Boer Goat Prices In South Africa (2022)

One of the best South African breeds of goat you will find around is the Boer. When it comes to meat qualities, the Boerbok is exceptional. Boer goats are even taken to other parts of the world today just to help improve the meat qualities of other goat breeds elsewhere.

Boer goat prices in South Africa can vary from R 2 200 to R 12 000. This majorly depends on several factors, such as the size of the goat you are purchasing as well as where you are buying it from.

How Much Is Boer Goat In South Africa

You can buy a Boer goat in South Africa with a range of R 2 200 to R 12 000. The amount you will get a particular Boer goat in South Africa is dependent on important factors like the size of the goat as well as where you are getting it from.

Goats are in different sizes and shapes, and you don’t expect to get everything at the same price. A bigger goat will be costlier than a smaller one. This is because, you can derive much more from a bigger goat than a smaller one (for instance, meat). Even if you should get certain small goats, you must still spend your resources to make them mature more before you can begin to consider getting meat from them.

Additionally, the place you are getting your Boer goat from will determine what you will pay for it. For instance, some merchants sell costlier than others, for different factors. We may want to factor in distance, as well as the resources put in place to nurture the goats.

Generally, you can’t get every breed of goat in South Africa for the same price. The amount you will get a goat is largely dependent on the breed, location, and age.

Is Goat Farming Profitable In South Africa?

One of the reasons a lot of people are interested in knowing Boer goat prices is because they consider starting a business that revolves around these animals.

A lot of agricultural-inclined enterprises are usually very lucrative, particularly if you know how to get things done the way you ought to. Rearing animals for profit is always a great thing.

Goat Farming is recommended if you want to go into this venture since it is pretty lucrative. If all things are done accurately, you will be amazed that you will earn a lot in a matter of months for your investments.

It is a nice thing that many people are moving beyond the place of rearing goats simply for subsistence purposes alone, and are now doing these things as a business that is fetching a lot of money. In many traditional African families and societies, agriculture is usually approached for just subsistence purposes and operated small.

You can start a goat business in South Africa and make a good living from this business. And we know that there are people who are wondering how many goats they need to run their goat business in a manner that will bring great returns.

You should determine how many goats you need to start with, based on your capacity. There are some goat farmers in South Africa that are making the mistake of getting too many goats.

Actually, the best thing to do is to start according to your level. If you are starting small with a small space, you should get just a few goats for a start. It is better that way, as you will keep learning how it works practically before you keep increasing the numbers.

Don’t make the mistake of getting too many goats, only for you to discover that you can’t really take good care of everything consistently. This way, you may lose some of them, and just waste your resources.

One of the best things to do before you start a goat business in South Africa is to go to a person or an organization that has been doing this successfully for a long time and take counsel from them.

Is There A Market For Goat Meat In South Africa

One of the core reasons that is contributing to the lucrative factor of operating a goat business here is the fact that there is good demand for meat. A lot of South Africans love eating goat meat, and some businesses are struggling to catch up.

There are different places where you sell goat meat in South Africa, particularly if you are in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. You will be amazed at the high number of people eager to buy your goat meat from you. This of course is good for your business and its profits.

Therefore, you have several good options as a goat farmer in South Africa. You can decide to rear your goats and sell them like that when they are grown. We should even add that there are people who buy small goats so they can also rear them. It means you can even sell small goats at good profits without having to spend a lot of resources trying to make them grow.

And you can make more revenue selling goat meats at strategic places too. Just make sure you are adhering to safety measures, and you will be amazed at the level of patronage you will record for your goat business.

In Conclusion

Boer goat prices in South Africa can vary from R 2 200 to R 12 000. The amount you will buy a single Boer goat here is majorly dependent on certain factors, including the size of the goat you are buying, and even the location of the merchant.

Finally, Boer goats are some of the best indigenous breeds in Africa, as they are even exported to other countries to help improve the meat qualities of other breeds elsewhere.

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