Top 20 Free Online Courses In South Africa (2023)

Online courses in South Africa are programs that are tutored via the internet. Most students or people generally, nowadays, prefer and love to enroll in online courses. Online courses are usually less expensive and also, give students more freedom to take part in a lot of expert programs. Students who enroll in online courses are opened to wider networking opportunities.

Through the medium of training, students have better chances of meeting various accomplished figures in their desired field of study. It also helps them to collaborate easily with other learners all around the world. There are vast advantages of enrolling in free online courses in South Africa. Moreover, the main target of this article is even yet to be nailed! Carry on.

The list of the top 20 free online programs in South Africa is provided below. Read further to know more.

Top 20 Free Online Courses In South Africa

  • Theory Of Change For Development

This is one of the most prominent online courses in South Africa over recent years. Over 10,000 South African students have enrolled for this course. The theory of change for development is aimed at assisting students to understand better the concepts of log frames and indicators. As a student offering this online course, you would learn the theory of changes, tools to develop theories of your own, and important theory of change principles.

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  • Academic Writing For Clarity And Meaning

Academic Writing For Clarity And Meaning is another great online course that you can study for free in South Africa. This course offers and equips students with the right skill and strategies to express complex academic ideas subtly and easily. Do you have problems with academic writings? Then, this free course is the perfect one to help you out.

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  • Medicine And The Arts

This free course runs for only six weeks and is apparently, one of the best you should consider studying. Medicine And Arts is a course that explains the connection between medicine, medical anthropology, and creative arts. The course explains topics such as mind, art, and play.

  • Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a course which is designed to help South African IT technicians to understand more about the process of technological development. This program also assists IT professionals, by shaping their minds to adapt to improvised digital business strategies.

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  • Learn To Program

This is a great and beneficial course for people who wants to know more about programming. Learn To Program is a course that gives you a lot of vital information on how to design, code, and validate programs. Some of the topics under the learn to program course are software testing, unit testing, and python programming.

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  • Cryptography

Cryptography is a core course that is needed for the smooth administration of business organizations and personal digital operations. The course provides the essential means of safeguarding information on computer systems. Zero-knowledge, privacy mechanisms, and other major encryption topics are embedded in the cryptography course.

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  • System Dynamics For Health Sciences

This course is intensely essential and is of great benefit to health practitioners. This course explains the best strategies to model and simulate issues in the healthcare system. Not only that, it gives training on how you can utilize system dynamics software to resolve problems related to the healthcare system.

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  • Adobe InDesign CS6

A lot of South African students crave to know about designing professional brochures, posters, flyers, etc. Moreover, the efficient and advanced Adobe InDesign CS6 is a great application that can be used to create these designs. This course offers training on how to work with images, colors, drawings, and shapes.

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  • Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the best free online courses in South Africa. The course trains students to become professionals in the graphic design field. Through the course, you will learn more advanced topics such as processes and principles of graphics designing.

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  • Mental Health And Stress Management

Mental Health has a crucial impact on human wellbeing.  This course is focused on training people about the definition, element, and key signs of mental stress victims and how to tackle the situation. Mental Health And Stress Management will equip you with the right skill needed to combat individual and workplace stress.

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  • Start Writing A Fiction

This is a good course that teaches students how to create characters, arrange storylines, and make amazing fiction books. Learners would be able to investigate the notion of writings, read as a writer, and develop advanced editing skills at the end of this course.

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  • What Is Mind

‘What is mind’ is a course that is created for anyone interested in psychology and mind study. The mind is a mystery that has long been studied by psychologists, philosophers, and physicians. In this age of technological evolution, we have more awareness about human psychology than ever before. However, some issues need to be resolved and through this course’s wide and comprehensive topics, you would be able to understand fully how the human mind works.

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  • What Is Leadership?

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization but to be honest, leadership goes beyond this definition. Leadership is most times complex for people to understand. Moreover, when leadership is done the right way, it brings forth a lot of accomplishment for the company or person involved. ‘What is leadership?’ course is aimed at teaching people about what being a leader means and the best way to carry out directive activities.

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  • Genealogy

Genealogy is a free online course that focuses on training learners to understand research deeply about their family history. This course would also assist you to know how to record genealogical information professionally. This is an interesting free course you should consider studying!

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  • Introduction To ScreenWriting

Screenwriting is a work that warrants good expertise and the right skill. With this course, you would be introduced to various basic elements and advanced ways of creating screenplays. You have always wanted to know how to design a professional script?  this course is the perfect one for you.

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  • Understanding Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates and relates to other people. The disease is in virtually all countries around the globe and is quite a threat to human existence. Moreover, with this course- ‘understanding autism’ you will be informed and educated about what autism is, social communication skills, problems faced by autism victims, and other important topics.

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  • Introduction To Forensic Science

Forensic Science can also be referred to as criminalistics. It is the usage of scientific methods to investigate and analyze criminal activities or examine evidence to be presented in a court of law. By the end of the ‘Introduction to forensic science’ course, you will be able to describe fundamental principles for investigations, explain the theory of fingerprints, DNA, and so on.

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  • Tour Of The Ancient City- Rome

This course allows you to access a 3D digital model of Rome. You will learn how Romans worship their Gods and began their political life.

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  • Book Keeping

With this course, you can learn how to balance your books and develop the skills to manage and finance personal and public business organizations.

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  • Teaching For Success

This is a free course that is exclusively created for teachers all around the globe. The course will assist you in developing your professional teaching skills.

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This article is aimed at providing a list of free online courses available in South Africa. South Africa, is one of the most famous and affluent African countries, and guess what? It is also one of the best regions to enroll in online courses. It isn’t all students that are financially buoyant, besides, if you are in South Africa and you are quite broke, don’t worry, there are lots of courses you can learn online for free. These courses are amazing, interesting, and are of great standards.

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