List Of Private Ambulance Services In South Africa – Ambulance services are an advancement in modern healthcare delivery. During accidents or times of sudden, critical conditions, there have been far too many casualties because the victims or patients did not receive the necessary medical attention on time. This is why ambulances are important because they can speedily arrive at the scene of the accident, injury, or take the sick person to a hospital in haste. However, for many people, the normal, public ambulance services are not sufficient.

List Of Private Ambulance Services In South Africa
List Of Private Ambulance Services In South Africa

Private ambulance services provide exclusive services to their clients. They guarantee a more timely response in the event of emergencies- this is because since the service is not open to the general public, there are more ambulances readily available to the few clients they serve. Some ambulance services ride with medics that are qualified to give an extensive diagnosis, and emergency treatments, while still en route to the hospital. Some private ambulance services are even part of or are contracted as part of a Health Management Organization. (HMO)

In this article, we want to narrow our search to South Africa, and so highlight the Private Ambulance Services that are available in South Africa. We provide an abridged list in the paragraphs below:

List Of Private Ambulance Services In South Africa

  • Axis Medical
    • Description: Axis Medical offers ambulance services to the Kwa Zulu Natal community. Has been in operation since 2013.
    • Company Address: Pinetown, Pinetown, Kwa Zulu Natal
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 76 407 8362
    • Official Website:
  • Atlantic Medical Response
    • Company Address: 19 Salamander St, Country Club, Langebaan, 7357, South Africa
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 22 772 2377
    • Official Website:
  • Red Alert Ambulance Service
    • 19 main rd, Abbotsford, East London, Eastern Cape
    • Red Alert EMS is a private ambulance service in East London, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 43 703 4777
    • Official Website:
  • Resqcare EMS
    • Resqcare EMS, based in Johannesburg, is a Private Ambulance Service that services Johannesburg,  Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban, and surrounding areas.
    • Company Address: Chelverton Avenue, Mondeor, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 84 508 9111
    • Official Website:
  • Destination Medicine (Pty) Ltd – Medical Rescue Services
    • Description: Emergency Ambulance, Medical Rescue & Event Medical Services –
    • Company Address: 42 Abercorn Ave , Craighall, Gauteng
    • Official Website:
  • Alert SA Ambulance services
    • Company Description: Alert SA Ambulance services are based in Johannesburg. they offer Emergency Medical Attention.
    • Company Address: 159 Hamilton Street, Brakpan, Gauteng, Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa.
    • Official Website:
  • Relay EMS
    • RELAY Emergency Medical Services (EMS) offers ambulance services in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan (Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage) and surrounding areas.
    • Company Address: 337th Ave, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
    • Official Website:
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 86 106 1061
    • Luxury EMS (PTY) LTD is a private ambulance service that services the Kwa Zulu Natal area.
    • Company Address: Masukwana street, Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal
    • Eagle Trauma Rescue was Established in 2002 and is based in Rustenburg. It services Rustenberg and surrounding areas.
    • Company Address: 175 Pres Mbeki Drive, Rustenburg, Rustenburg, North West, 0300, South Africa.
    • Official Website:
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 86 178 9911
  • B L S Medical
    • BLS Medical – Offers First Aid Training and Medical Equipment.
    • Company Address: Newton Park, – Port Elizabeth – EASTERN CAPE, South Africa.
    • Official Website:
  • Emergency Medical Operations
    • Company Address: Gants Cntr, 30 Gerber Blvrd, Strand
    • Official Website:
  • Advanced Paramedic Assist
    • Company Address: 19 Gompou St, East Lynne, Pretoria, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 860 112 911
    • Official Website:
  • Cape Medical Response
    • Cape Medical Response is an ambulance service based in Fish Hoek, and servicing the Cape Town area.
    • Company Address: CMR House, 106 Kommetjie Rd, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 21 782 0606
    • Company Website:
  • Kwazulu Private Ambulance Service
    • Description: Private ambulance service in Kwazulu Natal,  established in September 1998.
    • Company Address: Maxicall, Durban, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 860 247 911
  • Protoscape
    • Company Address: 41 Burger St, Polokwane Central, Polokwane, 0700, South Africa
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 15 291 3778
  • Sozo Medical Rescue & Training
    • Company Address: Avalon Place Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex 9 Market Street, Bergsig, Montagu, 6720, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 23 614 2628
    • Official Website:
  • Dynamic Emergency Medical Services Cc
    • Company Address: 121 Western Ave, Vincent, East London, 5247, South Africa
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 43 726 2225
  • Ambulance De Vries Academy (Pty) Ltd
    • Company Description: Operations around the Pretoria area.
    • Company Address: 698 Bodel St, Deerness, Pretoria, South Africa.
    • Contact Phone Number: +27 879411

Conclusion On List Of Private Ambulance Services In South Africa:

The private ambulance service industry in South Africa is still developing but has already brought a huge relief to the overworked emergency services in the country. Before enlisting with any of the companies listed above a person has to ensure that they meet his individual needs, including budget.

The Private Ambulance Service is not a random and unregulated industry. The Operators in this field have come together to ensure that their industry continues to grow and shine as a beacon of quality.

The South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association, is the coming together of operators of Private Ambulance Services in South Africa. It is duly registered as a non-profit, member organization and as its mission, it seeks to constantly improve the standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care in South Africa. This will ensure that clients and patrons receive the best possible emergency care available. They do this by sharing knowledge and resources among members so as to achieve upliftment in the industry as a whole.

SAPAESA believes in fair and equal access to the private ambulance market, regardless of economic or social class. and they have stated that providers who service the market must continue to maintain a high standard regardless of the economics or social classification of patrons.

SAPAESA has repeatedly reassured and encouraged all medical aid schemes, insurers, and funders in the private medical care industry in South Africa to reach out to its wide network of designated service providers So as an order to improve access to private emergency services, cement its place in the corporate scheme of things in the medical scene in South Africa. This will further boost the emergency healthcare standards in South Africa and be of immense benefit to clients. Standards will rise with more competition among operators, and development will come into the private ambulance industry, thus encouraging equitable access, without favor or prejudice to any section of the populace.


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