Bakery Oven Prices in South Africa (2023)

A bakery oven is a good investment because it signifies food-which is one of the fundamental needs of man. Bread- and other bakery products- is a staple food item all over the world; people must eat bread every day, and such the possibility of recouping the invested capital is quite high.

Because the demand for bread is so high, and because so many bakeries across the country are expanding their existing facilities, not to talk about all the young people that are establishing their own bakeries; there has been a lot of enquiries about how much a bakery oven should cost in the country at the moment.

If you want to find out about the prices of bakery ovens in South Africa, you have come to the right place. However, please keep in mind that bakery ovens come in different sizes, capacities, and structures. The manufacturer and country of fabrication can even reflect on the price. 

Bakery Oven Prices in South Africa

The following are bakery oven prices in South Africa:

Our investigations revealed that brand new bakery ovens costs between R10,108.24 – R39,313.50 in South Africa. There are different types of these ovens but the most popular in the South African market at the moment are those that use gas and electricity. 

The following prices are quotes gathered online for various ovens of different types and sizes. These prices may also include the price of delivery. 

Electric Ovens: 

1 Deck 2 Tray Electric Baking Oven costs around R 10 108.24 per unit.

1 Deck 3 Tray Electric Baking Oven costs around R 17 970.00

2 Deck 4 Tray Electric Baking Oven costs around R 23 363.86

3 Deck 6 Tray Electric Baking Oven costs around R 33 699.99

3 Deck 9 Tray Electric Baking Oven costs around R 39 313.00

Gas Ovens:

1 Deck 2 Tray Gas Baking Oven costs around R 21 340.80

2 Deck 4 Tray Gas Baking Oven costs around R 39 313.50

B 5 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 5l) costs around Zar 7 075.99

B 7 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 7l) costs around Zar 8 844.99

B 10 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 10l) costs around Zar 10 707.99

B 15 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 15l) costs around Zar 12 972.99

B 20 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 20l) costs around Zar 15 331.99

B 30 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 30l) costs around Zar 18 869.99

B 40 Cake Mixer (Bowl Volume : 40l) costs around Zar 47 175.99

Spiral Dough Mixers

Spiral Dough Mixer (Bowl Size : 20 Litre) costs around Zar 18 999.00

Spiral Dough Mixer (Bowl Size : 30 Litre) costs around Zar 30 663.99

Spiral Dough Mixer (Bowl Size : 54 Litre) costs around Zar 41 278.99

Baking Trolley For Sale: 

Bakery Tray Rack Trolley (Capacity : 15 Trays) costs around R 5 899.0

Cake Display Fridge For Sale

1.5 Metre Granite Top Cake Display Fridge On Wheels costs around R 39 999.00

Cake Mixer, Single Baking Oven, Single Proofer, Curved Glass Display For R26,999

Dough Divider – Dough Cutter – Dough Divider Machine – Dough Rounder – Dough Portioner costs around R39,999.00

Conveyor Pizza Ovens

  1. Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven (Working Space : 35cmx100cm) Costs Around R 29 999.00
  2. Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven (Working Space : 50cmx145cm) Costs Around R 38 999.00

Used Items

The following are prices we discovered for used bakery ovens in different states of repair. One may not ordinarily recommend purchases like these unless you have the expertise to make repairs yourself, because paying a technician may not be the prudent course of action in the long run.

The following are prices for used bakery ovens and other bakery equipments in South Africa. 

Ovens – Mixers – Pans- Bread Slicer- Stainless steel tables etc all Bakery equipment offered for

R 650. 

Party Equipment Donut Machines Ice Cream Machines Candyfloss Machines offered for R 1,495 

Gas Grillers 

Flat Top 550mm demo R offered for R1995. 

Flap Top 780mm Demo offered for R 2495. 

Gas Grillers Open Flame

3 Burner gas griller offered for R 2995.

4 Burner gas griller offered for R3595

6 Burner gas offered for R 4495

8 Burner gas griller offered for R 5995

10 Burner gas griller offered for R 6995

12 Burner gas griller offered for From R 7995

Gas Fryers 

Table Top Single 6L gas fryers Includes Lid and Basket offered for From R 1495.

Table Top Double 6L gas fryer x 2 Includes Lid and Basket offered for From R 1995.

Spaza Gas Fryer 2 x 14L with Stand offered for R 3995.

Gas Boiling Tables

2 Burner offered for From R 995

3 Burner offered for From R 1495

4 Burner offered for From R 1995

Cake Mixers

10ltr cake mixer offered for R5985

20ltr cake mixer offered for R7450

30ltr cake mixer offered for R9950

40ltr cake mixer offered for R13950

Waffle Making Machines

Waffle Machines offered for from R1495

Belguin Waffle Machines offered for from 1995

Waffle On A Stick offered for from R 1995

Corn Dog Makers offered for from 1495

Bubble Waffle Makers offered for from R2995

Gas Grillers Floor Models offered for from R 2995


12L mincer offered for R3499

22L mincer offered for R4995

32L mincer offered for R10500

42L mincer offered for R23500

52L mincer offered for R38500

Patty Machines

100mm patty machine offered for R2400

130mm patty machine offered for R2950

Biltong Slicer offered for R3495

1 deck 2 tray 220v offered for R6000

1 deck 3 tray – 3phase and single phase offered for R8500

2 deck 6 tray 380v offered for R16500

3 deck 9 tray 380v offered for R19500

1 deck 2 tray gas oven offered for R9500

1 deck 3 tray gas oven offered for R12000

Electric Fryers

Single pan electric fryer – 1×6l offered for R595.

Double pan electric fryer – 2×6l offered for R1295.

Double pan electric fryer – 2x11l offered for R3400.

Spaza electric fryer 2×12l offered for R4800.

Gas Fryers

Single pan fryer-1×6l offered for R1500

Double pan fryer – 2×6l offered for R2500

Double pan fryer t/model 2×12.5l offered for R4500

Spaza fryer 2×12l offered for R5995



Please take note that the prices you find may differ from what we have quoted here by different margins. Also, other factors may contribute to price differences such as the maker of the product, delivery fees, and the location where you live. Furthermore, please take extra caution when buying any used item. If possible, ensure that a trained technician inspects the baking oven before you go ahead with the purchase.