Gauteng City College – Courses, Bursaries, Fees & Online Application (2023)

Gauteng Central College is a private educational institute that is located in South Africa, that provides superb programmes that help learners attain great heights in their academic journey. They have a business school that offers the best marketable and practical technical education qualifications, helping fill the gap of the ever-increasing scarcity of folks in all sector of management that are equipped with the right skills in the country.

Their Computer School also helps learners to find their niche in the constantly evolving world of Computer Studies, while their Engineering School will empower you to build your future by being your own boss.

The College has no place for anything called failure, and they are usually interested in ensuring their students pick the adequate skills they will need for the future. The school offers a diverse range of accredited vocational and occupational programmes. Meaning, there is usually something for everyone.

Gauteng Central College Courses

The Institution has several programmes and qualifications that can get you equipped and empowered with relevant skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s changing work environment. So for those asking – which courses does Gauteng City College offer?

The Gauteng Central College courses include:

  1. Certificate in Tourism (Tourism )
  2. Microsoft Office(Ms Office)
  3. Certificate in Business Management (Business Management)
  4. Certificate in Public Relations (Public Relations)
  5. Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  6. Certificate in Financial Management (Financial Management)
  7. Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  8. Certificate in Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering)
  9. Certificate in Marketing Management (Marketing Management)
  10. Certificate in Public Management (Public Management)
  11. Certificate in Legal Secretary (Legal Secretary)
  12. Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
  13. Certificate in Educare (Educare)
  14. Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Services (Hospitality and Catering Services)
  15. Certificate in Management Assistant (Management Assistant)
  16. Certificate in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
  17. Certificate in Medical Secretary (Medical Secretary)
  18. Higher Certificate in Tourism Management
  19. Certificate in Boiler Making
  20. Certificate in Computer Literacy
  21. Certificate in Call Centre Operation
  22. Certificate in MS Word
  23. Certificate in MS Access
  24. Certificate in Internet and Email
  25. Certificate in installation rules
  26. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  27. Diploma in Business Management (Business Management)
  28. Diploma in Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering)
  29. Diploma in Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)
  30. Diploma in Public Relations (Public Relations)
  31. Diploma in Public Management (Public Management)
  32. Diploma in Marketing Management (Marketing Management)
  33. Diploma in Financial Management (Financial Management)
  34. Diploma in Hospitality and Catering Services (Hospitality and Catering Services)
  35. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering )
  36. Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
  37. Diploma in Management Assistant
  38. Diploma in Legal Secretary
  39. Diploma in Boiler Making

Gauteng City College Faculties

The Institution has three Faculties and Schools, which are:

  1. Business School.
  2. Computer School.
  3. Engineering School.

Additionally, they have a high school where young students are trained in preparation for tertiary education. Their place is out to ensure a very effective way of obtaining High School qualification. They offer subjects like Mathematics, Natural Science, Economic and Management Science, Social Science, Life Orientation, Creative Art, English HI, Technology, and African languages like IsiZulu, Sepedi, Setswana, etc).

You can confidently enrol in the Institution and engage in any of their courses since all their programmes are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and are fully accredited by UMALUSI and QCTO or by the relevant SETAs. It was made known on their official website that all National Certificate (Vocational) [NC(V)] Programmes are quality assured by UMALUSI.

Gauteng Central College Online Application

For those asking how do I apply online for Gauteng City College?

To enroll to become a student of the College, you must first register and apply online. The Institution made it as simple as possible. Everything will be done on their official website. Simply visit this link to get started

All you have to do is fill the online form and submit your details. The College will follow up from there.

Gauteng Central College Fees

There is very little or no information about the fees on their official website, probably because of the lack of uniformity. Each course is different and will take different efforts to be carried out. Hence, the best way to go is to contact the management of the College and inquiry about how much you will pay to study your own particular course. With that, you will get valid and confirmed information straightaway. We have given their contact information below.

Gauteng Central College Contact Details

You can utilize any of these channels to reach out to the Institution and make known anything you want to know about admission into GAUTENG Central College. You can visit their office or decide to give them a call, or even shoot them a mail.

Physical Address: 

Between Du Toit & Prinsloo Street Pretjolum Building, 391 Pretorius St, 

Pretoria CBD, 

Pretoria, 0001, South Africa 

Phone: 012 320 3691 

Email Address: [email protected] 


Is Gauteng City College private or government?

Gauteng Central College is a private educational institute located in Gauteng

Is Gauteng City College Nsfas accredited? and Which colleges offer Nsfas in Gauteng?

Gauteng City College is fully NSFAS accredited and the school has quality courses.