Top 10 Private Investigators In Durban (2023)

If you have a good reason to secure the services of a private investigator in Durban, you should know that there are actually several options available to choose from. Some are however ahead of others, and it is necessary to always conduct your due diligence before settling for any.

Here are some of the most popular private investigators you can patronise in Durban:

Top 10 Private Investigators In Durban

1. Online Investigations Pty Ltd

This is an investigative company that deals in the business of offering investigation services. Its client base includes corporate companies, law firms, individuals, and so on. The firm utilises modern day methods to achieve its aims.

The private investigator company has investigators who are experts indeed, and they can work with their clients to get the job done. It doesn’t matter what part of South Africa you are, these guys will help you with unique online and offline investigative techniques to get to the aim.

2. CPS Investigations

Here is another company that offers the services of an undercover investigator in South Africa. It doesn’t matter why you are interested in hiring their services, you can expect a properly done job. It doesn’t matter what you want to see unravelled, CPS Investigations can help get it done.

The firm can help settled things like company policy violations, computer security, sexual harassment, embezzlement, theft of company time, internal theft, and so on.

3. Christian Botha Investigations

The founder of this firm can help handle stuff revolving around adoptions, missing persons, and so on. Having been vehemently trained in stuff that concerns private investigations, you can expect to work with an experienced private investigator in Durban.

4. JHB Private Investigators

JHB Private Investigators is also located in Durban, and they can be patronised for services revolving around surveillance, locating missing persons, workers’ compensation, background checks, employment investigations, and so on.

The company is always determined to walk the extra mile for all of its clients, and yours is to give the nature of the as well as proper details. You should also pay your fees when you ought to, and they will take it up from there.

5. Coast to Coast Private Investigator

If you need investigative services that revolves around criminal, civil, medical as well as matrimonial, you can reach out to these guys. The company promises to pay special attention to detail when dealing with their clients. In fact, when necessary, they can work hand in hand with the police too.

You can patronise them for stuff like asset searches, vehicle searches, and so on. The company has professionals that can give you nothing but the best, with detailed reports as touching all you really need. If you need more information about what they offer, you can simply send a message across to the management of the company, and they will take it up from there.

6. Magnum Investigation

This company has been around for up to 30 years, offering various types of services for anyone in need of what they offer. You can patronise Magnum Investigation in Durban for stuff like surveillance on cheating spouses, deeds search, criminal records, deugging offices and telephone information, and so on.

The firm has a team that is made up of folks that are trained in and under the police service in the country. Hence, you can be rest assured that they will serve your interests on a professional level when you patronise what they are offerings. So, if you want to unravel something within the jurisdiction of the company, they will gladly help you out.

7. Samos Investigation Services

Located in Durban, you can also patronise Samos Investigation Services if you want the services of an expert private investigator in this area. The company prides itself as a great one that can investigate any type of case with speed.

Samos Investigation Services is a professional firm of Private Investigators that can handle any type of case.

8. Fredcor Debt Collectors & Investigation

Here is another company in Durban that offers private investigations to folks around here who are interested in what they offer. You can reach out to them to negotiate settlement and or payment plan.

Fredcor Debt Collectors & Investigation can help you find debtors that absconded. The company prides itself as one that offers high quality and reliable services to clients. They take advantage of different means to get the job done. For instance, if you want to recover your money from a debtor, the company can utilise various techniques to get it back for you, as debt collection, tracing and investigations are its areas of specialisations.

9. Check Mate Private Investigators

Located in Durban Central in Durban, you can also patronise Check Mate Private Investigators when you are in need of the services of a private investigator in the country. These guys are part of the prominent ones in the industry, with a presence on the internet.

However, like every other ones, it is necessary to first take time to study the company’s operations to be sure it won’t be contrary to your personality and values. Getting reviews will definitely be very helpful.

10. Justicia Investigations (Pty) Ltd

Finally, Justicia Investigations (Pty) Ltd is one of the private investigators in Durban that offers services like Forensic Investigations (Criminal, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic) and others.

The company was founded back then in 1992, making it one of the oldest around here. Of course, this is one of the reasons we can easily recommend such firms, since they have been around for many years now and are experienced.

Justicia Investigations (Pty) Ltd has branches in not only Durban, but even in Gauteng. The company, which prides itself as one of the largest privately owned investigation agencies in the whole of South Africa (which is adequately represented on a national level), also offers Truth Verification (Polygraph) services.


In Conclusion

These are some of the top private investigators in South Africa. It is helpful however to get in touch with the management of the company you are opting for to get more information.