Easiest Ways To Get Canada Express Entry Success (2022)

Canada has ranked as the number one country in the whole world according to the 2021 Best Countries Report from US News and World reports beating 78 other countries. It was reported that Canada is taking the number one spot for the first time after ranking third place in 2019 and second place in 2020. For the sixth year in a row, Canada remains on the number one spot in quality of Life. The report pointed out that Canada is perceived to have a good job market, care about human rights, and is committed to social justice.

With all of these authentic and incredible facts about Canada, I wonder who wouldn’t want to migrate to beautiful Canada. Well, if it’s your dream to relocate to the Number one Country in the world, the Express Entry Option is the sharpest and most prominent option for you.

Express Entry is a system that applicants willing to permanently relocate to Canada use to refine and coordinate their applications.

How to Apply for The Express Entry Program.

Applicants must duly execute these two stages to apply for the Express Entry Program. The first stage involves finishing and providing your application and other documents such as a passport, language test results, and an educational report stating your academic status.

On getting an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada after profile submission in the first stage, you will be required to provide a more factual application along with supplementary identity-related certificates, police clearance, reference letters, and medical results.

Qualifications and requirements for the Express Entry Program.

Qualified applicants must possess a university degree, an acceptable relevant skill, acceptable proficiency of English or French. For skillful artisans, specific requirements must be met to qualify for applying for the Express Entry Program. Talented artisans must have functioned in a skilled job for a minimum of a year in the last ten years, possess an educational report and an advised and endorsed language test with a minimum of a Canadian Language Benchmark score of seven in either French or English.

Applicants that have satisfied the qualification requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal skilled Trades Programs also qualify to apply for the Express Entry Program.

The above requirements, regardless, do not ascertain an invitation to apply for lasting residency in beautiful Canada as applicants with special applications and profiles will have higher chances than those who fulfill just the basic requirements.

However, further requirements that applicants for Express Entry should meet are: 

  • Age must be less than 30.
  • Three years and above work experience in a skillful job.
  • An impressive Canadian language Benchmark level eight or more fabulous.
  • A Master’s degree or two university degrees.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

The comprehensive ranking system allows a score for each applicant that applies. Applicants with formal hierarchies are likely to be invited to apply for occupancy. Some choice features that can impact your CRS score consist of Age, work experiences, Language proficiency, Canadian relationships, and schooling. 

Other features that can aid in boosting your CRS score comprises a Canadian sibling residing in Canada, academic background in Canada, provincial appointment, an arranged employment offer from a Canadian organization, A Master’s degree or Ph.D. required for employment, and Higher language mastery of French or English.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Canada Express Entry.

  • How much does Canada Express Entry cost?

A preliminary provision of an Express Entry profile to the Canadian government is free. However, payments are mandated when you are invited to apply for lasting residency in Canada. Otherwise, you may be expected to pay provincial immigration fees if you are appointed by the provincial Nomination Program(PNP) in extension to the government processing fees.

Your bank statements must indicate that you have adequate budgets to maintain your relocation to Canada except if you have an arranged job offer or applied under the Canadian Experience Class Programs.

The funds needed by family size includes:

  • $13,213 for one family member.
  • $16,449 for two family members.
  • $20,222 for three family members.
  • $24,553 for four family members.
  • $27,847 for five family members.
  • Do I need a job offer to apply for Express Entry?

No, you don’t need a job offer to apply for Express Entry. However, a formal job offer for a career will improve your CRS score by 50 to 150 points, but an optimistic Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA) is needed.

N.B: Please do not include an informal employment invitation in your application as it will reduce your CRS score.

  • How much time is required to finalize the Express Entry Program?

A typical express entry program from the time of application provision to visa issuance takes as short as six months. However, this is not usual in all cases because if you are not invited to apply for residency, then your Entry profile will stay active in the collection of applicants for 12 months. Still, it will be invalid after 12 months. You are free to provide your profile again if, after 12 months, you are not invited to apply for continuous residency. 

When you are invited to apply(ITA),  you have 60 days from the issuing date to provide the complete application documents. Following the provision of your entire papers to the immigration officials, your continuous residency credentials should be processed within six months.

  • Provincial Nomination Program or Express Entry?

A YES/NO answer doesn’t apply to this question. However, if you operate or study in Canada, you should consider the PNP program because they require immigrant candidates to have rigid attachments to the province. Your most significant chance at continuous residency as an applicant without wings to a region in Canada is the Express Entry Program.

  • Can I apply for Express Entry Twice?

No candidate is allowed to have two active Express Entry applications. However, you can open an application for an eligible spouse if you are married. In unusual cases, two applications from the same family could open simultaneously.

  • Am I allowed to make changes after providing my Express Entry Profile?

You are allowed to make changes only if you have not been invited to apply for continuous residency. You can add new papers and amend blunders. Feel free to make any amendments if you have not accepted an ITA.

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Warning! Providing erroneous or wrong information on your Express Entry application is a crime. If caught, you could be punished for falsification and banned from Canadian application submission for five years!

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