Starting A Business In South Africa Checklist

A business idea is not all that you need to launch your business here in South Africa, you also need time, techniques, scheduling, resources, and yes a dash of luck.

Most times, it can be tough to remember all you need to do and when to do them and that is why we have prepared a nice and encompassing “Starting a business in South Africa checklist “of 20 things you need to do when starting a business in South Africa.

Starting A Business In South Africa Checklist

  • Equity.

Equity does not refer to money alone, it also refers to equipments. It is not possible to launch a business without any form of capital because you need equity to run a business.

Ensure you have sufficient capital to start up your business.

  • Operating area

An operating area or workspace is where you manage your business from.

Every business needs a workspace of office either physical or online workspace.

  • Authorizations and registrations.

Discover the authorization or/and registrations that you need to get for your business.

South African businesses are required to register under the CPIC(Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). Your CPIC registration will encourage your clients to believe you and want to do business with you because they know you are registered.

You also need to enlist your new business with the South African Revenue Service(SARS) 60 days after you have commenced operations.

  • Interpret your Value propositions.

Interpret what your business has to offer that oppositions are not offering. Compress it into two short sentences and employ it whenever you are discussing with an investor or possible clients. 

  • Discover a business guru.

Discover a guru in your business niche that will provide you with candide response about your business. Your business guru could be a coach or a financial experts.

  • Formulate a business strategy.

Your business strategy should paraphrase your business presently and present a vision of your business in years to come.

  • Approve a MOU with your partners.

It is essential for you to approve a memorandum of understanding with your partners to agree to your statements and requirements of service before your attorneys prepare an official agreement.

  • Open a business bank account.

Never use your private bank account for business. Always detach your personal finance from business finance. 

Another perk of this action is that your business looks more professional and official with a business bank account.

  • Enlist your business web domain names and brands.

Begin a discussion with your attorney about your trademarks and brands. Create and register a domain name for your website.

  • Create a business system and model.

Build a legal business system and model as it helps to maintain the smooth operation of your business.

  • Decide on a business insurance plan.

Insure your business against any form of loss, theft or damage.

  • Enlist for taxes.

Obtain your tax ID and index at the tax office.

  • Specify your recurrent expenditure and include them in your budget.
  • Establish a website.

A website is essential for the success of your business. So create one with your enlisted business web domain name.

  • Build a social media presence.

A social media presence is essential to the survival of any business in this day and time. Ensure that you build a strong online presence across all social media platforms so that the world can see and relate with you effortlessly.

  • Solicit for promotions from your circle of friends and social resources.
  • Hire the ideal employees.

Building a solid team made up of ideal employees will assist you to move your business rapidly to the next level.

  • Recognize the Tech tools you will employ and make it available for use.
  • Utilize Cloud based software solutions to keep your data secure.
  • Select useful business software apps like Google Docs for your business to secure and access your vital data effortlessly.

That’s all about starting a business in South Africa checklist from, hope it was helpful.


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