Lebone College Of Emergency Care Pretoria – Courses, Fees, Requirements, Contacts

Lebone College of Emergency Care is located in Pretoria in South Africa. It is one of the institutions you can attend if you want to be trained in certain professions, like Critical Care Assistant. 

Actually, the institution is one of the accredited paramedic training institutions in the country by HPCSA. It is necessary to add that there are several centers that offer such training, but you must be concerned about doing your thing only at a place where the necessary authorities have authorised them for such.

Lebone College of Emergency Care is recommended because it is accredited by HPCSA. So, you can rest assured that after your training, your certificate won’t be turned away whenever you need to work where they are particular about certificates obtained from accredited institutions.

If you are interested in being trained at this institution, you are in the right place, as this article will shed light on some important information that will be helpful to you.

Lebone College Of Emergency Care Courses

Here are the courses available at the College:

  1. BAA – Basic Ambulance Assistant Course
  2. Ambulance Emergency Assistant Course
  3. Critical Care Assistant
  4. ECT
  5. Paramedic Course

Lebone College Of Emergency Care Requirements

It is not a complicated affair when it comes to getting into the system at Lebone College of Emergency Care. The requirements are simple:

  1. Matric Certificate (Grade 12)
  2. Certified copy of ID

Lebone College of Emergency Care Pretoria Contact

Here’s the physical address of the College

43 Beatrix Street

c/o Beatrix and Belvedere



You can call them via their official phone number: (012) 356 8000


To get the latest fees of the institution, the best step is to contact the management directly so you will be given an accurate information. You can get across to them via the address up there, or simply give them a call. We believe they will have workers who will be glad to help you with things like this.

Other Things To Know

Those who will have to attend an institution like Lebone College of Emergency Care are those who are going into the field of becoming paramedics. These are actually essential in emergency medical services (EMS) in South Africa (and every other place in the globe).

Hence, it is cool when folks are interested in coming into this path. Nevertheless, it is advisable that people shouldn’t simply aspire to get into this field just for the sake of seeking a job or making money. Rather, you should have a passion for helping people. Of course, irrespective of why you are interested in this, the most important thing is that, just as it is being done in other places, you must fulfill some precise requirements.

The job of a paramedic is a very crucial one that should be done with skill. Let’s say someone is not in a health facility and such found themselves in an emergency state, the effort of a paramedic is needed at such a time. Hence, you might have to find yourself in circumstances where you have to save a life. So, you must be properly trained and skilled to successfully treat such persons with the equipment on the ambulance before getting the patient to the nearest hospital.

It should be added that in South Africa, like in several other places, there are principles that govern the activities of paramedics. The Ministry of Health, Department of Kwazulu-Natal has made known the main things expected of paramedics in the country. It was stated that these professionals are meant to provide Emergency Medical Care to patients in the pre-hospital setting. 

So, before even taking the patient to the hospital, it is necessary to first reach out to such and provide the necessary help that will help them feel much better before transporting them to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. The first aid treatment can be offered anywhere – it can be at the patient’s home, workplace, or anywhere.

If you are thinking your job as a paramedic is simply to provide first aid or care, you should realize that there is more to it. For instance, you are to also be very caring and ensure you are giving confidence to the patients, as, in such tense situations, the person will likely be very nervous. 


One of the importance of getting trained as a paramedic is to realize the necessity of learning how to be vehemently calm while about your business. On the way to the hospital, when still inside the ambulance, you are to still ensure the patient is being attended to (this is very important). And you must know how to attend to any sort of reaction from the patient too, as different people will react to things differently.