List Of New Franchises Coming To South Africa

South Africa is ahead of many other African countries when it comes to making provisions for an enabling environment where businesses can thrive and flourish. Therefore, there are plenty businesses and franchises that have been doing well in the country, and new franchisees can jump into the ship with their resources.

If you are looking for a list of new franchises coming to South Africa, your best action will be to choose any of these young companies and franchises with affordable entry fees and requirements.

List Of New Franchises Coming To South Africa

Here are some of the youngest franchising opportunities in the country right now:

1. Minuteman Press

While this company has been around for many years now, its franchise opportunity is still young, in the sense that it is still cheap. With just around $75,000, you can work under this brand as an investor.

The company has gained expertise as far as printing, marketing and design is concerned. The brand offers high demand products and services, and as a franchisee, you will enjoy these privileges as well as supports.

Just in case you are worried about the fate of the company, you should know that Minuteman Press can boast of some 1,000 business service franchise locations in different parts of the world.

2. Ziebart

Also, while these guys have been operating in South Africa for sometime now, it has proven itself to be a formidable one that can be recommended. To buy this franchise, you will need just $150,000, but there are special offers for veterans (100% waiver of the license fee for veterans who qualify).

The brand is in the business of vehicle appearance and protection services, providing automotive enthusiast with valuable product and service offerings.

As a franchisee, you will benefit from all the tools the management will offer you to ensure your long-term success. And if you are worried about thriving with this brand, it is helpful then to add that it has a network of 400 worldwide licensed locations as well as 1300 service centers in over 30 countries.

3. Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House

While this business have been around for so many years now in Europe, its presence in this part of the world is not yet very strong. Hence, as an investor who needs something new, you can work with Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House to thrive in South Africa. The business gives a nice opportunity to flourish with a brand that can boast of a rich tradition and history.

The Cafè Barbera franchise requires a minimum cash of $100,000. You will know what it means to work with a world-renowned coffee brand that is working in over 60 countries. You will be presented with a nice setting in a clean and comfortable atmosphere, offering superb healthy food and beverages. The Cafè Barbera is a great combination of coffee house and fast casual dining.

When you join the business, you will enjoy pleasant marketing support and expertise. It should be noted that the company usually depend upon a community outreach and participation philosophy pleasing to their customers. Additionally, the management will work with you to ensure a strong grand opening event is put in place.

4. FullPivot

You can join the FullPivot train to launch your own digital agency in South Africa, even with no previous experience. As a franchisee (you need a minimum cash requirement of $22,995), you will receive adequate training from the management, and they will explain strategies that will help you thive.

This company is giving interested folks the opportunity to build a profitable business that revolves around the delivery of digital transformation services to different types of clients.

There are services that are highly needed by different types of businesses in connection to the digital revolution (such as Search engine optimization, Mobile Apps, fast websites, and so on). By operating under the brand, you can keep making money doing all of these without any technical or marketing experience.

It should also be added that the company made things very easy for anyone interested in coming in to join its brand. As a new franchisee, you can begin your digital agency with great ease, and you will quickly start an online business and brings in a significant income.

To start out, you should first download the Full Pivot business opportunity brochure, and can proceed to book an appointment to discuss with a staff. Things will fall into their proper places from there.

5. Eazi-Sites

You need a minimum cash requirement of just $7,995 to join these guys. The company is a digital and innovative one that helps people out with world class websites. Hence, franchisees can work under the brand to earn good money by delivering these websites to their own clients, even if you don’t have coding skills (in fact, these are not required).

Eazi-Sites already have a network of over 300 plus entrepreneurs, and it should keep growing when you join. It can be easy to thrive here because many businesses around here have websites that are outdated and can’t generate reasonable revenue. And since no one wants to be left behind (the fact that they are competing against bigger organizations), they can easily work with you to make things better (creating cutting-edge websites for them). The interesting thing about all of these is that you don’t have to possess technical or coding skills required.

As a franchisee, you will be able to take advantage of the Eazi-Sites brand and replicate their success. The system has been made to help you operate your new business with its comprehensive business-in-a-box solution.


In Conclusion

Many of these new franchises are yet to have an established presence in South Africa. Hence, you can take a bold step to be part of the very first set of people, and work closely with the management to ensure your success.