How to Check Telkom Phone Number (2023)

Telkom is no doubt one of the biggest and most prominent mobile networks in South Africa with one of the biggest customer bases that run into millions in number. A lot of users own different numbers for several uses such as business, or personal use. Life happens and you might forget your Telkom phone number when you have to fill out that important form or give it out to a long-lost friend.

To check your Telkom phone number, you can use a USSD code, another phone, the Telkom App, the Please call me function, or call Telkom Customer care. These different ways of checking your Telkom phone number will save you from embarrassing yourself and getting what you have to do done quickly. These methods are also applicable if you just got a new Telkom phone number.

How to Check Your Telkom Phone Number

Using a USSD Code

You can check your Telkom Phone number by dialling the unique USSD code *1# on your Telkom number. This USSD code will connect directly with the network and prompt a response by displaying your Telkom number on the screen of your phone. Checking your Telkom number using the USSD code is free of charge. This method is perhaps the simplest way and easiest way of checking your Telkom phone number.

Using another phone

You can also check your Telkom Phone number using another phone with a working sim in it. You can either place a call to the number or send a text message to the phone if you have airtime on your Telkom number. Your number will then be displayed on the phone’s screen or in the message box of the other phone. You can then write it out or provide it where required. 

Using the Telkom App

The Telkom App is another way to check your Telkom phone number however, to use this method, you must have a smartphone, and some data balance on your phone. The Telkom App can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple IOS store. You have to install the app and sign up on the App. Next, you can then log in with the details you provided when you were signing up and you will be provided with many options. 

Your Telkom number is always displayed at the top section of the App so all you have to do is to log in to the App at any time to get your Telkom number. You can also check your Telkom number on the My Telkom online portal once you have signed up for My Telkom. All you have to do is to log in to the portal with your email address and password and you will find your phone number displayed on your screen. Checking your Telkom number on the Telkom portal also requires an internet connection. 

Using the Telkom Please Call Me Function

You can use the Please Call me function to check your Telkom phone number. All you have to do is to dial *140*the number you want to call you# and send it. The Please Call Me text message will contain your Telkom number which you can copy and save. However, the Please Call me function is free and it works only with Telkom SIM users so you can’t send it to other Network users. You can send only five Please Call Me messages daily. 

Using the Telkom Customer Care

If you want to check your Telkom Phone number through the customer care option, you need to call the Toll free Telkom customer care number on 10120. Request to speak with a customer service representative and request for your number to be called out for you and they will gladly oblige you. Be ready to write your number down to avoid calling them to repeat the process all over again. 

Other Numbers you can get via USSD Codes

You can get your International Mobile Subscriber Identity number (IMSI number) via a USSD code. Your IMSI number is a special code used to track your phone and activities performed on it. To get this number simply dial *2#and then send. Your IMSI number will be displayed on your phone screen. 

How to Remember your Telkom Number Quickly

If you want to remember your Telkom number quickly there are several ways to achieve that. The quickest way to remember your Telkom mobile number is to save it on your phone. This will make it available to you at any time that you need it for any reason. Alternatively, you can write your number in your diary or journal. You can also request that your friends help you save it. You can retrieve it from them at any time even if you misplace your smartphone. 

Another way to remember it is to attempt to commit the number to memory. You can easily recall it from your memory at any time. If you are finding it difficult to memorize your Telkom mobile number, you should consider breaking the whole number into a set of three numbers. With this trick, you will be able to commit it to memory quickly and never forget. You should know as you continue using your Telkom number, you will surely learn it by heart. 



There is so much that we have to handle each day and remember so it is only logical that we can forget our mobile numbers. So what happens when you run into an old friend or need to complete an important form and you are asked for your mobile number and you can’t remember? How do you get your Telkom phone number when you fail to remember it? Thankfully, there are several ways to check for your Telkom phone number easily. 

You can choose to use the USSD code *1# on your phone, another phone, the Telkom App, the Please Call me function or the customer care service. I believe that this piece has been helpful and you can bookmark this page so you can refer to it at any time. I would love to read your comments and thoughts about this piece so please feel free to drop them in the comment section below.