Top 10 Buffet Restaurants In Sandton (2022)

There are certain amazing buffet restaurants in different parts of Sandton. These restaurants are experts in this industry, and have been operating for many years now. Amazingly, they have been able to keep satisfying their many customers repeatedly, and they have pleasant reviews behind their different operations.

You can patronise any of these amazing buffet restaurants in Sandton:

Top 10 Buffet Restaurants In Sandton

1. Piccolo Mondo

Located in Rivonia in Sandton, this really is one of the best around here, though not without its own imperfections. This restaurant can be recommended when it comes to such things as situational dining, lunch, high tea or a late night dessert and cocktail, etc. There are numerous satisfied customers already, and you too can become one.

2. Vivace Restaurant & Show Kitchen

Another amazing restaurant in Sandton, you can always enjoy delicious Super Breakfast Buffet at Vivace Restaurant & Show Kitchen. You are also covered when it’s time for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is a pretty versatile one where you can enjoy a whole lot according to what you want.

Get superb meal alongside excellent views, even while having a special occasion with loved ones, or simply engaging a business associate in conversations. Definitely, this place deserves to be amongst the top buffet restaurants in Sandton

3. Maximillien

Located in Sandown in Sandton, you will experience a whole lot at Maximillien. These guys are selling great food in a nice atmosphere. You will also see that Maximillien can boast of a reasonable friendly staff.

While Maximillien is not the most perfect that there is, the management is always eager to give you a wonderful experience that will ensure you keep coming back (and recommending to others too). You can therefore enjoy your buffet at Maximillien.

4. The Royal India Sandton

If you are craving for something Indian, you can pay a visit to the Royal India Sandto. These guys have been offering the most authentic Indian cuisine in the country for some time now. It is easy since they have various special skilled Indian chefs all the way from India.

You can, at any point in time, enjoy amazing buffet at the Royal India Sandton. They offer cocktails, family dining, coffee bar, private venue, VIP lounge, and so on. These ones are not just all about food, but giving you a superb experience.

5. Chief’s Boma Restaurant

You can patronise Chief’s Boma Restaurant for an amazing buffet experience too. Here is a large facility that sits in the beautiful indigenous gardens of the famous Indaba Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre. It doesn’t matter what you crave for, there is something exciting waiting for you at Chief’s Boma Restaurant.

Here, you can choose from over 120 dishes, and it should be noted that there are professional Chefs that are on ground to prepare your preferred cut of meat the way you need it. Customers and food lovers can embrace a fantastic combination of Buffet as well as Tailor-made Cooking.

6. Punchinello’s Restaurant

Punchinello’s Restaurant is one of the top buffet restaurants around here. You can enjoy breakfast or lunch or dinner here, delicious food plus a nice environment. You will say the same thing irrespective of what time of the day you are visiting – morning, afternoon or evening.

Aside the lovely food that will be intentionally prepared to please your taste, there are superb people working there too. Therefore, you will enjoy a pleasant meal in an atmosphere that is friendly. With this, you will find happiness and real satisfaction that will want you to come back again.

7. Parc Fermé

Parc Fermé is in Sandton Central, and is one of the top buffet restaurants around here. You can enjoy various types of African cuisine at this restaurant, and it doesn’t matter what time of the day you are going for it.

You are not limited at Parc Fermé, as you can enjoy a traditional African experience without looking beyond the continent. In other words, if you give grea priority to an indigenous buffet, then you can have what is yours at Parc Fermé.

At this place, you would not expect anything less, as the restaurant won’t disappointment you at all. They offer superb services to their customers, and they sell great food too. In fact, the location is also a great one.

8. Arinto Bryanston

Arinto Bryanston is, as expected, situated in Bryanston in Sandton. This restaurant has been in existence for over 20 years now. This is a nice indicator that these guys have grown well in restaurant business, and have put in place the necessary things they need to serve customers well enough.

When it comes to portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine in particular, you can always patronise Arinto Bryanston, since they have expertise in this. Generally, Arinto Bryanston is one of the top buffet restaurants in Sandton.

9. Billy G at Montecasino

Located in Fourways, here is another foremost family buffet restaurant which is known by many in Johannesburg. This restaurant is also keen on customer satisfaction. The result of this is that there are many who keeps saying nice stuff about the restaurant, and will obviously want to invite others via recommendations.

Explore an extensive selection of dishes at your own pace. It doesn’t matter what area your craving is, there is usually something for everyone. Enjoy salads, casseroles, meat, pasta dishes, curries and vegetarian offerings, and so on, in this amazing restaurant.

10. Pigalle – Sandton

Last on the list is Pigalle in Sandton (it is sitting right there at Michelangelo Towers). Here is a sophisticated fine-dining venue that is one of the best around this area. If you are craving for meat, fish, and Portuguese-inspired cuisine, you can have a nice time at Pigalle.

Obviously, these guys here are filled with an appropriate understanding of how to operate a classy restaurant.


In Conclusion

These are some of the top buffet restaurants in Sandton where you can enjoy amazing meals anytime of the day.