How Much Is Netflix Per Month In South Africa? (2024)

Are you looking for the cost to get Netflix in South Africa? You are not alone. Netflix which only came into South Africa a few years ago has already established itself as the main provider of media and entertainment content. Netflix has become a global brand, not just for showing movies through the internet; but the company has actually metamorphosed into a major production house, and has already become a rival for some of the biggest and oldest movie production houses in America and the World.  

That means more movies are becoming exclusive to Netflix, and if you want to view some of these high-quality movies you have to subscribe to Netflix. Luckily, the company has a presence in almost every country, and South Africa is not left out. Yes, you can enjoy high-quality entertainment from your home or office, or even on the go, when you subscribe to Netflix.

If the first thing that comes to your mind is how much does Netflix cost in South Africa, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I provided details on the cost of all Netflix charges per month in South Africa, and also provide general information about what you need to know about Netflix in South Africa. But let us start with the question of cost:

As with most other entertainment providers, there is not only one fee or cost that you must pay or subscribe to in order to enjoy Netflix. There are about 3 options that you can choose from, and enjoy good entertainment. What is more? Netflix is quite affordable overall, especially when you consider the quality of entertainment on offer.

You can first complete one month free before choosing a package, and paying for it. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are 3 packages that you can choose from:

How Much Is Netflix Per Month In South Africa?

Netflix Basic Package – R99

The basic plan from Netflix does not allow High Definition or Ultra High Definition viewing; you can only watch on one screen at the same time in Standard Definition (SD). Standard Definition is good enough especially if you are just watching from a small screen such as a mobile phone, or something comparable.

Netflix Standard Package – R159

The Standard package offered by Netflix allows you to watch movies on two devices at the same time in High Definition (HD) only. This is a lot better than the basic plan, and justifies the price of R159 per month because now you can watch your movies on both your mobiles and computer screens, or TV, and still enjoy the quality because the images come out much better than in basic. 

Netflix Premium Package – R199

The Premium package offered by Netflix allows you to watch HD and Ultra HD (UHD) viewing, and you can watch on four screens at the same time. This is the best option for a person with a family; you just pay and then family members can watch whatever they want, on whatever screen they want, without getting in each other’s way.

Just to be clear, the price differences do not affect the availability of content; rather it affects the quality of the pictures available for viewing, and also the number of screens that a person could watch from. The good news is that no matter what packages you pay for, you can still watch on your laptop, TV, phone, or tablet. The only thing is that lower-quality images may not appeal to you on a bigger screen. Nevertheless, you will have access to unlimited movies and TV shows, and you are allowed to cancel the packages anytime.

How To Get Netflix In South Africa

Netflix became official in South Africa on January 6th, 2016, and it became an instant hit; people welcomed the opportunity to have a bit of diversity, something different from the entertainment/ satellite TV which is already well established in South Africa. 

Many are still just making the switch to Netflix, and so they want to know how they can enjoy this service in South Africa. Well, here is how.

You Need Good Internet 

The first thing you need is a good, stable and fast internet connection. You need a minimum of 0.5MB/s in order to stream on their website. That means you need an efficient line speed that supports this speed in order for you to access the world of true entertainment.

If you want to stream through the HD option, you will need to be armed with a significantly better internet speed; you are required to have 5.0MB/s capability. If you want Ultra High Definition you will need 25MB/s.

All of this is a lot better when you have a UHD TV. However, some people enjoy this service quite well with a 3G connection, as far as it is stable. That depends on the network you are using and coverage. A preferable option would be to use an LTE modem.

Do you have the Viewing Equipment?

This goes without saying of course, because you cannot watch the programs on thin air. So you will need to have the devices to watch all the TV shows and movies. Netflix supports a variety of devices: you can use the Netflix decoder, set-top boxes, SmartTV, your PlayStation, Smart Blu-ray, Xbox, Apple TV, and of course your computer, which may still be the most popular option. To stream on the go, you can use your smartphone: any type- iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and even Windows phone.

Register Your Account With Netflix

To access the staggering quantity of media from this company, you need to get on the official website and then register for an account. Registering an account with Netflix requires you to provide the same information you have been providing to other companies every time you register an account with them.

You will have to enter your email address, password, and then confirm the registration via a link that will be sent to your mail. After that, you can go ahead and just choose the package you want. Netflix will even give you one free month to test out what you are about to pay for.

 Pay For Your Package

Remember there are 3 Netflix packages:

Basic Package – R99

Standard Package – R159

Premium Package – R199

Right on the Netflix website where you have selected the package that you want, you just follow directions and enter your card details to make the payment. The payments can be made monthly, and recurrently, so you don’t have to miss a single day because of late payments.



Netflix is a global company but provides entertainment options based on what the company believes is suitable for each particular country. This means as a South African resident, what you see is very different from what a person in America sees. Furthermore, this company does not differentiate available content based on how much you pay, or the package you pay for; the differentiation is in the quality of the images, and the number of devices that show them.