Boilermaker Salary At Transnet (2022)

Transnet SOC Ltd is one of the biggest organizations in South Africa, with a workforce that is close to 60,000 employees. The company is into rail, port, and pipeline, and has its headquarters in Johannesburg. Transnet was put together by restructuring into business units the operations of South African Railways and Harbours as well as some other operations.

The company is usually in need of experts in different fields that can work professionally to achieve its common goals. As a boilermaker, you can also secure a career in Transnet and build your profession.

Of course, if you became employed by the management of this company, you will become one of their in-house employees and will be under their direction. This means, unlike an independent boilermaker who can determine his own working hours and rate based on contracts secured with clients, this is quite different. You have to be always involved whenever your employers need your hands. Of course, at the end of the month, you are guaranteed a secured salary (asides from other benefits). 

So, if you want to work in Transnet as a boilermaker, what will be your salary? 

Boilermaker Salary In Transnet

According to research, the average monthly salary for a Boilermaker at Transnet is approximately R 14,607. 

It should be noted that the above figure came from salary information that was collected directly from folks who have had one thing or the other to do with the company. Hence, it is advisable that you consult Transnet for actual salary figures.

While going through some reviews from some folks who have worked in the company, it was a mixture of positive and not too pleasant ones. While some workers will tell you that Transnet is a great company and that a day is busy and productive for them, some seem not to be confident about job security at Transnet. While some are pleased with how their co-workers are friendly as well as the short working hours they enjoy, others will complain of long Fridays.

Nevertheless, if you are to get into Transnet as a boilermaker, you should be set for some irregular working schedule, as, you can be called upon anytime to handle some stuff. Of course, some of the tasks might require that you finish that same day. Hence, it doesn’t matter if it will extend till late in the evening.

Some Facts You Should Know About Transnet

  1. One of the company’s arms is Transnet Pipelines. It used to be called Petronet. It is actually the guardian of South Africa’s pipeline assets. The professionals here are taking care of two critical sectors -fuel and gas. They see to the transportation of petroleum and gas products in the area over changeable distances.
  2. Another aspect of the company is Transnet Freight Rail, a heavy haul freight rail company that is concerned about the transportation of freight. This used to be called Spoornet. Transnet Freight Rail even has a reputation for being the biggest division of the Group. 
  3. Another division of the coy is Transnet Engineering. The company’s job is seen in the area of in-service maintenance, repair, and upgrade of freight wagons. They are also experts in terms of conversion and manufacturing of freight wagons. 

They also take care of mainline and suburban coaches. They have workers who are professionals when it comes to handling diesel and electric locomotives. 


In conclusion, as you should have seen and known already, Transnet has tons of workers already in South Africa. If you are interested in joining them as a boilermaker, just get the necessary information that can increase your chances, and you will be fine.

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