How Much Do Braces Cost In South Africa 2023?

With so many people becoming aware that crooked teeth can be fixed, enquiries about how to correct their dental issues are going up on the internet. But what really are braces? How much do braces cost in South Africa? Where can one get braces? Which braces are the cheapest in South Africa? All these and more are the questions I answered in this article.

So What are Braces? 

Braces are dental devices designed to realign the teeth for patients whose dentition is not correctly set. Every individual has certain dental peculiarities which make us all unique. Our dentition differs from each other in many ways. Orthodontists are dental professionals who study our dentition and design these braces for patients having irregular teeth alignment. This irregular alignment can cause severe self-esteem issues as patients will have to deal with an unattractive smile, painful biting and chewing, unclear speech, and so on.

Braces are therefore the solution to a number of dental and psychological problems. But not everyone can afford braces. Let us consider the costs.

How Much Do Braces Cost in South Africa?

There are many different kinds of braces, and so the cost of braces in South Africa differs by sometimes wide margins. This is because the required treatment varies from person to person. More severe cases need more specialized braces, and those cost more money. Therefore, the costs of braces can vary considerably.

You can spend anywhere from R3,000 to R55,000 depending on the type, underlying condition, frequency of treatment, and appliances used for your braces in South Africa. Besides, orthodontists do not just hand out braces to everybody that walks into their offices; there are some other orthopedic procedures relating to braces that must be done so as to determine the course of treatment, and what kind of braces to recommend. These too will generally add to the costs of braces. Furthermore, the cost of braces for children in South Africa is lower compared to adult braces. If you need to see an orthodontist to get braces here is what you should have in mind:

Prices may differ from orthodontist to orthodontist. The estimated costs of orthodontics, including all consultation and alignment costs, are summarized below. Please remember that these are just estimates; therefore they may be higher or lower.

 First consultation: including x-rays, diagnostic photos, and treatment plan R2,600 

Inside or lingual braces: costs around R42,000

Outside or labial braces: costs around R25,000 

 Optional tooth-coloured brackets: 

Upper R2,800 

Lower R1,800 

You still need to have some post-treatment x-rays, photos, and retention appliances R2,900. 

How much do braces cost a month in South Africa?

In Fourways, Johannesburg

You can check out Sunset Dentistry- the consultation fee is about R500. For a complete treatment, one may have to pay about R24,000. However, the good side is that the hospital offers the option for you to make monthly payments of R1,400 per month till you cover the bill in about 17 months.

Century City, Cape Town

If you are around Century City, Cape Town, you can check out Century Medical Suites, Century City, Cape Town, South Africa. Some of their services and costs are as follows: Orthodontic retainer: R4,500 – R8,000.  Braces at this orthodontist generally cost between R12,000 – R28,000: Adults generally pay between R12,000 to R35,000, while children generally pay between R8,000 to R25,000. Please note that these are just estimates- please consult with the orthodontist to discover exactly how much you will need to pay for your braces.

Kromboom and Burwood Rds, Rondebosch East, Cape Town

If you are in Kromboom/ Burwood Rds/ Rondebosch East, Cape Town check out Kromboom Dental Centre. You can contact them via Telephone: 087 550 3622. Anyway, at this Orthodontist, you would need to pay between R1,000 – R3,000 for a retainership. You would need to pay for Braces: between R8,000 to R30,000.  Adults would pay between R10,000 – R30,000 for braces.

In Pretoria

If you are in Pretoria you could check out Intercare Medical and Dental Centre, located at Glenfair Blvd Corporate Office Block, 1st Fl Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria, South Africa. Braces typically cost between R22,600 to R34,000 for orthodontic treatment and braces. The facility has braces in a host of designs and colours and made from a host of materials.

How much are the cheapest braces in South Africa?

The cheapest Braces in South Africa cost an average R3,000 to R8,000

Conditions For Getting Braces In South Africa

As we mentioned earlier in this post, doctors do not just hand out braces to everyone who walks into their offices. So what are the conditions that warrant a person to get braces?  

Overbite – this condition is when the teeth on the upper jaw are too far forward, therefore, sticking over the lower jaw teeth. 

Crowding – this condition is when there are too many teeth for space in the mouth. 

Underbite – this condition is when the lower jaw teeth are too far ahead, and the upper teeth are too far back. 

Open bite – this condition is when there is a space between teeth the upper and lower teeth when biting. 

Crossbite – this condition is when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of your lower teeth during a normal bite. 

Spacing – this condition is when there are gaps between teeth. This can be caused by missing some teeth, or by naturally. 

All the above dental conditions can cause a drop in the quality of life of the sufferers and can affect speech, and the psychological well-being of those who have them. This is why it is important to seek the help of orthodontists.


Orthodontic treatment is not usually seen among the essential and life-saving treatments that a person must have. Therefore, orthodontics is not commonly included when any social or outreach programs are ongoing. Furthermore, most medical aids programs do not offer to cover orthodontic treatment, while some offer to deduct the expenses from client savings. 

Anyway, here is how orthodontics is covered by some of the major medical aid companies.


Fedhealth pays for the cost of orthodontic treatment from your out-of-hospital benefits and or savings. The orthodontic treatment must have first been discussed with the company beforehand, and you must have saved up enough money in your out-of-hospital benefits.

Momentum Health

Momentum pays for the cost of orthodontic treatment from your dental benefits.  

Discovery Health

Discovery Health pays for your orthodontic treatment from your savings account. 


Bonitas uses the Denis dental protocols to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment. 


Medshield pays for your orthodontics from your daily benefits. You must first discuss the treatment with Medshield for approval.



Braces are important as they greatly improve the quality of life of people with irregular dentition. As you have seen, one can get braces in South Africa for between R3,000 to R55,000 depending on the type of braces, and the condition for which you need them. Unfortunately, getting free braces in South Africa is very difficult. The easiest way is to consult with your Medical Aid Provider. They may not cover the cost, but they can pay for the treatment from your savings. If you have not accrued enough savings then you may need to be patient.