Louis Vuitton Belt Prices In South Africa (2023)

Louis Vuitton as a brand needs no further introduction because it is already a household name in different parts of the world. One of the best types of belts you can buy is that of Louis Vuitton, even in South Africa.

Louis Vuitton belt prices in South Africa is from R 3 500 to R 35 000 depending on the type you are getting.

Louis Vuitton Belt Prices In South Africa

You can buy your Louis Vuitton belt in South Africa for around R 3 500 to R 35 000.

How to Tell a Fake Louis Vuitton Belt Easily

We are all aware that a big brand like Louis Vuitton is usually imitated by various mischievous folks. What they usually do is to make their own products as if it was originally made by a brand like Louis Vuitton, and sell them under the name of the brand.

Therefore, there are many fake Louis Vuitton products (including their belts) out there today, and you must be careful not to buy a fake one. The most annoying thing here is that there are people who pay hugely to buy these fake products too.

Hence, these tips will help you if you want to recognize a fake Louis Vuitton belt.

1. Recognising a Fake Louis Vuitton Belt by Appearance

If you are skillful enough, you can see and recognize a fake Louis Vuitton belt merely by appearance. First of all, take note of pattern alignment. If it is the real one, the pattern on it will be even with the monogram centered from end to end.

Additionally, you should look out for brand stamp details. It has been made known that this should be centered on the back of the belt and state “(R), Louis Vuitton, Paris, made in ___”.

Pay attention to the wording, because, many times, a fake one is spelled wrong. Also, it should be noted that the words “made in” have to be all lowercase, and the country must be capitalized.

2. Recognising a Fake Louis Vuitton Belt with Google

Fortunately, if you are not sure of recognizing this through mere appearance (perhaps you are scared you will still miss it), then you can proceed with utilizing your smartphone.

To start with, take a look at the Model Number (it should be noted that this usually starts with either an “M” or “N” followed by 4-5 numbers). With a functional Internet, one can easily Google “Louis Vuitton Model Number XXXXX” to check if the appropriate item comes up.

Additionally, you can check out the Date Code. You should know that the date code of a Louis Vuitton material has the factory location where it was made. You will even see the week/year that it was made, as far as it is original. To make things easier for you, you should be made to realize that date codes vary based on when the Louis Vuitton product was produced. But when checked today, it is quite likely that yours will contain two letters followed by four numbers.

There are certain websites online to even check if the date code is valid. As soon as you have entered the code, it will tell the data related to that code. These things are helpful in knowing if it is indeed a genuine one.

Additionally, in your attempts to find out if your Louis Vuitton belt is an original one or not, particularly with the utilization of your smartphone, you can get a Comparison Photo. There are several photos online of the real deal, and you can compare them with what is in your hands (which you are going to buy). If it is a fake one you are about to buy, you can simply spot the differences and quit doing that.

Generally, you should always remember that the brand is an exotic one, and it keeps thriving on its reputation. Therefore, the company won’t simply sell just any type of product. Rather, they hold their value well, and if you found a belt claimed to be made by Louis Vuitton but is looking bad, you shouldn’t bother going for such.

To end this conversation here, we should tell you that although these tips can help you in identifying if or not a product is an original Louis Vuitton belt or just a fake one somewhere, you still need to be careful. This is because, these mischievous guys can be funny in this regard, and they can be smart in making you think the product is a real one, while it is very fake. Therefore, the very best thing that can be done is to only purchase from someone you trust or with proof of authenticity.

In South Africa, there are organizations whose business is it to sell these products, and they have a very good reputation too. You can always go directly to them whenever you are ready to purchase your Louis Vuitton belt, and simply buy it from them. These ones have a reputation they won’t want to lose, thus, they sell only great products.

In Conclusion

Louis Vuitton belt prices in South Africa is from R 3 500 to R 35 000 depending on the type you are getting. We should also put into consideration the place you will be buying the belt from. For instance, shipping fees can also affect the amount of money you have to pay for getting this.

Finally, while the average Louis Vuitton belt is expensive, you can be sure of buying a quality belt with great class too.