What Are The Easiest Businesses To Start In South Africa?

Are you brainstorming on a business you can start without huge capital? Perhaps, you are wondering if there are simple businesses you can start from the comfort of your home. Or are you simply making inquiries on the easiest businesses to start in South Africa? This article is certainly the answer to all of your questions.

You would agree with me that the era of going to school with the sole aim of getting a good degree that would land you a well-paying job is slowly fading away. Now don’t get me wrong, education is not outdated and can never go extinct but getting an education to land jobs is gradually getting replaced by graduate entrepreneurs and business owners.

Additionally, the high percentage of unemployment and jobs with poor remuneration has attracted a lot of people to start-up businesses. Fortunately, South Africa offers a facilitative atmosphere for business owners.

The businesses examined in this article require small or no capital, all you need is expertise and resources and you will start generating huge income to live the South African dream and upgrade the lives of your family members and generally people around you.

So relax and grab a seat as we navigate through ten easy businesses you can start right from the comfort of your home in South Africa.

10 Easy Businesses To Start In South Africa

1. Freelancer

Did you know that your ability to read, write, and have an adequate grip of the English language can help you to generate a huge income you never thought possible? Yes, that is so true. 

There will always be high demand for writing and editing as people keep searching for knowledge every day.

All you need to work as a freelancer is an adequate command of the English language, the ability to read and write, a good internet connection, and a mobile device to start with.

Additionally, you could also brush up on this basic expertise by taking short courses on Copywriting & content creation and you would be on your way to making millions.

2. Laundry Business

It will amaze you that even with the invention of washing machines, a lot of South Africans don’t do their laundry.

Busy schedules, a lazy lifestyle, or just a pure dislike for doing laundry are some of the reasons a lot of South Africans opt for laundry outfits to assist them in the maintenance of their clothes.

The Laundry business is a multi-million dollar business in South Africa. All you require to start this business is a place where you can wash, dry, iron, and package your client’s clothes and you are set to do business. 

And guess what? You can start from home and interestingly you can start today! Amazing right? I know.

3. Professional Photography

Another service in high demand across South Africa is professional photography. You could either learn the skill with resources that are available online or get professional certification after undergoing short courses in photography.

You could also start as a mobile photographer. Some mobile photographers have become successful in the long run and are getting reserved in advance for events and shows.

If you enjoy snapping pictures a lot, you could also sell your photos online to popular photo sites. All you require is either a digital camera or a mobile phone with good camera quality.

4. E-commerce Vendor

An E-commerce vendor is simply a person who sells items at any online marketplace. Applicable types of such online marketplace are Ebay, Jumia, Amazon, etc.

You have the option to build your online marketplace or open an account on an existing online marketplace.

There are many schemes that you can use to increase sales by drawing huge traffic to your account and you could learn these schemes from available resources online.

Unlimited possibilities abound online for the E-commerce business. Ensure that you strategize on how you can boost sales and evolve into a prominent vendor. 

All you require to get started is an excellent internet connection and a working mobile device to start an E-commerce business. 

5. Meal Planning

Meal planning involves an arranged schedule of different meals that assists to solve the challenge of figuring out what meal to eat. You can start planning meals for individuals from all walks of life and get paid for it.

To be a phenomenal meal planner, an adequate knowledge of a balanced diet is essential. In addition, you also need to know how to whip up meal components and recipes that are budget-friendly.

Wonderful internet service and a quality mobile device or your personal computer are all the equipment you need to start this business.

6. Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging involves the writing aspect of sharing information, gossip, stories, entertainment, or even private life issues while Vlogging involves the creation of visual content with the intent of sharing information, gossip, stories, and entertainment.

Blogging and vlogging require unique expertise to succeed.

Launch that blog today and start churning out interesting and engaging content to attract more traffic to your blog which will, in turn, translate into incredible income. You could also feature paid ads and posts or affiliate marketing programs on your blog to generate more income.

You can alternatively launch a Youtube channel today and start sharing informative, interesting, and entertaining content via videos. You will require a thousand subscribers and four thousand viewings in a year to start earning from your Youtube channel.

An excellent internet connection and a quality mobile device are non-negotiable when launching a blogging or vlogging business.

7. Tutoring Services

Tutoring is a definite service that involves trading knowledge and value for money. In South Africa, the demand for tutors by parents for their children increases daily, some parents employ the services of a tutor regardless of the class their children are in.

Assessing the market to identify services that are high in demand is essential when starting up a tutoring business. Mathematics and science tutors are high in demand across the country.

Teachers either active or retired and university graduates with expert knowledge in certain subjects are the ideal tutoring service providers.

You can start providing tutoring services either physically at your home or rented space and virtually with the aid of audiovisual content and online learning resources.

A little capital for marketing and some textbooks, teaching materials, and suitable stationaries are all that you require to start providing tutoring services.

8. Hairdressing and Barbering Services

I am pretty sure that everyone loves to look good to a large extent. Women love to do their hair from time to time while men love to have a good haircut and shave often, which makes it a service that will never go extinct.

To thrive as a successful hairdresser or barber, you need to be an innovative professional. Discover ways to establish an inviting and professional atmosphere for your clients by providing additional services like light refreshments and friendly discounts.

Also, the target is getting a location in a busy area like around a busy area in your city or a Mall or shopping center. A great location means a lot in this business.

Combs, cutting combs, clippers, sterilizers, mirrors, hairdryers, hair care products, shaving, and beard care products are some of the tools you will be needing to launch your business.

9. Cleaning Services

Busy and tight working schedules don’t afford some people the luxury of time to do a personal cleaning of their homes and so they opt for cleaning service providers to assist them to keep their houses clean and tidy at a cost.

However, for some other people, a lazy lifestyle is the reason they opt for cleaning services.

To launch a cleaning business, you will need several helping hands and some cleaning apparatus. Huge capital is not required but the cost of cleaning materials like mops, brooms, vacuums, and cleaning detergents must be considered.

However, it is smart to use the best products on the market regardless of how much they might cost to help boost your service execution and client satisfaction. Satisfactory products plus a devoted staff equals a wonderful cleaning brand.

Additionally, your business will require that you move from one area to another so a vehicle is a necessity and not a luxury. If you don’t have one, you could always hire a vehicle whenever your clients require your services.

10. Graphics Designer

Graphics designers are involved in crafting ingenious business logos, advertisements, magazines, and newsletters. It is a job with attractive remuneration and it is high in demand as companies and businesses are highly enthusiastic about quality branding.

A professional graphic designer must be skilled in the use of software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop element or Inkscape, and so on. The aforementioned software is easy to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to gain premium access to.

A laptop is preferred above a mobile device to launch your graphic designing business, but a quality mobile device will do for a start.

Final Words.

It is important to note that the easiest businesses to start in South Africa are not limited to the ones discussed in this article, there is so much more. There are numerous easy businesses to start in South Africa that will generate a steady source of income.

The businesses discussed above do not require a lot of capital or expensive equipment to launch them. You can operate most of them from the comfort of your home and they are highly profitable as well.

However, it is essential to bear in mind that building a successful business requires momentum, dedication, consistency, tolerance, and endurance.

So go ahead to start any of the businesses we have examined together today and start living the South African dream!

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