FEDHEALTH Medical Aid Plans 2023 Prices And Contact Details

In the modern world, it is just necessary to have medical insurance so as to cover the expenses of healthcare which can sometimes spiral out of control and become a financial burden to one, going on to affect one’s quality of life. In South Africa, there are several insurance companies that offer Health Management Services, and Medical Aid is one of the products they offer.

FedHealth Medical Aid is one of the bigger and more well-known companies that offer Medical Aid in the country. The company has broken down its services into different packages that are suitable for different categories of customers depending on their needs.

The following are FedHealth Medical Aid plans, the costs, as well as what each package has to offer. 

FEDHEALTH Medical Aid Plans

1. FlexiFED 1

FlexiFED 1 is a medical aid scheme designed for people who are single, healthy, and just starting out in life. FlexiFED 1 is an affordable hospital plan that gives you solid medical cover at a price that allows you to save up money for other important things. With this scheme, you get access to a MediVault and Wallet to pay for any unforeseen hospital stay, as well as day-to-day expenses when you are hospitalized. The product is designed for healthy people, to help you save money. When you reach a certain level you qualify for the Threshold Benefit, which gives you more incentives.

This plan starts from R 1,583 per month, and gives you cover for hospital stays, whether they are emergency or scheduled, as well as day-to-day expenses.

2. FlexiFED 2

FlexiFED 2 is a FedHealth medical aid plan designed for working people with small families. This option gives you several benefits such as generous maternity and childhood benefits to cover everyone in your family; keeping you healthy and happy. This option also gives you cover for scheduled or emergency hospital stays, and cover for your day-to-day medical bills. As your claims have reached a certain level, you start to get the Threshold Benefits.

This affordable medical aid option starts from R2,196 per month, and gives you great hospital cover, great maternity cover, childhood benefits, and so on.

3. FlexiFED 3

FlexiFED 3 is designed for working people who have growing families. This medical aid plan covers you for emergency or scheduled hospital stays, prenatal and postnatal care, birth, and those busy early childhood years. This plan also gives you unlimited General Practitioner visits within the company’s network of hospitals.

This plan is affordable; it starts from just R 2 508 per month and gives you great hospital cover, prenatal cover, postnatal cover, unlimited GP consultations, and cover for your young ones. Once your claims reach a certain level you unlock the Threshold Benefit that gives you even more benefits.

4. FlexiFED 4

FlexiFED 4 is a FedHealth medical aid plan scheme designed for working parents with children that have reached the stage of taking adventures. As the kids start to venture on hikes on their bicycles and join in on the sports fields, they may require a little more attention. FlexiFED 4 provides comprehensive in-hospital care and provides more robust cover for emergencies. You also get a MediVault and Wallet to take care of the day-to-day medical bills, and once your claims have been accumulated up to a certain level, you unlock the Threshold benefit, which gives you more benefits.

This option starts from R 3, 355per month, and gives you more robust cover for in-hospital stays, as well as day-to-day cover.

8. My Fed

My FED is a basic health insurance option that helps family heads stay fit and healthy so that they can continue to look after their loved ones. The product is designed for those that may have come into the insurance world a little later than scheduled, those who have not previously been covered. The product is salary banded and designed for the lower-income members of society.

They get cover for scheduled and emergency hospital stays, as well as options to save up for medical expenses that may arise in the future.

This option starts from R 1, 275 per month and provides you in-hospital cover, as well as care for any chronic ailments. This option also offers the myFED baby programme that gives great maternity support.

9. Fed maxima EXEC

The Maxima EXEC option from FedHealth is one of the more comprehensive options offered by the company. The maxima EXEC option is designed for the more mature and accomplished members of society. Most of the customers have stable money, and kids that are just about to start out on their own.

This option offers in-hospital cover, care for chronic ailments, tests and screening, and so on. This option also gives the opportunity to save for a day-to-day cover during hospitalization, or during recovery when one may not be able to work.

The option starts from just R 8, 305 per month and gives you a Threshold benefit when your claims reach a certain level.

10. Maxima PLUS

The Maxima Plus medical aid scheme offers extensive medical cover that takes care of every aspect of your healthcare. It designed for those who have spent their lifetimes working, and who now wish to take greater care of their health. You get generous in-hospital and out-hospital cover, care for chronic ailments, testing and screening, and day-to-day benefits to cover your expenses during hospitalization and recovery. When your claims reach a certain level you unlock the Threshold benefit, which opens up even more benefits and bonuses. 

This option starts from just R13, 122 per month, and covers in-hospital stay, out-hospital stays, chronic ailments cover, and day-to-day cover. 

FEDHEALTH Medical Aid Contact Details

To Contact FedHealth please use the information below:

Address: Flora Centre Shop 21 and 22 Corner Conrad street and, Ontdekkers Rd, Florida Glen, Johannesburg, 1709, South Africa.

Phone: +27 860 002 153



FedHealth, due to its affiliation with the Government, is one of the biggest medical aid providers in South Africa. This Medical aid provider seeks to provide medical aid services to every South African, leaving no one behind. The provider has products that are suitable to everyone, from the top earners in society down to those who may not even have steady employment. As long as you are willing to set aside a small portion of your earners to look after your health, Fedhealth has a product for you.