Top 10 Cheapest Lodge In Pinetown (2022)

There are many nice places to lodge in Pinetown. These have been put in place to serve different classes of people for whatever duration they want. And if you are searching for affordable lodging places in Pinetown that can still give you the comfort you crave for during your stay, then you can be rest assured that there are several of such around here.

Top 10 Cheapest Lodge In Pinetown

You can patronise any of these for a wonderful experience without having to break your bank account:

1. 25 Jacaranda Lodge & Backpackers

With less than ZAR 450, you can get a very conducive accommodation at 25 Jacaranda Lodge & Backpackers. It should be noted that there are several things that has made this lodge one of the very best you will come across in this region. Aside its very nice reviews from several folks who have had pleasant experiences lodging here, you can always easily book a spot online with ease.

2. Bayside Lodge Pinetown

From ZAR 419, you will get a good accommodation at this 3-star hotel in Pinetown. Interestingly, despite certain limitations (no breakfast, no pools, etc), a lot of people are pleased with their experiences at Bayside Lodge. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi as well as other pleasant benefits when you lodge here.

3. Seven Falls Lodge

Seven Falls Lodge may not be the best lodge around here, but it is actually one of the cheapest and most affordable you will come by (you can get a comfortable place with just ZAR 361). The location is beautiful, particularly for all round sightseeing, recreation, as well as dining. You will enjoy free parking space, free Wi-Fi, as well as a host of other nice things at Seven Falls Lodge.


From ZAR 563, you can get a good place to lodge here, and you will enjoy your stay irrespective of the duration you are planning on being here. In fact, it is possible and easy to book a lodge online from the comfort of your home. Located in New Germany, you can be sure of enjoying something superb.

5. Highway Commando Accommodation (Highway Accommodation)

Located in Pinetown too, you can get a place at Highway Commando Accommodation from just ZAR 518, making this one of the cheapest you will find in its league (it is a 3 star hotel). Imagine a low key guesthouse where you can enjoy free parking space, free breakfast, as well as free Wi-Fi too.

Highway Commando Accommodation has many reviews from satisfied customers who have made use of its venue before now. Without having to splash too much money, you can still enjoy the aura of a clean guesthouse that is reasonably safe and nice. This shows the texture of the management here – how it is working hard to be one of the very best around here.

6. Palace Lodge Pinetown

Also in Pinetown, this is one of the most affordable places you can lodge around here. You can stay in a comfortable place for a night or two (or, depending on how long you want to) and still enjoy pleasantness as if you are in your own home. In fact, many reviewers (satisfied customers) will easily tell you that one of the most prominent things about here is that the place is very clean.

Aside the fact that the rooms are always clean and nice (conducive), the staff here is great (the receptionist, the guard, and so on). They have comfortable beds and will strive to ensure your needs are met. So, beyond the affordable rates, you can always enjoy many stuff.

7. Stay Inn Lodge

This is another 3 star hotel that is not yet very perfect (and can’t really be regarded as part of the very best around here at this stage), but it is still affordable. You can book a lodge online before getting to the place, and you will enjoy several benefits by choosing Stay Inn Lodge.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to admonish that you shouldn’t have too great expectations from Stay Inn Lodge (as you would from a 5 star lodge) for obvious reasons.

8. Avillahouse Guesthouse – Double Room

Now, let’s talk about a lodge that is not as cheap as various others here, but which can guarantee you an excellent offering. You will have a superb room to yourself as well as a good bathroom. The environment is peaceful and relaxed, and you will experience a comfortable and neat environment.

At Avillahouse Guesthouse, there is good security fencing as well as security gate, which makes it a reasonably safe arena. Despite the fees, you will still have a small fridge in your room, as well as other nice things that will want you want to come again.

9. NPN lodge

Another imperfect but affordable lodge is here. It is necessary to place emphasis on the fact that one of the reasons this could be here is because of the several pleasant reviews it has (which is an indicator that many customers have been satisfied already). The rooms are not bad, the location is nice, and, generally, you will enjoy the services being offered here.

10. Bizafrika Guest Lodge & Conference Center

Now, let’s bring in a 4 star hotel which is some steps ahead of several others on this list. Interestingly, you will have to pay around ZAR 775 to get a conducive accommodation at this lodge.

But it’s a cool place. Aside having a pool where you can enjoy yourself, you can also be sure of free parking space as well as free breakfast. If you care for free Wi-Fi, you will enjoy at Bizafrika Guest Lodge & Conference Center. Amazingly, you will get to experience all of these without having to break your bank account.

In Conclusion

These are some of the cheapest lodge in Pinetown and around. It should be noted that while these are not some of the very best you will see in this place, you can benefit from their services without breaking your bank account.