Top 10 Coffee Shops In Sandton (2023)

There is something special about coffees, and it is even much better when you drink your coffee at a place where nothing but the best is being served to coffee lovers. In Sandton, there are several coffee shops that have a good reputation for selling amazing coffee, and these can be recommended.

You can enjoy delightful coffee at these coffee shops in Sandton.

Top 10 Coffee Shops In Sandton

1. Naked Coffee Sandton

Naked Coffee is at Sandhurst, and is a prominent place to enjoy pleasant coffee in Sandton. Having being in business for a while now, these guys are superb when it comes to the making of excellent coffee.

In fact, you can get delicious cake alongside your coffee and have a delightful experience. Of course, be ready to pay more for the cakes, but you can also expect a yummy experience. Generally, you will record a pleasant experience at Naked Coffee, since the staff offers incredible service.

2. Seattle Coffee Company

There are good reasons you can confidently patronise this one. First, the firm has been operating for many years now, and are known for quality coffee. Therefore, the business has been able to grow and expand into different parts of the country.

The Sandton Seattle branch is keeping up with the flow, selling good coffee as many others (to ensure the reputation of the brand is flourishing). Interestingly, they also can boast of a really good staff. We can also talk about the setting, layout, decor, etc.

3. 420 Café Sandton

420 Café Sandton is one of the top coffee shops in Sandton due to its numerous reviews. While not perfect, 420 Café Sandton is a great place with superb atmosphere. You can even expect to get decent prices for good stuf here. Also, the shop offers great services to its various customers.

4. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove has been selling in Sandton City for a long while now, operating from one of the most famous shopping centres around here. Anything you visit, you can expect a pleasant experience for obvious reasons. Don’t be surprised seeing a lot of people many times here, since everyone wants something good.

The entire deco here is superb, and you can also enjoy good food too (although prices seems to be a bit on the higher side). In all, you can be sure of getting good food and services at Walnut Grove.

5. Seam Coffee

This shop is one of the most amazing coffee spots in Sandton. These guys are experts when it comes to coffees, and you can enjoy much more here too. There are different facilities that can make your visit enjoyable and pleasant.

There is something very impressive we have to note here. These guys are community minded, and as such have been able to put in place adequate structures where coffee created a community. Coffee farmers and coffee lovers shares the love of coffee together at Seam.

6. Starbucks Sandton City

Starbucks needs no new introduction. Its branch in Sandton City is adhering to the quality of the brand, though not without its own imperfections. Here, you can get good coffee at an amazing rate, alongside other delicious stuff.

Let’s say you are craving for something like caramel frappuccino and salmon/trout bagel for breakfast, you can enjoy all of these at Starbucks in Sandton. As expected, you can expect to meet long lines when visiting. Nevertheless, they will ensure your order is swiftly attended to. This spot has a pretty warm and comfortable atmosphere.

7. Cult Coffee

Do you want to know a place in Sandton where you can enjoy lovely coffee? Then you can come over to Cult Coffee. These guys are not just selling superb coffee (that is very tasty), but also have a wonderful atmosphere.

Indeed, this won’t have been possible without its enthusiastic team, experienced and friendly. Have a combination of a cup of coffee alongside a toasted panini whenever you want, and enjoy your thing.

8. Woolworths Cafe

At Woolworths Cafe in Sandton, you can enjoy delightful coffee anytime of the day. It is okay to crave African organic coffee too, since you can easily get it at Woolworths Cafe.

You must understand the fact that these guys have been in this business for many years now, and can boast of various branches too. Therefore, there have been different measures put in place to ensure that customers will only get the best coffee whenever they are in need of it.

9. Cnr Cafe Bistro and Deli

This is a superb CAFE to enjoy a lovely substantial meal or even a quick snack. You can always run down here to have a quick bite or take time to consume a sumptuous meal. Cnr Cafe Bistro and Deli keeps selling good food, and are also in a nice location.

Aside the fact that you can always buy good food here, these guys always deliver efficient service to customers, an indicator that the management is good with business. It is not therefore surprising that there are numerous customers that are pleased with what they witnessed here.

It doesn’t matter when you are patronizing the restaurant, you can always enjoy amazing coffee too.

10. Melt Chocolaterie

Melt Chocolaterie is located in Bryanston, and is one of the best places you can get nice coffee around here. This nice little coffee place in the middle of the mall is an amazing one which can be patronised by anyone.

Melt Chocolaterie offers superb services to their several customers. Indeed, you can enjoy your coffee alongside with delicious sandwiches. Imagine taking a delicious cake alongside your nicely prepared coffee.


In Conclusion

These are some of the top coffee shops in Sandton where you can take good coffee at anytime of the day. You should discover already that the average shop also sell different meals and snacks to accompany your lovely coffee.

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