Top 10 Free Online Homeschooling in South Africa (2023)

Online Homeschooling has become a much more important way of educating children in the past few years; especially with all the commotion in the world, and the lockdowns that have followed, which has caused the academic calendar of almost every country in the world to be disrupted. To that end, there is more interest in free online homeschooling, not just in South Africa, but all over the world, because more people want to be in charge of their children’s progress.

There are so many reasons why many people opt for homeschooling as their choice of education: many who start homeschooling do so because they have a need to protect their children. Some of the children may be special needs children, they may be children who struggle to integrate with other children, or they may be children who suffer certain health conditions.

Whatever your reason for choosing to home school your kids in South Africa, you can rest assured that your decision to home school your kids can be fruitful and that your children can get the quality education you desire, so as to reach their potentials. The following can help you do so.

Free Online Homeschooling in South Africa

1. Brainline 

Brainline provides Innovative, quality-driven homeschooling resources to South Africans. This company has been a leader in Homeschooling and Distance Education in South Africa, having amassed more than 20 years of experience. The organization is the premier choice for curriculum and assessment in South Africa. This is South Africa accredited and well-known organization, and is recognized by the exam board as an exam centre – the IEB!. 

With Brainline you are assured of hassle-free access to the National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) as issued by Umalusi. This is one of the home school providers that comply with all assessment standards and regulations set by the Department of Education. 

Brainline provides learning curricula for children from pre-school to Grade 10. 


2. Dynamis

Dynamis is a great homeschooling resources provider, a top free online homeschooling in South Africa that offers everything from seminars and personal consultations with families to determine what approach and curricula to employ. This organization not only provides the resources but also provides practical advice on how best to go about the work of providing quality education for your children. This is done by paying attention to the learning preferences, talents, and giftedness of each particular child.

Dynamis does not just help you educate your children for now; it also helps prepare the children for the future by providing guidance as regards career choices that will help the children make the best use of their talents. 


3. Nukleus

Nukleus is a South African provider of homeschooling resources primarily in the Afrikaans language. This organization is strongly a Christian organization and believes that it is the primary responsibility of the parents to provide education for their children. 

They believe that by educating your children at home you protect them from corrupting influences in the schools and that you can have more time to bond with your children, thereby bringing them up in the love and fear of God.

Nukleus provides all the resources, as well as consultation for you to make your homeschooling journey a successful one.


4. Oikos

Oikos is a homeschooling organization that was established in 1989. The organization provides homeschooling resources and support to help families raise their children at home. Oikos is a Christian organization and its activities are geared towards, uniting families, and helping them ward off harmful influences.

Oikos does not serve only South Africa; this organization states that it is their vision and philosophy to continue to support homeschooling families around the world. The organization states that God impressed on their hearts and birthed a vision in them to support families to grow in Kingdom living. This is to help parents to raise their children at home, which is important for them to serve Him with their heart, soul, and mind.


5. Time4Learning

Time4Learning is a global homeschooling franchise that also serves South Africa. This organization states that they have assisted over 1 million homeschoolers to get started on the path of educating their children from home. They state on their website that they provide home-school curricula that provide freedom, flexibility, and that is fun!

Time4Learning provides resources in Phonics, Reading, Grammar as well as Middle School Language Arts

They also provide resources in Elementary Math, Middle School Math as well as Algebra and Geometry. You can find the full subject list by visiting their website which we will provide below.


6. SA Home-Schoolers

SA Home Schoolers is an organization that provides homeschooling resources for the people of South Africa. They have provided these services in South Africa online since 2011, but have operated offline for a longer period of time. The organization’s website states that they are the most comprehensive website on homeschooling in South Africa. Aside from their website, they are integrated on Facebook and Youtube. This organization also hosts some seminars and publishes an e-magazine.

The organization, on its website, states that it aims to be the accessible website for free online homeschooling in South Africa. It also wants to be the starting point for parents that consider homeschooling, and at the same time, it wants to provide a safe platform for parents to get help in order to resolve any issues they may encounter with homeschooling.


7. Cape Home Education (CHE)

Cape Home Education (CHE) is an organization that is made up of home educating families who choose to volunteer their time and service so as promote the culture of home education, and to provide tips, encouragement, and resources to help parents make their homeschooling efforts successful.

When you join the CHE you get to meet homeschoolers, not just to learn from them, but you too will be required to assist others by encouraging them and providing motivational interaction. You will regularly interact with others from all walks of life who have the same thing in mind; the desire to home educate their children. 

Because this is a non-government organization they will need your help and support by way of donations, and also your regular input at meetings. You will also be encouraged to take up positions or offices, in the organization’s executive committee. Annual General Meetings are regularly held.


8. Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association

Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association (ECHSA) is a registered Non-Profit Organization. The purpose of this association is to help homeschooling parents get access to resources that will help them successfully provide the needed education that their children need. The Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association is made up of volunteers, and you too can volunteer once you join the association.

The Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association aims to be proactive not just in providing the resources they need, but also by dealing with amendments and policies, instead of waiting for legal issues involving homeschoolers to arise. 


9. Western Cape Home Schooling Association

Western Cape Home Schooling Association is an Association of homeschooling parents who help one another successfully provide home education to their children. They can help you by providing books and resources to home school your children, they can also help you by directing you to home-schooling workshops or seminars. They will help you obtain good curricula.

They will also help you get legal counsel if you should encounter any issues. If you need to find tutors for particular subjects, or if you need to join a support group in order to get help, the Western Cape Home Schooling association can also help.

You may contact this group for information using the following information: P O Box 11190, Bloubergstrand 7443. Telephone: 0881274484. The email contact is


10. Pestalozzi Trust

Pestalozzi Trust is a registered public benefit organization that believes that homes schooling is the better form of schooling. The organization is exempt from income tax because it uses its income to provide resources for parents to choose home education with assurance and confidence. They believe that homeschooling is the only way to protect children from the corrupting influences present in regular schools.

The Pestalozzi Trust does not provide its services only to South Africans; the trust is active in the USA, Canada, and other countries.




Homeschooling is not generally the cheapest way to provide education for your kids- despite this list. South Africa has very good public schools where children can receive a very good education to become important members of society. However, as you have seen from the list above, homeschooling is a real option, and it can be done cheaply, or even free. Parents should please consider their own ability to devote the necessary time and resources towards homeschooling their children before making the decision. 

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