Top 10 Most Profitable Franchises In South Africa (2024)

One of the best paths to take in operating a successful and profitable business in South Africa is the franchise route. And the fact is that there are several franchising opportunities available in the country. One of the factors increasing the popularity of franchises revolves around the numerous benefits attached to it. Many times, franchises do really well, which is the goal of the investors.

The most profitable franchises in South Africa are already fully established and trusted by consumers, and these folks will willingly do business with these brands. This is one of the reasons many investors are going towards this direction, since they won’t have to struggle to build either their brand or customer base from scratch.

Top 10 Most Profitable Franchises In South Africa

Here are some of the most popular and profitable franchises you can decide to invest in if you are looking for one in South Africa:

1. KFC Franchise

A lot of people so much love KFC in South Africa, and it is one of the most accepted brands in the country, with over 950 stores in different parts of South Africa alone. This is therefore the most popular franchise in the country, and more investors are willing to come in for good reasons.

Don’t forget, KFC is not simply a South African thing alone, but it is a globally established brand known for tasty and affordable fast food to all kinds of customers.

Nevertheless, if you are considering owning a KFC Franchise in South Africa currently, you should be made aware that the company is not looking to open any new branches in the country for some reasons. The alternatives you have is to either go for a similar brand, start a new brand from the scratch, or simply pay to to purchase an existing kfc franchise (which will cost you up to R6 million).

2. Pick ‘n Pay Franchise

Here is another popular and profitable one. Already, in South Africa alone, there are over 1700 Stores operating under this brand. The go-to supermarket and clothing store interestingly has an amazing humble beginning – started out as a humble family enterprise, before becoming what it is right now.

Considering how well Pick ‘n Pay has been doing (in terms of profitability), it takes a whole lot of money to get a franchise. You will need up to R13 million to do this, and it is expected that you pay 10% of the amount upfront.

3. SPAR Franchise

The grocery store has also been doing beautifully well in South Africa and is now one with great reputation. With over 850 Stores in different parts of the country, it operates as four retail outlets, which are:

A. SPAR Supermarkets


C. SPAR Express


A lot of people in the country also embrace the brand for different reasons, making it easy to thrive if you want your business under it. Nevertheless, you will be needing an investment that revolves around R6 million- R7 million.

It should also be added that those going for smaller towns will pay less than those opening their spar in a city.

4. Nando’s Franchise

This is a proudly South African venture that is encouraging to many entrepreneurs in the country. It started out as a small coy in Johannesburg, but has been able to expand impressively to become an eatery with over 300 Stores in different parts of the country. In fact, as if this is not enough, Nando is doing fine in other parts of the world too (including Europe and North America).

So, Nando’s case has been a successful one, loved by millions of folks all around the world. To get a Nandos franchise in South Africa, you will need around R6 million.

5. McDonalds Franchise

McDonalds is one of those prominent brands in South Africa that found success here despite not starting from the country. Right now, there are more than 300 McDonald’s stores in South Africa alone. It is easy to understand why so many people loves patronising McDonald’s, as it is a globally renowned brand.

To purchase a McDonald’s franchise in South Africa as an investor, you will be needing between R4 million- R6 million. The exact amount you will be needing will be determined by factors such as the size of the restaurant, location, pre-opening expenses, and so on. You are also expected to have a minimum of 35% of the amount required.

6. Chicken Licken Franchise

This is one of the prominent options for an investor in South Africa. Already, the business has over 200 Stores in different parts of South Africa, with a reputation for selling nice fried chicken, and the fact that it is budget-friendly.

To get a Chicken Licken franchise here, you have to pay between R4.8 million – R6.8 million. Some of the things that will be considered are fixtures and fittings, the size of the store, and so on.

7. Steers Franchise

South Africans can visit any of Steers’ over 530 Stores to get sweet burgers without breaking the bank. You can attach yourself to this brand without having to start a business from the scratch. You will only need around R1.7 million.

Therefore, getting Steers Franchise in South Africa is one of the cheapest you can find anywhere in the country. You should however know that you will pay more should you decide to add a drive-thru.

8. Food Lovers Market Franchise

Here is yet another prominent one – with over 300 stores in the country, as well as an encouraging customer base. Many South Africans usually visit this business when they want to buy daily fresh produce, and it is reputable for this.

Food Lovers Market, which has been around for many years now, started humbly with just a single store. Right now however, it is a big franchise with presence in different parts of the country. In fact, if you want to invest in their franchise, you will be needing between R8 million- R12 million.

9. Sorbet Franchise

Many South Africans already know that if you want to get stuff that will enhance your beauty, the best store to go is a Sorbet store. Interestingly, there are currently over 200 stores operating with this brand in different parts of South Africa.

To invest in this franchise, you will need close to R2 million. Interestingly, this makes Sorbet Franchise one of the cheapest you can find around here. However, you must be ready to make a 50% cash deposit upfront.

10. Debonairs Franchise

Finally, you can go with Debonairs, as it is one of the most popular franchises in South Africa. Already, the pizza joint has over 470 restaurants in different parts of the country, and has been in business for many years now.

It should also be added that this business currently offers one of the cheapest franchise options in the country, since you only have to pay from around R800, 000 to come in.


In Conclusion

These are not just some of the most profitable franchises in South Africa, but are also famous due to their reputation for quality. If you are an investor, you can consider any of them.