DNA Test Price In Johannesburg  (2023)

DNA Profiling is a breathtaking invention that has been very beneficial all around the world since it was made famous many years ago. It is usually utilized to identify individuals and settle such things as paternity issues.

DNA test price in Johannesburg is around R 1, 195 per person on average. However, there are DNA testing centers in Johannesburg that may charge more than this based on several factors, particularly as touching the type of test you are going to do.

How Much Is DNA Test In Johannesburg 

The price of DNA tests in Johannesburg is around R 1 195 for an individual on average. If two persons want to conduct the test together, they have to pay around R 2 390 on average.

Since it became a famous phenomenon, a lot of people have been able to settle crucial things via DNA Tests, and it is a popular thing in South Africa too. Even in Johannesburg, there are many DNA testing centers you can do your thing. This is important for anyone interested in knowing DNA Test price in Johannesburg.

Popular DNA Testing Centers In Johannesburg

Experts in these centers are familiar with all they should do to get to the goal of the test. Since everyone was created with DNA, then anyone can always carry out the test for whatever reason.

You can do so in any of these centers:

1. DNA Test – Toga Lab

This is a prominent paternity testing service in Germiston.

2. Lancet Laboratories

Located in Richmond, you can always visit these guys any day from Monday to Saturday.

3. easyDNA South Africa

This is a prominent one with a big reputation, plus they are located in Sandton. They offer reasonable prices and you can also order your stuff online with great ease (the process is straightforward).

4. National Health Laboratory Service – Braamfontein

There are several experts working at this famous medical laboratory in Johannesburg, and you can always get your DNA test done there.

5. DNAlysis Biotechnology

DNAlysis Biotechnology is another prominent medical laboratory where you can carry out these tests in Johannesburg.

These centers receive many clients and are used to being patronized for DNA stuff. It is a known fact that there are different reasons why people are interested in doing these things.

Factors To Consider Before You Choose A DNA Testing Center In Johannesburg 

There are several DNA testing centers in Johannesburg alone. However, it is advisable to be very meticulous when it is time to settle for anyone. Remember, these things are very sensitive and require great expertise.

To avoid really avoidable headaches, you should put into consideration several very important factors before choosing any place. First of all, you should know that different centers in Johannesburg charge different amounts for different services (regarding what you want to really do).

So, be sure of the amount of money the center will demand for the type of DNA test you are looking for, and be sure that what they offer is good for your requirements.

Additionally, when choosing a DNA testing center in Johannesburg, make sure that you look at what accreditations they have. Avoid any center that is not properly accredited as it ought to be.

It is also helpful to know what privacy policies the center has in place for handling the DNA test result of their customers. This indeed is a very important factor that you should not ignore. This is sensitive information that should be approached with great care.

Finally, many standard DNA testing centers today usually have a good presence on the internet. Hence, as much as possible, see to it that you go through their websites or social media handles and check them out carefully. You can also try to check for reviews from those that have tried the center before now. Their experiences will determine if you should go ahead with that center or not.

Types of DNA Tests You Can Do In Johannesburg

Based on the purpose, there are four main types of DNA tests, which anyone can do anywhere, including in Johannesburg. They are:

1. Personal DNA Testing

2. Legal DNA Testing

3. Healthcare Improvement DNA Testing

4. Nutritional DNA Testing


1. Personal DNA Testing

If you want to identify your ancestors or maybe discover if you are the father of a child for curiosity’s sake, then it falls under this category. One of the core characteristics of personal DNA testing is that it is not carried out under compulsion by an external body.

2. Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing revolves around legal issues like court cases and indictments. If there is a matter in court that must be sorted by proof that can only be presented by DNA testing, then it is different from the first.

3. Healthcare Improvement DNA Testing

There are individuals that carry out DNA Tests here for health purposes. Remember, when you do a DNA test, you gain access to a whole lot of details about your genetic makeup. If you have an ailment, since the medical experts are familiar with your makeup, they can easily prescribe the right medication.

4. Nutritional DNA Testing

You can also carry out the test just to know the appropriate diet and supplements that will be very helpful to you based on your configuration. Indeed, this is not very popular. However, having the right information can really help you as a person.

In Conclusion

DNA test price in Johannesburg is around R 1 195 per person on average. However, there are DNA testing centers in Johannesburg that may charge more than this based on several factors, particularly as touching the type of test you are going to do.

While there are several places you can do this in Johannesburg, it is very advisable to be meticulous in your choice.

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