Top 10 Highest Paying Security Jobs In South Africa (2024)

As you read this article about the highest paying security jobs in South Africa you will come to appreciate that the security industry, despite being so vital, is not getting the recognition it deserves. The security industry in South Africa is one of the few places where a person gets a job based on what he can do, and what he has to offer to the employer, rather than who he knows, or what qualifications he possesses.

Of course, the salary packages differ quite enormously from position to position, and from employer to employer because, despite the fact that security of lives and property is of paramount concern, some employers simply cannot compete with the ability of others to pay huge sums. With consideration to the turn-over of each particular business, and also the years of experience that each particular applicant may have, we can say that the salary scale of the South African security industry is very wide and varied.

From the list below, you can find some security positions and the salaries that come with them, and so calculate whether you are adequately paid or not.

Top 10 Highest Paying Security Jobs In South Africa

1. Security Consultants

Average Pay: R107,736 Per Year

Security Consultants are experienced people in the field of security. Many of them have been security operatives and might have risen to supervisors before becoming consultants. Security Consultants work directly with management to access their security situations.

They will help by advising them on their security setup, including the posting of the security officers, how to properly patrol the premises, the type of security officers to employ, and so on. Security Consultants are not paid for the time they put into the work, they are paid for their expertise. Therefore security consultants are at liberty to work with as many establishments as they like.

2. Security Supervisors

Average Pay: R107,736 Per Year

Security Supervisors are professionals who have gained experience in the security industry. Sometimes, Security Supervisors may have started out as security guards, after which they could progress to Armed Security Officers, and then they would become Security Supervisors, putting them in charge of several security officers.

Security Supervisors often work in large locations where there is a need for several security officers to properly cover the area. Security Supervisors ensure that security operatives properly carry out their duties; they ensure that they work together as a team. Security Supervisors also report their findings to the Security Manager, or to any other person in position to make any necessary changes to keep the work moving.

3. CCTV Operators

Average Pay: R100,000

CCTV Operators have trained security personnel that monitors the security situation on the premises with the help of CCTV cameras. They also communicate any suspicious activities to the armed guards on duty, in a bid to ensure that the facility is 100 percent safe and secure. They are important members of the security setup; and they are sometimes in charge of access control by remotely opening and closing doors, corridors, and gates.

4. Network Crime Investigator

A Network Crime Investigator is an IT Professional whose job is to investigate crimes that have been committed using computer networks. He tracks down the activities of the criminals by following their digital footprint; and by looking for the logs in the database.

It goes without saying that Network Crime Investigators should be among some of the highest-earning IT professionals in South Africa because they do some very vital work; without them, cybercriminals would get away with hacking company systems and stealing money and information, and they would be free to steal people’s identity and commit all kinds of crimes.

5. Systems And Web Penetration Tester

System and Web Penetrations Tester are security experts; they are systems hackers that help companies to check the solidity of their firewall systems to prevent thieves and hackers from penetrating the network and stealing everything from money, personal information, and company logs. These are some of South Africa’s biggest security experts because they are not just people in suits and ties working behind a desk; they actually know how the criminals operate, and so they work to thwart their efforts.

6. Network Security Administrator

A Network Security Administrator is a security expert who works to tighten the protocols guiding the security of a company’s network. He authorizes access to secure files, issues passwords and arranges the security protocol into tiers depending on the seniority of individuals working together in an organization.

A Network Security Administrator is therefore both a security operative and an IT professional. In South Africa, these are some of the highest-paid security professionals; they work with big organizations and the government.

7. Armed Security Officers

Average Pay: R98,976 Per Year

Armed Security Officers are trained professionals who have years of experience in the security industry. They must have worked for some time as security officers and shown that they are capable. Since Armed Security Officers are usually posted at sensitive locations they are issued with guns or other arms to help them defend themselves from attacks by criminals, and also to serve a deterrent; keeping criminals at bay.

Armed Security Officers receive training on how to handle arms, and they are also licensed by the relevant authorities. As with all other security personnel, they are trained to contact the police whenever a situation is escalating. You can find them at sensitive locations such as banks, warehouses, and so on.

8. Security Officers

Average Pay: R47,616 per year

The Security Officer is the person whose duty is to man a post in order to ensure that the post is secure and that nothing is stolen. Security Officers can be found at Super Markets, Hospitals, Schools, and such places. This is an entry-level position because most people who are new to the security system usually start with this position. After a few years on the job, they should have gained enough experience to proceed to positions of more responsibility.

9. Armed Guards

Average Pay: R63,000 per year

Armed Guards are trained security operatives licensed to carry weapons. They are sometimes hired for the personal protection of persons, in which case they would go with them wherever they go. Sometimes, they are hired to go with people on missions to high-risk areas. They basically work to prevent robbery, kidnapping, or any other kind of attack on their principals. Armed Guards can also be hired to secure residences in high-risk places such as houses or estates.

10. Loss Prevention Officer

Average Pay: R87,180 Per Year

Loss Prevention Officers are security personnel that works to prevent loss or theft. They work in Super Markets, Department Stores, Warehouses, and such places that are prone to losses. Loss Prevention Officers sometimes blend in with the crowd, undetected by thieves, and they observe the activities of shoppers and workers alike.

They may then alert security officers on duty at the exit spot about persons going out with company property. Loss Prevention Officers are very well trained; they are trained to observe without arousing suspicion. They watch both the body language of the persons in question, and also they observe how much baggage a person is leaving with.



The highest-paying security jobs in South Africa are not as lucrative as other professions. This shows that security professionals must do more to ensure that they are paid what they are worth. While young officers in training- just like other entry-level workers- may receive salaries that are considerably less than their more established colleagues, security operatives with years of experience need to earn more. Perhaps there will be some improvement in time to come, as the South African economy continues to grow.