Golf 7 GTI Price In South Africa (2022)

The Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI is another superb car from the top manufacturer which is known for superb products only. It is a beautiful car which is luxurious and strong.

Golf 7 GTI price in South Africa is around R 669 000 for a brand new one. If you want to buy a used one, you can get one for less. The car is altogether a pretty expensive one that has a lot of features that are on another level entirely.

How Much Does Golf 7 GTI Cost In South Africa

Golf 7 GTI price in South Africa is around R 669 000 for a brand new one. It is a very expensive car because of its superb features since it was manufactured as a luxurious car that is strong.

Although the car has been launched for a while now, you can always buy it whenever you are ready, as long as you have the resources too. The car (don’t forget that GTI stands for “Grand Touring Injection”) has been purchased by various folks in the country already.

New VW Golf 7 Specs and Features

If you see the price of a product like this, you may be wondering why it is this expensive. Nevertheless, when you check out the superb features it came with, you will be able to identify why it can be worth the price.

It is seen already that the VW Golf 7, which has been launched for a while now in South Africa, has been made to consume up to 23% less fuel. It weighs up to 100kg less and is also available with a range of new engines.

The car is available with a range of three petrol engines as well as two diesel engines, and you being the buyer is at the liberty to decide on the one you want to buy.

If you are going for the petrol TSI engines, then it is helpful to know that this includes the 1.2-litre TSI engine. It was configured to bring up 77kW with a maximum torque figure of 175Nm.

Additionally, the combined fuel consumption for the engine is quoted at 4.9-litres/100km and a CO2 emissions figure of 114g/km. It is connected to a 6-speed manual transmission, which is pretty cool.

Talking about the 1.4-litre TSI engine, it produces 90kW and 200Nm of torque with a combined fuel consumption figure of 5.2-litres/100km and a CO2 emissions figure of 120g/km. Definitely, these are huge and impressive statistics that can’t be matched by just a small and average car.

It is necessary to also add that there is an optional 7-speed DSG transmission that is available for this variant. You can enjoy the classic 1.4 TSI which produces 103kW with a maximum torque figure of 250Nm. Also, the combined fuel consumption is quoted at 5.3-litres/100km with a CO2 emissions figure of 121g/km.

When it comes to the diesel engines, it came with 2.0-litre TDI with 81kW as well as 250Nm of torque with a fuel consumption figure of 4.5-litres/100km. For CO2 emissions in this category, they are rated at 119g/km.

It should be noted that this engine is connected to a 5-speed manual transmission. Also, the other diesel engine which you can decide to get is the 2.0-litre TDI, providing 110kW and 320Nm of torque. It was made by the manufacturer that takes 4.5-litres/100km with a CO2 emissions figure of 119g/km. Buyers should also be aware that the engine is available with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Many of the Golf 7 engines came with Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technology, and it includes a Stop/Start system as well as a battery regeneration mode.

Exterior Styling Features Of The Golf 7 GTI

The car is 4.255m long, and it is also 2.027m wide. It came with a wheelbase of 2.637m plus it is 1.452m tall. The manufacturers made the vehicle in such a way that the front wheels were shifted 43mm forward. As a matter of fact, the C-pillar runs along one homogenous surface from the start of the roof to the rear wheel arch.

The car also came with a V-shaped bonnet which is accented with redesigned headlights as well as a narrow radiator grille. These features were carefully and meticulously made by the manufacturers, and you will enjoy the sight. These are luxurious designs that befit a luxurious car of this sort too.

Interior Styling Features Of The Golf 7 GTI

The car doesn’t just have a superb exterior, but you should even see its interior. The larger proportions of the car mean it brings a more spacious and comfortable interior for the buyer. Buying the car means you are not just paying for class, but you will also get comfort.

The vehicle has considerable legroom which is impressive. Your legs can always enjoy space and comfort, which is a good thing about spending that much on a car like the Golf 7 GTI.

The center console of the vehicle came with a 5-8-inch infotainment touchscreen which is pretty cool too. You should also know that every information and entertainment system attached to the car has been re-styled to carry out impressive displays.

How about the seats? They have been made to give you good comfort, both as a driver and as a passenger too. This is one of the beautiful things about luxurious cars like these. You are not just driving a car that has a beautiful exterior, but even the interior is cool.

It should be noted too that the Trendline and Comfortline derivatives are connected to a ‘Composition Colour Radio’ (5-inch) which gives an SD slot, aux-in interface, two push dials as well as 8-speakers. You can get more things fitted in if you want.

In Conclusion

Golf 7 GTI price in South Africa is around R 669 000 for a brand new one. If you want to buy a used one, you can get one for less, although it is still more expensive than average cars in South Africa.