PGCE Requirements At UNISA

UNISA’s main mission is to keep promoting the principles of lifelong learning, student-centeredness, innovation, and creativity. If you are planning to study PGCE programs at UNISA, you aren’t making a bad choice at all. The school is great and perfect for you. 

PGCE means Post Graduate Certification In Education. The course is mainly taken to train students on how to become professionals in the field of teaching. PGCE is mainly, a teaching program. PGCE isn’t just a South African thing; it is a course that is taken all over the world. 

There are many benefits students gain from registering for PGCE programs. First, the course makes students well-qualified as tutors and gives them a better chance to network, travel around the world based on their work qualifications.

PGCE is a program that introduces students to the theories behind teaching. As a student of the PGCE department, you will get to know about the main rudiments of teaching and the strategies to offer professional educational services. 

The University of South Africa popularly known as UNISA is an institution where you can study and earn a PGCE degree. UNISA is one of the most respected and reputable South African universities. The institution is mainly venerated because of its world-class facilities, strong history, good curriculum, and experienced tutors. 

PGCE Requirements At UNISA

  • Minimum APS Score: 42
  • A Senior Certificate with exemption, as well as an appropriate accredited Bachelor’s degree (360 or 480 credits) 


  • National Diploma (360 or 480 credits) with English completed up to the third year 


  • Applied Language in English completed up to third-year level with English 1. Linguistics or African Literature or an African language or Afrikaans also must have been completed up to second-year level.
  • In addition to the above requirements, you also must have completed Computer Literacy skills up to the first level.

Major Tips That Would Help You As A PGCE Student

PGCE courses in UNISA are not difficult; you just need to be smart with it. As a PGCE student aiming to finish in flying colors, there are some tips that you should know about. Understanding these tips will make the program appear more straightforward. The tips that will help you as a PGCE student will be explained in this section

  • Prepare

Before applying to a PGCE school, you should fully prepare your mind. You should know what you are going for, what you want to achieve, and how well you wish to perform. This is a great way to make things simple for you when you get to school. 

You don’t need to get afraid or shocked when you see the new courses or topics to be examined. Before you get into school, you should try your best to make researches on what topics are related to your chosen program. Preparation is a tip that will help you perform greatly at PGCE School. 

  • Read Smart

In PGCE school, you will be taught many topics. Moreover, it is better to understand the importance of reading smart. You should always ensure that you go through the most important aspects of your courses. Wasting time on areas that aren’t relevant will further slow you down and might affect your results at the end of the day. 

Also, you should endeavor to start reading earlier. Don’t wait till the notes pile up or when the examination starts to approach before you commence reading- it’s dangerous. If you fall behind the class, it might be an extremely difficult task to catch up with the pace again. Read every new topic you are taught and if you can go ahead of the class, it’s even better that way. 

  • Ask For Help

A major mistake most PGCE students make during their program is being reserved when they should have spoken up. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing at all, it helps a lot. You should cultivate the habit of asking your teachers what you don’t understand if you want to excel greatly in the course you are studying. Comprehending all that you are taught should be the main goal for you as a good PGCE student. 

  • Make Time For Yourself

This is another essential tip that you need to understand if you are aiming to graduate with an excellent grade. You should always try to make time for yourself. Over-concentration and studying can’t give you what you want; you should discern your human nature. 

Take time to enjoy, walk around and take part in sports and fun activities once in a while. Doing this will decrease the pressure loaded in your brain and will even, further boost your participation and enhance your results in the PGCE program.   

  • Enjoy The Journey

It is what you do, what you chose and the field you want to work in; you should enjoy it. Don’t overstress yourself to the extent that you would find the activities intensely difficult. Feel free, talk to people and learn to love the course you are studying. 

You should also make researches about graduates that have performed brilliantly in the course, discover their tactics and apply them to your student life too. If you are learning PGCE without the love for the course, you will end up being a bad graduate and might not derive the full benefits as a teacher.  


PGCE is one of the courses that is highly chosen not just in South Africa but all around the world. Where don’t they need teachers? They are needed everywhere which is one of the reasons why interested students want to know PGCE requirements at UNISA. The importance of PGCE graduates is huge and cannot be undervalued. Choosing to study PGCE is a great and sound decision. 

In South Africa, one of the best universities where you can obtain a PGCE certificate is UNISA. The University of South Africa is globally known for its profound educational heritage. So if you choose to study PGCE at UNISA, you have made the right decision. Moreover, in this article, the necessary information related to studying PGCE at the University of South Africa has been provided. 

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