there are several other superb movies that can be recommended for Netflix users in South Africa, you can start with these. Then perhaps, when you are done, you can then look for others! But if you want to experience some of the best movies currently available on Netflix South Africa, then go for the ones up there on this list

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