Top 10 Deep House DJs in South Africa (2024)

House music is fast becoming a thing in South Africa, Africa, and even the rest of the world. This genre of music has found a safe place on South Africa’s dance floors. A lot of house music labels have sprung up to produce soulful house tunes. Many Deep House Disc Jockeys (DJs) have emerged as their expertise in the art says a lot about them.

The Top 10 Deep House DJs in South Africa include DJ Black Coffee, DJ Maphorisa, DJ Tira, DJ Oskido, DJ Euphonik, and DJ Zinhle amongst others. All of these Disc Jockeys have influenced a surge in Deep House Music because of how good they have become in the craft. House music is fast-affirming itself as a dominant music sensation in South Africa. 

Top 10 Deep House DJs In South Africa

1. Black Coffee

Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo popularly known as Black Coffee is the pride of Home Music in South Africa. He is considered the best Deep Home Music DJ in South Africa. He made the Guinness Book of Records when he Disc Jockeyed for 60 hours non-stop during an event that was held in 2017.

He is also an award-winning music idol who has worked with big names like David Guetta. Black Coffee has over forty albums to his credit and has collaborated with famous musical artists like Mque and Shekinah. He has helped coach other DJs and even musical artists in South Africa.

2. DJ Maphorisa

Popularly known as DJ Maphorisa, Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, is a South African DJ and producer who has produced some of the most loved music hits in South Africa and Africa at large. He is well-known for producing “Soweto Baby” with Wizkid and he is one of the Best Deep house DJs in South Africa. 

The versatile DJ and producer have exhibited his creativity and diversity by working with various artists performing several genres ranging from Afro-beat to Kwaito. He has been featured in hit songs like Bazoyenza by Busiswa. He has also performed on the popular Coke Studio Africa show. If you want to have a feel of his works, you should consider checking out his recently released album.

3. DJ Tira

Popularly known as DJ Tira, Mthokozi Khathi is one of the Top 10 Deep House DJs in South Africa. He shot to the limelight at the Smirnoff Knockout competition in 2001. He spent the next six years building a solid footing and he then began his recording studio in 2007. Some months after starting his recording studio, DJ Tira signed on a few Disc Jockeys whom he has trained and mentored. DJ Tira’s latest hit which has given rise to his prominence was released in September 2019, you should consider giving it a listen.

4. DJ Oskido 

DJ Oskido named Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa is a Deep House DJ in South Africa and one of the creators and icons of Kwaito Music. DJ Oskido blended house music with conventional African sounds side by side with Don Laka as Brothers of Peace to have a part in the transition of Afrohouse. He has been instrumental in solidifying the careers of many artists and DJs like Mafikizolo, Boom Shaka, Black Coffee, DJ Maphorisa, and DJ Tira.

DJ Oskido’s vast discography varies between Kwaito, Afrohouse, tribal house, and house music genres. He later ventured into Amapiano in the 2010s to illustrate his vision and staying power musically. In 2012, he was awarded the Channel O Music Video Award in commendation for the effort that he put into establishing Kwaito music in South Africa.

5. DJ Euphonik

DJ Euphonik named Themba Mbongeni Nkosi is a South African DJ, radio presenter, music producer, and real estate investor. He is one of the most successful deep house DJs in South Africa and is presently at the sharp horizon of house music in South Africa. He has been given various nominations for his creativity in House Music. 

He was recently featured in the Mail & Guardian’s Top 300 Young South Africans which is an honourable list of people who will build and establish their industries in years to come. He has collaborated with various South African Singers and songwriters to produce house music tracks. If you want to have a feel of his works, you should consider listening to his compilations.

6. DJ Zinhle

On the list of the top ten deep House DJs in South Africa is a beautiful lady who has publicly expressed her passion for music by becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ). DJ Zinhle named Ntombezinhle Jiyane is a South African DJ, producer, media personality, and businesswoman.  

She is one of the most prominent Female deep house DJs in South Africa and she won some awards to that effect. She blends a little touch of Afro-music to produce a beautifully unusual style. She is also well known for her connection with AKA, a prominent South African rapper. She remains an inspiration in the house music industry in South Africa.

7. DJ Sbu

Named Sbusiso Leope, DJ Sbu is a South African DJ, singer, songwriter, producer, and Entrepreneur. He is a notable Deep House DJ in South Africa. For the past few months, the notable DJ has concentrated on producing house music blends that he hosts on his Social Media accounts. 

DJ Sbu motivates and advises Youths to strive to make some achievements for themselves. He also offers entrepreneurship classes and has great compassion for unemployed youths in South Africa. He has released several albums and bagged some awards to his credit.

8. DJ Kent 

DJ Kent named Khensani Mabaso is a South African Deep House DJ who is based in Johannesburg. He is one the biggest DJs in South Africa and he shot into the limelight in the mid-2000s with his previous production label Kentphonik and went ahead to win a South African music award for his debut album back in 2008 and has since continued to produce hits. 

He produced music for the 2010 world cup hosted by South Africa. His collaboration with South African talents such as Dominic Neill and Ziyon has resulted in fierce inventions with pop crossover allure. DJ Kent’s signature sound is a blend of down-tempo roll with the piano and acoustic guitar that results in emotionally charged hits.

9. DJ Da Capo

DJ Da Capo named Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa is a South African Deep House DJ and music producer. He is a self-taught producer and his career started in his bedroom at a young age. He combines house music with the rhythm of local sounds with an intense soulful perception. He released his first LP on a Canadian-based record label in 2010 and got signed on to Soulistic Music owned by Black Coffee. 

He has released several Extended Plays (EPs) and many remixes which have aired on the best Radio stations in South Africa. He is good at remixing songs with an Afro touch.  His first album on Soulistic Music was nominated for Best Album in South Africa way back in 2018. He is one of the top deep house DJs in South Africa.

10. DJ Fresh

Thato Sikwane popularly known as DJ Fresh is a South African Radio and international club DJ. He is also a sought-after Television personality and famous social media sensation. He played his very first gig at 12 years old. He is one of South Africa’s most prominent enthusiastic and vibrant voices on Radio.

DJ Fresh is also a Deep house DJ in South Africa. He is rightly regarded as one of the important founders of African house music. DJ Fresh is one of the most sought-after mix masters in South Africa. He is still producing good music that makes people dance in clubs or over the radio at home. 



Deep house music is the biggest genre in South Africa than you could have imagined. It’s being played in every car stereo and even restaurants. Another genre of music competing with deep house music is Amapiano however, deep house music still dominates the music environment in South Africa. Deep house music is practically everywhere in South Africa from the streets to Radio and even Television. 

Several DJs mix and play Deep house music in South Africa. The top 10 Deep house DJs in South Africa include Black Coffee, DJ Oskido, DJ Maphorisa, DJ Tira, DJ Zinhle, and a host of others that we have briefly examined in this piece. You can consider listening to their works and albums to get a feel of their work and make a choice of your Best deep house Disc Jockey (DJ).