Top 6 Cheapest Medical Aids in South Africa (2023)

A popular saying simply states that Health is Wealth. For this reason, Medical aid and health insurance are fast becoming a necessity and not a luxury for an individual in our world today. At the mention of Health insurance or Medical Aids, you might be thinking that it would cost you a huge sum of money. However, you don’t need to worry about that because, thankfully, there are cheap options that you won’t have to break the bank to get.

The Top 6 Cheapest Medical aids in South Africa include Compcare Networx ED, Resolution Health (Foundation), Medhelp Necesse, Momentum Health (Ingwe Option), Discovery Health (KeyCare), and Bonitas BonCap. The cost of healthcare can be expensive and Medical Aids are your best bet in covering a huge chunk if not all of the cost of your healthcare or that of your family. 

Top 6 Cheapest Medical Aids in South Africa

 1. Compcare Networx ED

The Compcare Networx option has been specifically designed for students to cover their medical needs for as low as R501 monthly. Not everyone is currently economically active however, such individuals should not be deprived of Medical Care because of their financial status. 

Compcare understands this truth and that has resulted in the birth of the Networx Option. The Networx option offers essential cover within a contracted healthcare provider network for in and out-of-hospital services. This option is the cheapest Medical Aid in South Africa.  

2. Resolution Health (Foundation)

The Resolution Health (Foundation plan) is one of the cheapest Medical Aids in South Africa. This Medical Aid option starts from R961 and it is a great healthcare option that covers simple daily cover, in-health centre stays for emergencies, and scheduled hospital visits. The Foundation plan also offers in-hospital plans that cover daily cover for daily expenses during admission to the hospital and other benefits such as Dental, optometry, preventive care, and unlimited in-hospital HIV benefits. 

This healthcare plan was designed for low to medium-income earners and it can also cover the healthcare of your child or student dependent below the age of 21. A student dependent must submit proof of his/her student status every year. Employers who are interested in offering premium quality healthcare coverage for low-income earners working under them can consider the Foundation plan from Resolution Health.

3. Medhelp Necesse

The Medhelp Necesse Medical Aid option is ideal for a single young individual and it starts from R401. This healthcare plan gives an all-inclusive cover for medical expenses acquired in and out of the hospital, day-to-day expenses during admission in the hospital, and while recuperating at home. The Medhelp Necesse healthcare option is one of the cheapest Medical aids in South Africa and it functions via a broad network of private hospitals and healthcare providers. This Medical aid has been the preferred option for students because of the special student rate that it offers.

4. Momentum Health (Ingwe Plan)

The Momentum Health medical aid ranks 3rd among the biggest medical aid schemes in South Africa with 284,400 beneficiaries. The Ingwe Plan offered by Momentum Health has a fixed annual limit for each family. With this Medical aid option, you have the liberty to choose your preferred private hospital from any of the hospitals within the network of healthcare providers associated with the company. Families with the lowest monthly contribution can use State hospitals. 

With the Ingwe Student plan, you can get all-inclusive medical insurance for as low as R407 monthly. This plan has become the preferred option among students who do not earn an income but require Health insurance and Visa. Asides from benefits such as Legal documentation, subscribers to the Student Ingwe plan also get to enjoy unlimited doctor visits, dentistry, eye care and specialist visits. The student Ingwe plan also offers free chest x-ray for your visa requirements and students can enjoy the healthcare services of appointed healthcare providers.

5. Discovery Healthcare (Keycare Start)

Discovery Health is the biggest open health scheme in South Africa with 2.8 million beneficiaries. The Discovery Healthcare Keycare Start option starts from only R914 monthly. This Medical Aid option provides cover for in-hospital emergencies, scheduled hospital visits, day-to-day cover and other benefits. Other benefits of the Keycare Start plan include unlimited hospital support for appropriate GP consultants, blood tests, eye care, X-rays, basic dentistry and so on. 

You also get to enjoy all-inclusive prenatal and postnatal care with this Medical aid option. The Keycare start option works with a network of associated healthcare providers and state hospitals only and it is designed for low-income earners. If you use a State hospital, you are entitled to full coverage for medications for all kinds of chronic diseases.

6. Bonitas BonCap

Bonitas Boncap was designed for workers with a modest income with family members to care for and it offers basic daily benefits and hospital cover through a broad network of healthcare providers. The cost for this option starts from R1, 274 and it covers unlimited GP specialists consultations, Blood tests, unlimited X-rays, MRI and CT scans, Kidney dialysis, unlimited HIV benefits, wellness screening and other preventive care benefits. 

The Boncap option is designated as an entry-level medical plan that offers cover for hospital consultations, emergency hospital visits and admissions in the hospital. Bonitas has an impressive list of associated healthcare service providers and you get to enjoy cheaper fees when you select from the network of associated healthcare providers. 



Medical Aids are fast becoming a necessity and no longer a luxury for an individual in our world today. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank before subscribing to a Medical Aid plan with the healthcare companies that offers the cheapest Medical Aid in South Africa today. Each company has a variety of plans designed for all types of income earners so you can choose the plan that best suits your financial status. 

The basic Medical aid plans cover hospital visits, day-to-day cover, GP consultations as well as preventive care benefits. I would love to know which of these plans is most suitable for you and your reason for choosing it above others. Feel free to let me know in the comment section below as I can’t wait to read from you. Your comments are also warmly welcome so please keep them coming. 


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