CTU Training Solutions – Fees, Courses, Online Application & Contacts

CTU Training Solutions kicked off back then in 1987 and has been going about its aims till today. The Institution, which can boast of impressive national qualifications and international vendor-related certifications, is in the business of equipping skilled professionals. To achieve this, they have put in place faculties in IT, Design, Business/Management, Engineering & Humanities.

At CTU Training Solutions, learners can either opt for full-time study (1 to 3-year qualifications and diplomas) or even part-time (qualifications, short courses and skills development programmes). Irrespective of what you are opting for, you will be assisted to get closer to your success.

The Institution, which is fully accredited by the MICT SETA (ACC/2006/07/186) through the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), has the vision of creating an exceptional educational experience and is aimed at making a significant contribution in the development of human capital in the country.

CTU Training Solutions Courses 

App Development

You will learn to develop & design mobile and web applications by using JAVA, HTML 5, etc

Diploma: IT Network Design & Administration

You will be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge required to excel in this field.

Games Development

You will learn to Create, Design and Develop games 

Software Development

You will be equipped with the skills you need to design, develop, deploy and support software.

Technical Support and Cloud Solutions

You will be equipped to thrive in this complicated enterprise.

Web Design & Development

Learners that take this course to learn to know what it takes to work on website building and management

Computer-Aided Draughting & Design

The course will teach you the things you need to know about competitive market, trends, designs, developments etc

Diploma In Visual Communication

Also known as graphic design, the programme will take your creativity to another level.

Higher Certificate In Graphic Design

This programme will take you deeper into the enterprise of graphic design.

Project Management

Get a Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management and learn what it takes to excel in this field.

Generic Management

You will learn the five domains associated with the scope of generic management 

Higher Certificate: Management

You will be trained to obtain a broad range of management skills.

Tourism Management

Learners will obtain the knowledge they need to soar in this exciting career

Civil Engineering (N1-N3)

You will be given a strong foundation in engineering fundamentals as you engage this course.

Civil Engineering (N4-N6)

You will learn to apply knowledge, typically in the form of science, mathematics, etc.

Electrical Engineering (N1-N3)

You will be given a strong foundation in engineering Fundamentals as engage the course

Electrical Engineering (N4-N6)

This is an upgraded journey in electrical engineering

Mechanical Engineering (N1-N3)

This is Foundation Engineering that will help you get a strong foundation in engineering fundamentals. 

Mechanical Engineering (N4-N6)

An upgraded journey in the field of mechanical engineering.

Financial Management (N4-N6)

The programme will equip you to be coordinated in this complicated field

Human Resource Management (N4-N6)

This is a broad field that requires competency in handling such as staffing, compensation, and training of workers.


CTU Training Solutions Fees

You will have to request your course fees by sending them a message. Visit ctutraining.ac.za/academic-qualifications/course-fees. As you complete and send the form, a consultant will get in touch with you.


CTU Training Solutions Campuses

The Institution has 12 campuses in different parts of South Africa, giving learners the chance to opt for where they are more comfortable. They are located in:






















CTU Training Solutions Online Application

Before you can be embraced into the system as a student of the Institution, you have to do the first things first, which is to apply. This can be easily done online from the comfort of your home. To register, visit ctutraining.ac.za/apply-register to get started. On the page, you will have to make known what you are opting for – if it’s full time or part-time study, or one of their short courses. They will then take it up from there.


CTU Training Solutions Contact Details

You can reach out to the Institution via any of the following channels:

Telephone Number: 083 825 9366, 083 648 7294

Email Address: enquiry@ctutraining.co.za

You can also send them a direct message from their website – ctutraining.ac.za/contact-us


In conclusion, one of the prominent things about the Institution that should be mentioned is their CTU Recruits – which is their recruitment division. They help learners with workplace experience during the academic year at the Institution. When students are done with their course, CTU also helps them with job placements. This is not something many tertiary institutions can boast of, as they don’t have such a system in place in the first place. But at CTU Training Solutions, this arm is an important part of the CTU HRD solution. It ensures lifelong learning with a huge passion for the development of skilled professionals. It helps the students as well as companies too.

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