How To Check Your RDP House Status Online (2024)

After you have submitted your RDP application, it is necessary to know your status, as this determines what your next step should be. Fortunately, the agency in charge of this is meticulous enough to make things as simple as possible, so citizens of the country can carry out their stuff with great convenience.

You can check your RDP House status online by visiting the official Housing Subsidy System (HSS) portal, then input your email address, password & OTP sent to your mobile number. Next, find the MY HOUSING SUBSIDY section and input your ID number to view your RDP house status.

How Can I Check My RDP House Status Online

To verify your RDP house status online, ensure you have an internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone or laptop. Using your chosen device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Housing Subsidy System Portal (HSS) website and patiently wait for the webpage to fully load.
  2. Next, you should input your email address, password and the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your Mobile phone.
  3. Afterwards, go to the “My Housing Subsidy” tab and wait for it to load as well.
  4. You will come across a field where you can enter your ID Number. Be careful to enter your unique ID number accurately. Once you’ve completed this step, your application status will be displayed. Your RDP house application status will provide information on its progress and whether it has been approved or not.

Other Ways To Check Your RDP House Status

You can check your RDP house status via other methods aside from the famous online method. Here is how:

1. Checking Through The Physical Method

If you prefer not to check online or are unsure how to do so, you can easily visit one of their physical offices to inquire about your house status. Simply locate your nearest provincial housing office and you will come across folks who will be willing to help you who are working for the agency.

It’s important to note that you should bring your Form C with you to facilitate the process. Upon reaching their office, agency officials will use your provided details to access your application status in their database. This option is especially suitable for individuals who may not be familiar with the Internet and require assistance from agency-trained officials in a physical setting.

2. Checking With SMS 

Simply send your ID number to the number 44108 via SMS to check your RDP house status. After doing so, you’ll receive an automated reply with your house status. If you don’t receive a response, double-check to ensure your ID number was entered correctly.

Something fantastic about this option (just like the online method) is that you can check your status without leaving your home. However, unlike the online route where you require an Internet connection when utilizing this SMS method, you don’t have to bother yourself about the Internet. With this option, you can know your RDP house status anywhere you are in the country without requiring an internet connection or visiting their physical office.

3. Placing A Call To The Agency

Here is another convenient method to check your RDP house status from anywhere in the country, right from your home or wherever you may be. Simply dial one of these toll-free numbers: 0800 146 873 or 012 421 1915. Feel free to use this medium if it suits your needs.

4. Checking Via Email

Of course, you can also opt to inquire about your application status by sending an email to the Agency, providing them with your relevant details. After receiving your email, there is a structure in place already to respond to you with the current status of your application. To accomplish this, simply send an email to the designated address: [email protected].

It is worth noting that sending an email does require internet access. So while you have the website option to check your house status, you also have the email alternative at your disposal if you prefer.

You have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to checking your RDP house status. While we are more concerned about how you can check it out online via the portal already created by the relevant authorities for that purpose, you can also make use of other methods if you want to.

About HSS RDP Houses

Housing in South Africa has been a longstanding issue, with millions of citizens lacking access to adequate shelter. The government has undertaken various initiatives to address this problem, including the HSS (Human Settlements Strategy) RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) houses. These initiatives aim to provide affordable and decent housing to the country’s most vulnerable populations.

The Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) was introduced many years ago, as a comprehensive strategy to redress the inequalities and injustices of the past. One of its core components was the provision of housing to those in need. Over the years, the RDP housing program has evolved, with the government now utilising technology to streamline the allocation and management of housing.

This online platform offers several advantages. First, it enhances transparency in the allocation process, reducing the potential for corruption and favouritism. Applicants can access information about the status of their applications and the progress of housing projects through the online portal. This transparency helps build trust in the government’s housing efforts.

Moreover, its online platform has significantly improved the efficiency of the housing allocation process. Online applications and database management reduce paperwork and bureaucratic delays, enabling the government to respond more swiftly to the housing needs of its citizens. This speed is crucial in addressing the pressing housing crisis.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that the program has not been without its challenges. One major issue is the backlog of housing applications. The demand for affordable housing far outstrips the supply, leading to long waiting lists. This backlog highlights the need for continued investment in housing infrastructure and a more comprehensive approach to urban planning and development. Another challenge is the quality of some RDP houses. In some cases, hastily constructed houses have faced structural issues and a lack of basic amenities. Ensuring the durability and safety of RDP houses is essential to provide residents with long-term housing security.

Looking to the future, the initiative should continue evolving to meet the changing needs of South Africa’s population. This includes adapting to demographic shifts, urbanization trends, and climate change considerations. The government must also prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly housing solutions.

What Happens If Your House Status Is Not Yet Approved?

If you haven’t received approval yet, there’s no need to worry. The Department of Human Settlements (DHS) has already informed the public that several factors influence the waiting period, which can be quite lengthy. It should be noted that the agency operates based on local waiting lists, and waiting times can differ from one municipality to another.

But you don’t have to always worry, as it is a well-organized and prioritized process, to determine which areas receive assistance first. Typically, it takes a minimum of two years for a new area to become ready for occupancy in the housing development process. So, patience is key if you haven’t received a favourable response when checking your status.

We can’t ignore the fact that RDP houses have had a profound impact on communities in various ways. They have significantly improved the living conditions of millions of South Africans. Families that previously lived in overcrowded and inadequate shacks now have access to better housing, sanitation, and clean water. This has positively affected health, education, and overall quality of life. Additionally, homeownership instils a sense of pride and stability, contributing to social cohesion.

As previously mentioned, RDP housing programs have encountered a range of difficulties. A significant challenge is the immense demand for housing. The backlog in housing needs is extensive, and available resources have often fallen short of meeting this demand completely. Consequently, this has resulted in lengthy waiting lists, construction delays, and occasionally subpar housing quality.

Going back to our major discourse, you should have seen that it is pretty simple to check your RDP house status online. With a good internet-enabled device, simply make use of your ID number to check your status wherever you are and anytime you want to. And if you aren’t finding it too easy, you can exploit the other options available to check your RDP house status which include visiting their physical office, sending an SMS, placing a call, and sending an email.



Having explored how to check your RDP house status online, it is obvious that anyone can easily know where they stand anytime they desire, as the agency has made it as simple as possible for everyone.

You can visit the HSS portal website to check your RDP House status. Also ensure that you have your email address, password, OTP (which will be sent to your mobile phone) and your ID Number handy before you check your status online.