Cheapest Braces In Johannesburg (2023)

The cost of braces actually varies considerably based on the required treatment specialties as well as appliances. Different types of braces you see in Johannesburg come with their pricing. So, to those in need of the cheapest braces in Johannesburg, the costs vary from one patient to another. 

Cheapest Braces In Johannesburg

According to reports, braces are between R3,000 and R55,000. Different types, patients with different underlying conditions will be treated differently, etc. So, the cheapest braces in Johannesburg might be gotten with around R3,000. But you know, this is not simply about what you expect to get. Rather, the professionals will check you to identify what is more appropriate for you. It should also be added that the cost of children braces in the country is lower compared to adult braces. 

Now, let’s highlight the estimated costs of orthodontics (plus consultation and alignment costs) here:

a First consultation, x-rays, diagnostic photos, and treatment plan – R2,600

  1. Outside or labial braces – R25,000
  2. Inside or lingual braces – R42,000
  3. Optional tooth-coloured brackets: upper is R2,800 and lower is R1,800
  4. Post-treatment x-rays, photos, and retention appliances – R2,900

Now, talking about where to get braces in Johannesburg, you should know that there are several options for you. But if you insist on paying little money, then you might want to patronize Sunset Dentistry in Fourways Johannesburg. Here, you will pay R500 as a consultation fee. Then, to get a full treatment (which will include receiving braces that apply to you), you will have to pay around R24,000.

A lot of people think braces are simply for enhancing smiles and all of that. However, these orthodontic devices are actually dental devices prescribed for teeth alignment, serving more important functions than just getting a brightened smile. 

Of course, as braces are put in place to align teeth correctly, the patients can get beautiful smiles too, which is cool. But more than that, it gives comfortable bites and clear speech. Also, they may be fixed or removable. 

These devices come in different types – they can be structural or cosmetic. While the latter are fitted for adults and adolescents and are made of clear ceramic material or clear plastic, the former is placed for children and is made of stainless steel. But they basically serve some important functions. When fitted, as the brace wire puts a mild straightening force on the teeth, it stretches to gain its original shape. 

How Much Do Braces Cost In Johannesburg

Braces costs between R3,000 and R55,000 in Johannesburg, as well as in several other parts of South Africa. It’s okay to be inquisitive about how much it costs, particularly if you have a genuine need for it. Nevertheless, you should know that the costs vary significantly from one orthodontic centre to another based on the underlying condition and kinds of braces needed. 

It should be noted that in today’s world, we keep witnessing more enhanced dental care practices – which requires more money. Hence, what you will pay will usually depend on what you really want. As it is in Johannesburg (and in South Africa as a whole), so it is in other places around the world.

More Things You Should Know About Braces

First, there are different types of braces. Different kinds of these orthodontic devices might be appropriate for different underlying conditions, which explains why you should only visit professionals if you need one. Here are the major types of braces you will see out there:

 – Lingual Ceramic braces 

– Inman aligners 

– Invisible braces

–  Friction-free 

– Damon Metal or ceramic with brackets bonded to the teeth 


Since the different types of braces were made with different components, then it is obvious that they come with a different price tag. If we should talk about lingual braces, for instance, they are actually metal devices fitted on the inner surface of the teeth and are not really visible. Hence, they are preferred by folks requiring cosmetic braces.

You should know that some of these devices are self-ligating. In other words, they use a slide mechanism instead of elastic bands to connect to the dental archwire. 

Now, if you haven’t used one before, you might be wondering if they hurt. Actually, when first fitted on teeth they are uncomfortable. It is normal since this is something the person isn’t with before – hence, one will need to get used to it. It brings soreness in many cases, at first. You know, these devices put pressure on the teeth, hence, patients have to adapt to all of these first. Nevertheless, it has been noted that folks usually get used to it within just a month.

You might also be wondering how long one is required to put on braces. Actually, when talking about the length of orthodontic treatment, it depends on the needs and orthodontic problems of the patient. It should be noted that treatments for adults may take a longer time compared to children. On a normal level, one has to wear braces for about 2 years. Also, so as to maintain the corrected position of the teeth, one has to put on a retainer. It should be noted however that for some adults, treatment may be up to three years. Their basic function is to put a steady pressure on your teeth, which is periodically adjusted as ought to by the trained orthodontist. Then the pressure exerted by the devices corrects the alignment of teeth.



Braces are applied correctly (as they ought to be) by the trained orthodontist. To do this (fixed braces), the trained professional will first dry the teeth and then add glue on the braces, before putting it on teeth. Then, the orthodontist will shine a UV light on them to cure the glue applied earlier. You see, this is something that requires skill and knowledge, hence, you should ensure the right person should get it done with the right methods and procedures at the right place

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