List Of Franchise Under r100 000 In South Africa (2024)

A lot of South Africans are interested in running a business in the country for whatever reason, and many are eager to embrace the franchise model due to some of its sweet benefits. However, a large chunk are discouraged because of the huge amount of money usually needed to get a franchise in the country.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that you don’t have to wait till you have millions of rand before you purchase a franchise. Actually, there are certain franchise Under r100 000 In South Africa that you can go for. The benefits are still there, particularly in the area of an established customer base as well as trainings and supports.

List Of Franchise Under r100 000 In South Africa

Here are prominent franchise opportunities in South Africa that are under R100 000 which you can consider:

1. My Tracer

You need as little as R57 000 to join this brand. It is an indigenous automotive firm that has a reputation to be a strong internet-based GPS Vehicle Tracking System. The brand has been able to gather a whole lot of attention since it started operating in the country some years back, but is still bent on expanding its operations with willing and able entrepreneurs.

So, you can purchase My Tracer franchise with less than R100 000, and will enjoy several benefits too. This franchise is available all over South Africa, plus you will get trained by the company on how to appropriately go about the business.

2. Perfect Curve Program

If you are passionate about the health and sporting sector, you can take a step to join the Perfect Curve Program without being hindered by huge requirements and fees. With around R34 900, you are good to go. Hence, the Perfect Curve Program is a franchise under r100 000 in South Africa.

The company has been around for sometime now in South Africa, and is in the business of providing a unique weight loss program with a balanced meal schedule that is hinged on an individual’s fitness level, food preferences, as well as lifestyle.

3. Adventure Boot Camp

The innovative brand has been making money by changing the way folks exercise here. Committed to expanding its influence and reach in South Africa, the brand is keen on working with befitting entrepreneurs who are ready to get its franchise – which you can get for around R25 000, making this one of the cheapest in South Africa.

Adventure Boot Camp is recommendable if you are passionate about the outdoors. The brand’s franchise is available anywhere in South Africa save Cape Town.

4. Solar Tech

Solar Tech is part of the list of franchise under r100 000 in South Africa because you will need only around R57 500 to purchase it. This is a business that revolves around the utilisation of a network of superb solar energy consultants who offers effective energy efficiency solutions. They serve clients of different classes – be it commercial or residential.

5. Supacakes Franchise

If you are searching for an affordable franchise opportunity in South Africa, particularly if you want a business that is in the business of selling cakes, then you should go for Supacakes Franchise. This can be recommended because you will only spend around R30 000 to join its network.

6. Multi Clean Services Franchise

If you want to run a business in South Africa in the cleaning industry, then you can consider buying a Multi Clean Services Franchise, so you won’t have to start from the scratch at all. This brand is on this list because you can purchase its franchise with less than R100 000.

The company is not a new one, but has been around for many years now. It was started as a domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery business, but diversified to thrive. Therefore, you can be sure of experience and brand recognition to an extent. It doesn’t matter what part of South Africa you are in, you can purchase the franchise and join in offering domestic and commercial cleaning services.

7. Rent A Maid

Interestingly, we should start by saying that this brand has grown into a household name in some parts of the country, and already have a reasonable customer base. A lot of clients patronise the business when they want to get maids, gardeners, or even cleaners for their offices.

To get its franchise, you will need around R150 000. This is on the cheap side, and it may even be increased after some time. The company will offer training and supports to help you flourish under its operations.

8. Perfect Water Agent

With just around R18 000, you become part of the Perfect Water network. Interestingly, you don’t have to be wary about what will become of a company like this in the coming years, since it is offering a very strong product – purified bottled water.

The company already has a whole lot of customers, attending to businesses, restaurants, and so on. We should also add that the company makes money from selling water purification equipment. The opportunity to become a Perfect Water Agent is opened to everyone from all parts of South Africa.

9. Kumon Education Centre

This brand has a reputation for being one of the biggest educational programs in South Africa as things stand now. There are tons of students from different parts of the country that trust its services, which will make things easier for you if you should purchase its franchise.

If you are passionate about education, you can join the brand to offering private education for subjects like mathematics and English. Kumon Education Centre franchise is on this list because you only need R60 000 to R100 000 to get in.

10. The Diet Clinic

This one is one of the lowest you will find in South Africa. It is palatable to those who are interested health and beauty, since the brand deals in several types of homeopathic products in the weight-loss market. Investors will only need a minimum investment of R20 000, and enjoy several benefits.

Here, you won’t have to bother about monthly royalty fees like some others are doing, and you can even decide to work at it either on a part-time or full-time basis. Additionally, you will be trained for free, and you can keep growing with what you do.


In Conclusion

This is a list of franchises under R100,000 in South Africa which can be recommended for investors in the country. It is obvious that you don’t have to break your bank account before purchasing a franchise.