Boerboel Prices In South Africa (2022)

Boerboels are a special breed of dogs that are loving and gentle. While they are strong guard dogs that can adequately defend themselves, they are also very playful with those they are familiar with. If you can get a Boerboel from an early age, you can always easily train them with consistency, to your taste.

Boerboel prices in South Africa can range from R 6 000 to R 7 000. Note that these amounts are directed towards the Boerboel puppy.

How Much Is Boerboel In South Africa 

You can get a Boerboel puppy in South Africa for between R 6 000 and R 7 000. This is applicable in cases where you are buying from a registered breeder in South Africa.

At this point, it is necessary to know that there are certain experts in this business who are registered breeders, and they know how things work with breeding Boerboels. It is always recommended to buy a Boerboel puppy from them, for very good reasons.

A registered breeder of Boerboels is meticulously about raising the dogs, particularly from when they are still young. Therefore, the breeder can infuse positive traits in them and they grow with it. When you buy such dogs, you won’t have headaches that should have been avoided.

On the other hand, you can also decide to buy from unregistered sources. From here, you can buy an unregistered Boerboel puppy from just R 2 500 to R 3 000.

If you are going to be getting a large Boerboel that is of high quality, you may have to spend anything from $7,000 due to its uniqueness.

Are Boerboels Good Guard Dogs?

One of the core reasons why many are interested in Boerboels is because of what they can do beyond being cool pets. They are not just loving as a companion, but are very great guard dogs.

If you are looking for a good watchdog, you can opt for Boerboels. Before you buy a grown one, it is helpful to first know the breed’s history. There are certain ones that are trained to protect. They are used to securing homes and businesses from strangers and intruders.

While certain types of dogs will run away easily at the sight of strangers and danger, they won’t mind risking their own lives to keep their owners safe.

One of the core characteristics of Boerboels is that they are usually weary of new people and strangers. This definitely is one of the reasons they are good guard dogs. When the Boerboel sees a stranger around your home, they may feel your family is being attacked. The consequence is to attack the stranger in return.

Do Boerboels Bark A Lot?

You should be aware that one of the reasons people are usually interested in Boerboels is because of their mature nature. Despite their configuration, this breed is usually very quiet. They won’t just simply bark so you should hear them barking like some others.

Therefore, when you keep hearing the dog barking continuously, you should know that something is wrong somewhere, and you may have to come in. If you were inside the house for instance, and your dog keeps shouting, then you should know you ought to go and check out what is going on. Usually, they bark only if they think there’s a danger around.

When the Boerboel is not stopping in barking, then they have likely seen a stranger getting unusually close to your place. It might also be that they have already seen one of their loved ones being attacked. So, as guard dogs, they will keep barking when they sense threats.

But in the absence of threats and sensing of danger, there won’t be issues with constant barking like some others are known for. This is one of the reasons a lot of people love this breed.

How Long Do Boerboels Live?

It was made known that the average life expectancy of this dog is about 9 to 11 years. It should however be noted that how long your dog will comfortably live is majorly dependent upon different factors also.

For instance, the health of different dogs differs and is not always the same. So, those that are healthier are going to likely live longer than others. Another factor is diet. If you give your dog good food daily, they will likely be very healthy and can live longer than others on a bad diet.

Another factor that will determine the extent to which your Boerboel will live is their activity level. Those that are tactically used will most likely live longer than their counterparts.

It should also be added that these types of dogs are usually liable to joint conditions like hip dysplasia as well as elbow dysplasia, and you must beware of such conditions as a responsible owner. They entail a steady wearing away at the joints of the dogs. Such symptoms are usually consistent with large dogs like Boerboels because of their frame and weight.

Therefore, the more responsible you are, the more you will be able to extend your dogs’ lifespan. To avoid such natural health conditions, it is very helpful to take the effort to offer your pet joint supplements.

Finally, make sure you are responsible in the area of keeping your dog at a healthy weight (yes, this applies to dogs too). It is nice to be committed to helping out with about an hour of exercise each day. This is helpful when it comes to weight and joint maintenance, and can help increase the lifespan of the dog.

In Conclusion

Boerboel prices in South Africa can range from R 6 000 to R 7 000 for Boerboel puppies. You can get them from a registered breeder and rear them to maximize their potential.

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