Military Lawyer Salary In South Africa (2024) Average

There are different types of lawyers in South Africa that offer different types of legal services in different settings. For instance, military lawyers are trained to handle legal matters that have to do with a service member or spouse, within military court proceedings.

The average military lawyer salary is R 574 297 per annum, although it can be much higher for those in senior ranks. These professionals are offering a very essential service that requires training and loads of effort intellectually. Therefore, they are reasonably compensated.

Military Lawyer Salary In South Africa Average

The average military lawyer salary in South Africa is R 574 297 per year, which is higher than the national benchmark. This means that the average military lawyer in the country is earning reasonably well financially.

It must be noted how that the above figure is an estimated one, and many military lawyers are earning more than that. If you are familiar with the military system, you discover that a lot of public money is usually set aside for military operations, and professionals in the system are being taken care of very well.

Your ranking in the military determines your salary. Just like it is m being done for other experts within the system, what you earn as a military lawyer is set by your rank and the number of years you have been serving in the military.

So, a fresh military lawyer can start with R 574 297, and it increases as they move up the ranks.

How Much Does A Military Lawyer Earn In South Africa Monthly

An average military lawyer monthly salary in South Africa starts from R 47 800. Military lawyers are properly paid due to the nature of their services.

It should however be noted that the above figure is simply an estimate. This means that there are several military lawyers that are earning more than R 47 800 as a monthly salary.

A new military lawyer can start with that salary, which is still better than what several others in the country are earning. This is because professionals in the military system are paid well due to the essential services they offer.

As you progress in rank (which comes as you spend more years in the military), you will start earning much more as a military lawyer. There are top-ranking military lawyers in South Africa that are earning millions, due to their status.

How to Become A Military Lawyer In South Africa

First, there are educational requirements that must be adhered to before anything else. You start your journey by completing an undergraduate degree, after which you apply for and pass the Law School Admissions Test. You have to go through law school and obtain a Juris Doctor degree in law.

Depending on your current status (particularly your education level), you can choose from Pre-law Undergraduate Programs, Online and Campus Law and Legal Studies Programs, or from ABA Accredited Law Schools – Juris Doctor (JD) Degree.

It should be noted that the South African army can pay the law school tuition for those that fit in, via the Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP). Those that are selected will attend a civilian law school (anyone they want across the country) and engage in legal studies for three years. It should be noted too that even at this stage, they are still on active duty in the military, and they still get their full income and benefits from the army.

Civilians can also join the army as a lawyer, taking advantage of JAG23. This was crafted to bring in lawyers that will be joining the army as a lawyer with ease.

Role and Skills of a Military Lawyer

Being a military lawyer doesn’t make anyone lesser than a general one. You should even be ready to do more than a civilian lawyer when necessary. A military lawyer participates in issues revolving around both civil and criminal nature.

When it comes to the military setting, we can start talking about the military court. This is what a civilian attorney cannot really handle. A military lawyer who is well familiar with all of these can easily carry out their responsibilities in such settings.

Here are some of the prominent roles of a military attorney:

1. They advise military clients that are brought in front of the courts
2. They handle the legal discipline of military personnel, which is something a civilian lawyer can’t do
3. They prepare necessary legal documents
4. They create and maintain military handbooks
5. A military lawyer prepares a client for trial in the military system
6. They advise commanders on international law, military law, and civilian law
7. A military lawyer acts as council for court-martial

Military lawyers basically are well versed in the operations of the military legal system. These experts can provide a defense or push back against the evidence brought against their client when necessary.

In the military system, when an officer goes against the laid down rules and obligations, they are brought before the military court, and not a civilian one. Whenever an officer is charged, a military lawyer can defend such.

Although several of these criminal offenses are similar to civilian courts, the military has its own structures in place, handling issues like desertion, murder in combat, as well as insubordination. These are things that civilians can’t relate to, including civilian lawyers.


In Conclusion

The average military lawyer in South Africa is R 574 297 per year, and it will keep increasing as the lawyer grows in rank. There are several military lawyers that are earning much more than this due to their years of experience and expertise.

Although the military court shares some levels of similarities with the general civilian court, there are some differences too. There is special training given to military lawyers with areas of specialization revolving around cases they participate in.