How To Start A Non-Profit Organization In South Africa (Types, Examples & Cost) 2023

Non-profit organization refers to a corporation that is legally registered and working for the benefit of the public without the aim of generating profit. Non-Profit Organizations are commonly known as NPOs. These organizations are often used for trusts, charity, cooperatives, advocacy, environmental and religious groups. 

NPOs are usually dedicated to furthering a social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. Non-Profit Organizations are everywhere; the usual establishment of these corporations is as a result of their high importance and the great roles they play in society. 

Moreover, to start a Non-Profit Organization, extensive planning, financing, and a group of highly dedicated individuals are required. One of the major reasons why people form non-profit organizations is to pursue their passion and create a positive impact in society. 

Positive community involvement is the common reason individuals join or create NPOs. Non-Profit Organization most times, generates their income via fundraising, sales of goods and services and donations.

Non-Profit organizations in South Africa aren’t different; they operate the same way as other ones in the world do too. South Africa is a popular and one of the most developed African countries. There is an intense need to create NPOs that are going to serve people and make their lives better. 

How To Start A Non-Profit Organization In South Africa

Creating an NPO is not a hard task at all; you just need to follow the required processes. The processes involved in creating a non-profit organization in South Africa will be provided in this section

To start an NPO in South Africa, you will need the following documents;

  • If the organization is a voluntary association, then you will need a constitution
  • You also need a trust deed if the organization is a trust
  • If the organization is registered as NPC, you would need a memorandum of incorporation

You can easily register an NPO online in South Africa. You have to complete an application form and provide two copies of your NPO founding documents. Submission of the documents can be done via e-mail or post

Types Of Non-Profit Organization In South Africa

Non-Profit Organizations are of three main types; Social Advocacy organizations, Trade Organizations, and Foundations.

  • Social Advocacy Organizations

 A social advocacy organization is a type of non-profit organization that is usually formed to promote or lobby a particular cause or political struggle. These organizations can organize fundraising and other efforts to inform the people about the cause they are promoting and encourage people to support the cause they are fighting for. Social advocacy organizations are usually funded by membership dues and donations from the members of the public. 

  • Trade Organizations

Trade Organizations are usually created with the main goal of improving the business conditions of their members. These corporations derive their funding via membership dues and donations from the public. 

  • Foundations

Foundations are most times, created by wealthy individuals or groups with the goal of funding or supporting events that are related to a social cause. A foundation is a non-profit corporation that gives grants to organizations, institutions, or individuals for charitable purposes such as culture, religion, education, and science. 

Examples Of Non-Profit Organizations In South Africa

There are over 200, 000 NPOs in South Africa. Besides, in this section, some of the non-profit organizations in the country will be listed

  • Africa Check

Africa Check was established in June 2012. The corporation’s main team is based in Johannesburg at the Journalism Department of the University of Witwatersrand. Africa Check is a non-profit organization that was created mainly to promote accuracy in public debate and the media in Africa. 

The corporation consistently maintains its dedication to holding public figures accountable for what they say and debunking dangerous false comments. Africa Check believes that fact matters a lot and the information people receive goes a long way in affecting the development of society. Misleading or false public information can wreck and damage the progress of the society

 The organization is mainly focused on eradicating false information and ensuring that people, not only in South Africa but all across Africa have access to valid and authentic information. Africa Check believes that accurate and evidence-based information will strengthen democracy, promote engaged citizenship and improve life outcomes across the continent.  Apart from South Africa, the organization also operates in Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal. 

  • Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organization facilitates intra-trade among African entrepreneurs in nineteen countries. The corporation was founded by Summy Smart Francis, a Nigerian businessman. 

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs is committed to empowering young entrepreneurs across Africa and providing them with various beneficial opportunities. The corporation works to unite entrepreneurs all across the Africa continent. The association empowers them by encouraging them to network socially, intellectually, and financially to develop a generation of great African entrepreneurs who will shape the economic condition of their home countries. 

  • African Storybook

African Storybook is an NPO that was founded in 2013. The organization has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. There is a severe lack of contextually appropriate materials for young African children learning to read in most of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1500 languages. This is a big obstacle in many African countries. Children cannot learn to read unless they have access to books in their native language in which to practice their skills and develop a love for reading. 

African Storybook initiative provides a solution by collaborating with local educators and illustrators (including children!) to create, publish, and distribute contextually appropriate storybooks that can be read online or offline, as well as downloaded and printed.

  • South African Youth Development Organization- SAYDO

SAYDO is an international South African organization dedicated to empowering South African youth for a better future. It accomplishes this by assisting and providing an effective environment in which they can develop their skills and knowledge in a variety of areas. 

These aspects include; sports, education, health, the climate, and arts.  Also, the corporation aims to ensure that youths can put their skills to good use in resolving issues that affect them physically and mentally.

What Is The Cost To Start Non-Profit Organizations In South Africa?

To start non-profit organizations in South Africa, you don’t need to pay any money. You can create NPOs easily online. Starting NPOs in South Africa is free. 


Everywhere in the world, non-profit organizations are highly advantageous to the betterment of people’s lives. In South Africa, there are lots of non-profit organizations; even to start one in the country isn’t hard at all.

Moreover, some things are needed to be known before starting a non-profit organization in South Africa. With the information provided in the article above, you would understand better the concept of NPOs in South Africa and how to create them. 

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