What Business Can I Start With r1000 In South Africa – (20 Ideas & How To) (2023)

South Africa has a reputation for being one of the prominent countries in Africa with a very large and splendid economy. It is a country with tons of expatriates, a cool political front, and plenty of mineral resources too. These, of course, are some of the factors that have helped South Africa become one of the most convenient countries in Africa to start a business.

You don’t need to have a lot of money before you can start a business in South Africa. The country is not only fertile for big companies, but even startups can flourish here accordingly. If you check well, you will always see small start-ups that began almost with nothing but have grown into flourishing enterprises today. Anyone that knows what they are doing can also see pleasant results.

In this article, I listed twenty business ideas you can start with R1000 in South Africa. Rather than swimming in the pool of unemployment like many others in the country, you can take advantage of any of the numerous small business opportunities in South Africa, and even create jobs and opportunities for others. These are stuff that can be started with limited investment.

20 Businesses I Can Start With R1,000 In South Africa

1. Mobile Restaurant

Doing business with food usually produces pleasant profits, as food is a basic necessity everyone on the planet will always want. No one can survive without food, and food is something people prioritize greatly. You can make a lot of money in this sector, and you can start something with just R1000, hence we suggest you start with a mobile restaurant. You can serve breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, and it can be anywhere. 

The opportunities here are vast and proven too. Your mobile restaurant makes it flexible, and you can tent your thing at the place of your choice. Unlike traditional restaurants where you have to spend a lot of money many times to set up, you can start a food truck business without spending much.

2. Budget Clothing Shop

Of course, you can use a different amount of money to start a clothing shop. Hence, if you have to start a business in South Africa with r1000, you can also go into this line of business but with that budget, and you learn to grow from there. Since you will be dealing with inexpensive clothes, you can manage to take off properly without having to spend too much.

As people must eat, they also must wear clothes. Then, selling cheap ready-made clothes will attract a lot of people and things will move well when you know how the business can be properly operated.

3. Business Setup Consultant

If you are going to be a business set-up consultant in South Africa, you might have to smartly position yourself if you aim to take off with a budget of r1000. It means you might have to ignore some things the big guys will go for. You should take full advantage of the internet too to promote what you do, as it is cheaper than traditional mediums.

4. Financial Consultant

You know, one of the cool things about offering services for income is that you don’t have to always bother yourself with huge money to start. Your expertise is your big asset. So, if you have the expertise, why not start making money simply by offering financial advisory services to businesses and individuals around, making money in the process?

 5. Niche Website/Information Portal

If you can learn how to operate a website that offers relevant information that South Africans look for online, you can make a lot of money doing what you have learned to do. A lot of people in the country have a smartphone, and they usually use it to search and seek information online. Sure, you can make money by operating a resourceful website, and you won’t even have to spend all your budget.

6. Selling Online

Things are getting much better in the country and several people can conveniently get stuff online, from the comfort of their homes or offices. You can take to the business of selling things online and you can grow from there. Sure, to become a significant seller, you must do all that should be done to build trust.

Amazingly, you can do well acting as a drop shipper. You don’t have to be the one manufacturing the product or even a supplier with a warehouse. All you need do is make the customer buy the product and it will be sent to them by the supplier, while you make your own money without any huge investment in the first place.

7. Foreign Cuisine Restaurant

You can start this business with your budget by starting small. You might have to ignore a sophisticated building, but make it a delivery service thing. People can order the food wherever they are, and you get it to them. If it is good, they come again.

8. Web Design/Development

Having realized the immense benefits attached to it, many South African businesses are going online – both small and big. You can start a business that revolves around website design and development and you don’t even need a lot of money to get started, as far as you are good with what you do.

9. Online Marketing

With an initial investment of r1000, you can start a business revolving around helping organizations improve their online visibility, and you will be paid well for it.

10. Tech/Gadgets Shop

South Africa is one of the largest markets for technology products in the country. Hence, you can do well in this sector if you can properly position yourself. With a modest investment, you will have to start small, and you can always grow.

11. Bed & Breakfast

Tons of tourists usually visit the country. You should know already that the sector has a lot of opportunities folks can tap into and take advantage of. Back to you. If you should own a property that is with some spare rooms, you can make money lending them to tourists

12. Internet Service Provider

There is a rise in the demand for quality telecommunication and internet services in the country. You have to properly study this sector before launching and try to identify how to get in with your budget.

13. Investment in Energy Sector

The mining industry in South Africa is increasing, and the energy sector needs more resources. Investing in this sector is usually vehemently capital-intensive. Hence, you should see to it that you study properly to identify how you can come in with your budget.

14. Waste Management

This sector is usually ignored due to different reasons. Nevertheless, the advice is that you should be strategic, particularly considering your tight budget, and you can grow from somewhere. Position your services properly as you focus on a densely populated location.

15. Travel & Adventure

While there are organizations already doing this business, you can still come in, even with a tight budget, and scale appropriately. As stated earlier, the country usually receives many tourists since it is a beautiful one. Your job is simply to manage tours and trips, and you will enjoy it

16. Laundry Services

This is another good business you can start with r1000. You should kick off in urban areas where more people are busy with their day jobs and have little or no time to wash their clothes. 

17. Day Care Center

Here is another profitable business idea you can utilize for expansion. You can start small and grow too. Just see to it that you set yours up in urban places where there are most working moms. As they trust you, they can trust you with their children, and you will be paid for what you do. Of course, you should know you have to love children as you go into this business.

18. Graphics Design Coy

If you can learn how to make beautiful designs with software like photoshop, you can start a coy with your budget that provides the services. Your skill is your big asset here.

19. Freelance Writing

Your initial investment can go into getting a good device (either a smartphone or computer), and you are good to go. You should know how to deliver good content (you will usually meet clients who need content), and start a business around this

20. Youtuber

Youtube is a huge platform that has given people the opportunity to make money by providing video content on the site. You don’t need a lot to get started. Know your target audience, be consistent, make quality videos, and you will be good.


In conclusion, there are several other businesses you can start in South Africa with a budget of R1000. Nevertheless, you can start with any of the above and work hard to grow and expand. Wisdom demands that one should start small and try to scale accordingly as one proceeds.