Top 10 Cheapest Franchises In South Africa (2024)

Franchising is not a new business model in South Africa; it has given new, aspiring business people a chance to tap from the ongoing success and goodwill of existing businesses, thus earning money, while benefiting in the form of mentorship, networking, and exposure to time tested methods as well as new innovations in business.

The problem, however, has been that Franchising can be a rather expensive way to do business. Some Franchises require huge deposits, as well as capital to open and to run. However, in this article, we have a collection of the cheapest franchises in South Africa that are quite inexpensive. If you would like to have a Franchise and don’t have the huge amount of money that could be needed to run one of the bigger ones, then you would be happy to discover more about the Franchises below.

The following paragraphs contain information about the most affordable Franchises in South Africa.

Top 10 Cheapest Franchises In South Africa

1. Master Maths

Master Maths is an educational franchise that has been operating in South Africa since 1976 when they made extracurricular maths lessons for students using tapes and slides. Since then the company has been on an upward trajectory; with 112 franchises, and 140 centres. 

The company has developed a computer-based program to teach maths, and they use it to teach about 12,000 students every year. The company is quite well established; the trajectory is upward for the company, but there are still opportunities for those intending to be part of this success story.

You will be required to pay R45,000 to the company as the Franchise fee, and then the setup costs of about R200,000 and then show proof that you have a working capital of R10,000. The company charges 15% of your yearly turnover and a 2% marketing fee.

2. Dream Nails

Dream Nails is a beauty brand that has been operating in South Africa for at least 35 years. Despite the brand name, the company is involved in many different aspects of beauty, not just nails. The company does facial treatments, massage therapies, and also eyelash extensions. 

You will need to pay a franchise fee of R100,000 which makes it one of the cheapest franchises in South Africa. The company uses a standard salon structure that usually covers 55 square meters, and that would cost around R520,000 to build (including signage) but if you already have a structure then it could cost much less to set up. You will also need about R220,000 to stock up your salon with beauty supplies.

3. Bodytec

Bodytec is a cross between a technology company and an entertainment company. They describe themselves as an Electro Muscle Simulation company. That means they help people get, and stay fit, and they have unique computer programs, as well as all the gadgets to monitor muscle tone and progress. The package is so complete that you don’t even need to have any previous knowledge about fitness or bodybuilding.

You will need to pay a franchise fee of R105,000. You will also need to set up your studio to the company’s specifications, and that will cost you around R700,000. Then they charge a monthly maintenance fee of 6.2% of turnover, and a marketing fee of 2.5% of monthly turnover.

4. Drain Surgeon

Drain Surgeon is a plumbing business that has been operating in South Africa since 1979, taking care of blocked drains and geysers and things like that. This has since become one of the steadily growing franchises in the country; it has become one of the brands most identified with plumbing. The company operates a kind of shared risk model in which they want people to only focus on the practical works, while they concentrate on management and marketing.

You have to pay a franchise fee to the company: R280,000, this amount makes it still one of the cheapest franchises in South Africa. Then you have to buy or lease a relevant vehicle to enable you to work.

4. 3@1 Business Centre

3@1 Business Centre is a business that has been operating in South Africa for over 20 years. They do internet services, worldwide courier services, and printing work. This company has locations all over the country, and is doing quite well in the area of marketing. This company is quite ambitious in its expansion plans, they offer staff and management training, and will help you find a good lease. 

You may need up to R500,000 to open the store, and you need a working capital of about R120,000. The best news is that you only pay them about 3% of the monthly turnover, with a minimum payment of R2,700.

5. Globbing

Globbing is a company that makes shopping online and shipping purchases easier. The company has several franchise shops where they stock or sample international products which you can order online to be shipped directly to your location. Shopping online with Globbing is convenient as it offers a variety of goods as well as saving costs. Globbing supplies people with their purchases at a reasonable fee and at a good time. 

6. Odyssey Franchise Information

Odyssey Franchise Information is a global software developer that has been in operations since 1998. The company has since spread its wings throughout South Africa with its 10 branches and 15 agencies. Through their 20 years in operation, they have gradually established themselves as a company of the future, with so many highly skilled technology developers having passed through and being affiliated with the company.

7. Algorithmics

Algorithmics is another educational franchise opportunity that you might want to take advantage of. They have developed one of the world’s leading programs for schools targeting children aged 5 to 17 years. They have their business presence in 18 countries and in 200 cities with children enrollment standing at 150,000. 

8. The Tax Shop

The Tax Shop is a business that offers accounting, taxation, and related services to other businesses and individuals. Tax matters are very important by law, and a growing number of people prefer to leave it to professionals. The Tax Shop is the largest and fastest-growing tax professional in the country. 

9. Sanondaf

Sanondaf has made a huge impact recently; this company integrates science and engineering to shake up the disinfection market. With so many cleaning services out there, Sanondaf stands out as unique. They have developed technology that helps eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms that other companies cannot eliminate. Their services are particularly good for factories, hospitals, and such places.



Franchising is one of the best ways a new person can venture into business. With affordable franchises in South Africa Franchising, you get the chance to join hands with successful businesses, that are already well established; you benefit from their marketing, and customer goodwill, and also enjoy free mentorship as an insider seeing the tricks that have helped the business grow.