How to Increase Limit on Capitec App, USSD, and ATM (2023)

Advancements in technology have made the banking experience easier and better as you can now bank on the move either with a smartphone or a simple mobile device. Capitec Bank which is one of South Africa’s leading banks has made it easy for their customers to increase daily withdrawal limits via the Capitec App, the Internet banking system and the nearest Capitec Bank Branch.

To increase the limit on the Capitec App, you just have to simply log in to the App, Sign up with your PIN and choose the Update Limits option to increase your limit. The USSD option is strictly for authentication purposes if you don’t own a smartphone as an authentication message will be sent by USSD to you which you are to send a reply to. You can increase the limit on your Capitec ATM card via the Capitec online banking system.

How to Increase Limit on Capitec App, USSD, and ATM

How to Increase Limit on Capitec App

  1. Login to the Capitec App on your smartphone.
  2. Then select the Cards icon. 
  3. Next, sign in with your Remote PIN.
  4. If you own more than one card, select the one that you want to increase its limit. 
  5. Click on the Update Limits icon.
  6. Click on the Tap Update icon.
  7. Next, input your preferred daily limits for online/phone or mail transactions.
  8. Finally, accept the agreement to make it valid and you have just increased your daily limit.

If you don’t have the Capitec App on your smartphone, you can download it from the Play Store, IOS store or Huawei store. Ensure that you install the App on your smartphone after downloading it. 

How to Increase Limit on Internet Banking

  1. Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, visit the Capitec internet banking portal and sign in with your password/remote PIN. 
  2. Click on the View my list of Cards tab. 
  3. Choose the relevant or preferred card.
  4. Click on the Update daily card limits tab.
  5. Input your permanent/temporary daily limit for online/phone/mail transactions.
  6. Accept the agreement to make it valid by clicking on the Update daily card limits tab.

How to increase limits at a Capitec Branch

Another option that you can explore to increase the limits on your Capitec credit card is to walk into any Capitec Bank branch that is nearest to you. Approach a service consultant for assistance to increase your account limits. 

How to Increase Limit on Capitec ATM 

  1. Log in to the online banking system of Capitec Bank with your details. 
  2. From your Dashboard, select the Choose Cards option if you have several cards.
  3. Select the card that you want to increase the limit on if you own more than one credit card.
  4. Enter your personalized Remote PIN to sign in.
  5. Select the Update limits and ATM Limits options respectively.
  6. Enter the permanent or temporary preferred limits. 
  7. Next, agree to the terms and conditions to make it valid. 

Capitec Bank will only allow your permanent ATM limits to be more than R50,000 and your temporary limits cannot be more than R1,000,000. The Temporary limit will only be usable for three days before it adjusts back to the default limit. These limit restrictions are put in place to safeguard you from becoming victims of online fraud because you have a higher risk of getting large amounts of money stolen with a high ATM limit. 

For security reasons, it is recommended that you keep your bank limit on the default mode for your Internet banking and apps. This will help decrease the risk of being swindled if your smartphone or computer gets into the wrong hands.

Authentication Process

After making increasing your limits and the changes have been received by the bank, you will receive a notification requesting that you authenticate the limit increase request via the Capitec App, USSD Authentication and SMS One Time Password (OTP).

In-App Authentication

If you can access the Capitec App after checking out, you will receive an in-app notification to authenticate your request to increase your limit. You can choose to Approve, Cancel or Suspect Fraud as the case may be. Next, you will be required to input your Remote PIN to approve the limit increase. 

USSD Authentication

If you don’t have access to a Capitec App, a USSD push notification will be sent to you to help confirm the authentication of the limit increase. A USSD push notification will be sent to the mobile number connected to your Capitec account during registration to which you can respond with any of the following:

    • Reply 1 to Approve.
    • Reply 2 to Cancel.
  • Reply 99 if you suspect fraud.

You should reply with 1 to approve your limit increase. 

SMS One Time Password (OTP) Authentication

This is another option for customers who cannot authenticate the limit increase via the Capitec App. You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number linked with your Capitec bank account after checkout. Input the One Time Password (OTP) to approve the limit increase and complete the increased limit. 



A new Capitec Card is automatically activated for online shopping however, it is always set at a limit default of R0. An R0 limit card cannot be used for any online purchase hence the need to increase the limit to a preferred amount before it can be used for online purchases. You can increase the limit on your Capitec card via the Capitec App, the Internet banking system or at any Capitec Bank Branch nearest to you. 

We have adequately covered how to increase the limit on Capitec App, USSD and ATM in this piece. However, Capitec Bank warns that increasing your banking limits can expose you to a higher risk of swindling. It is not recommended that you increase limits on your banking app or Internet banking system, the ATM channel is preferable for a limit increase as far as you don’t reveal your ATM pin. Ensure that you increase the limit of your banking options responsibly and carefully.