How To Register NGO In South Africa 2023?

NGO is an acronym for Non-governmental Organization. NGOs can be referred to as corporations or enterprises that have non-profit motives. That is, NGOs are organizations that are created mainly not to make money. 

These organizations operate without external control; they are free of governmental influence. Moreover, NGOs can receive funding or financial support from the public or government. Non-Governmental Organizations are also referred to as civil societies. 

How To Register NGO In South Africa

You need to register an NGO in South Africa because of some important reasons. First, the registration helps the organization with tax incentives. Also, it improves the corporation’s credibility and funding opportunities. 

Without proper registration of an NGO under the South African government, it cannot be possible for the non-governmental organization to open a bank account. Moreover, to register a non-profit organization in South Africa, you will need certain important documents. These documents will be provided below. 

  • If The Organization Is A Trust, Then, It Needs A Trust Deed

The founder of an NGO is expected to carry an authorization letter from your trustees for a trust.

  • If The Organization Is Registered As NPC, It Needs A Memorandum Of Incorporation

The memorandum of incorporation is vital because it serves as proof of your intention to create the corporation for a non-profit motive. In the memorandum of incorporation, information such as how the organization would be governed and owned will be provided too.

  • If The Organization Is A Voluntary Organization, It Needs A Constitution

There are pieces of important information to be included in a voluntary organization’s constitution. First, the constitution should state its main and supporting objectives. In the constitution, the criteria for making decisions and the procedures for conducting financial transactions need to be provided. 

Also, the constitution should provide details on how the meetings of the organization would be carried out. Procedure and criteria for changing the constitution, processes of dissolving the NGO, and organization structure are other important information to be included. 

How Much Does It Cost To Register NGO In South Africa? 

Registering non-governmental organizations in South Africa doesn’t cost any amount; the service is free. You don’t even need to visit a physical office; you can do everything concerning non-governmental organization registration online in South Africa. 

How Do I Start An NGO In South Africa?

Setting up an NGO is an amazing thing to do; this is because your forum will be focused on helping or enhancing a certain part of people’s lives or the country’s development. Creating an NGO is an amazing way to give back to society and contribute your quota to societal growth. 

Besides, there are some pivotal steps you should take to ensure that your NGO blossoms and serves its function to a great extent. These important steps will be provided below

  • Write Out Your Goals

This is the first and most important step you should take if you are aiming to set up an NGO in South Africa. Define your goals and state what you what the organization to be known for. Part of the things that should be included in your goals is the achievements you want to make after creating the organization, the type of services you want to render, and so on. 

Spelling out your goals will assist you a lot in reaching greatness and would make it easier for you to make the right decisions to actualize your goals for the corporation. 

  • Choose Your Directors Or Members

Choosing the people that will be part of the organization’s journey is an important step to take too. You should understand that getting an NGO to the point of success warrants you to choose the right people.

 Choosing the wrong individuals will most likely lead to the wreck of goals and the downfall of the corporation. You should carefully lookout for like-minded people that are willing and dedicated to achieving the goals of the organization. To make things easier, choose people from various career spectrums, so the contributions from them all will be different and assisting.   

  • Draft Your Memorandum

Another important step you need to take to set up an NGO is to draft out a memorandum. In the memorandum, information such as how the company will be governed and owned will be included. 

  • Register Your NGO

In the process of setting up an NGO, registering is a crucial step that you should not overlook. In South Africa, non-governmental organizations that aren’t registered under the government cannot be considered legal. Registration of an NGO isn’t a hard thing to do at all as you do it online without leaving your home. 

Can I Register NGO Online? 

Yes, NGOs can be registered via online means. To register an NGO online is easy. First, you need to ensure that the important documents needed for the registration are available. To register NGOs online in South Africa is free. 

Moreover, you will be required to provide some information such as the organization’s name, type, contact person, telephone number, postal address, and official email. After filling out the NGO registration form online, you will have to submit it via email or post them to a postal address.  

Does NGO Still Exist In South Africa?

Yes, non-governmental organizations are available in South Africa. There are many NGOs in the country and they are committed to helping those who need assistance and improvement in South Africa. 

NGOs mainly undertake activities related to serving social and political goals. These organizations are also involved in humanitarian services, political awareness programs, health services, and maintenance of the environment.

NGOs mainly receive their funding from membership dues, private donations, the sale of goods and services, and grants. Albeit, NGOs are free from governmental influence, however, a lot of NGOs rely heavily on government funding. 

South Africa is one of the most popular and affluent African countries. The country is highly active and conscious of enhancing the way of life of its citizens and assisting the improvement of its continent at large. Apart from the helpful services NGOs provide in South Africa, they also serve as a good means to create employment opportunities.

 Non-governmental organizations in South Africa employ people in the areas of social services, community development, and housing, religion, education, and health. South Africa has a lot of NGO forums. 

In 2015, the non-governmental organizations in the country were estimated to be around 200,000. Many of the NGOs in South Africa focuses on human rights, peace-building, cultural exchange, disaster relief and, social and economic development. 

Creating an NGO in South Africa isn’t difficult at all, besides there are some important and necessary procedures that are meant to be followed. Failure to adhere to or follow those simple processes would nullify the validity of the organization. 

Moreover, here, in this article, the processes that are important to creating an NGO and other useful information about these organizations in South Africa would be explained.



Non-governmental organizations have a great impact on boosting the development of South Africa. These organizations are highly important to every society. They are always working towards eradicating poverty, preventing social injustice, conservating the environment, empowering women, controlling diseases, providing humanitarian relief, providing literacy awareness, and encouraging hygiene and good sanitation conditions.

As a citizen of South Africa, if you are aiming to set up an NGO, don’t give up on your plans to do so because you are on a right and stunning path. Creating an NGO is a way to contribute positive quota and take part in the development of society. Major information that you need to know about creating an NGO in South Africa has been provided in the article above.