Top 10 Private Investigators In Cape Town (2022)

There are several private investigators in Cape Town that are experts in what they do. Interestingly, some of them can serve your bidding irrespective of what part of South Africa you are.

Top 10 Private Investigators In Cape Town

Here are some of the most prominent private investigators you can find in Cape Town:

1. TCF Forensics

Let’s start with TCF Forensics. Located in Cape Town, these guys can help you sort out stuff like Cellular Phone Debugging, Cellular Phone Analysis, Cyber Investigations, CFE service, and so on. If you are looking for a professional company that can help you out with Digital Forensics services, you can patronise TCF forensics.

2. TraceSA

TraceSA can be patronised for services that can be handled by a private investigator. Here is a company that prides itself as one that offers great success rates. Hence, TraceSA is confident that they can help out even when others fails.

If you want to locate someone as quick as possible without spending too much, then you can patronise this firm. The company offers services that revolves around tracing of contact details, present whereabouts, and so on.

TraceSA is confident of conducting its affairs in a highly professional manner, paying attention to ethics and professionalism in high regard. One of its peculiarities is attached to its cost effectiveness. You won’t have to go through a whole lot just to bring the company to fulfilling its obligations as expected.

TraceSA has the tools and equipments to help locates individuals without delay, posessing strategic alliances in different organizations and sectors.

3. Special Investigating Unit

Located in Cape Town in the Western Cape (in Pinelands), Special Investigating Unit is another organisation in this league. It works with other State institutions to tackle corruption, malpractice and other vices like these ones, employing forensic, civil proceedings, referrals for criminal prosecution as well as referrals for disciplinary action.

4. Truth B Told

You can also check out this company, with expertise in stuff like Lie Detection and Truth Verification. If you are faced with issues that are revolving around Theft and Fraud; Corporate Investigations; Pre-Employment screening; Fidelity Issues; etc you can go with these guys.

Truth B Told also prides itself to be an Internationally accredited examiner in South Africa, whose services are offered in an affordable manner.

5. True Lies Polygraph

These guys are also good in their job, and you can patronise their services if you are around Cape Town. The Private Detective firm can help with stuff revolving around investigative works, crime scene as well as polygraph.

6. Pi Services Private Detective Agency

This is one of the very best you will find in Cape Town, since it is pretty organised and has several impressed clients. Located in Keurboom Ave, Cape Town, this well-established licensed Private Detective Agency consists of well trained professionals who have what it takes to attend to various types of Private Investigations and Detective Services.

Pi Services Private Detective Agency can help you out with stuff revolving around Fraud, Extortion, Intimidation, Theft and Matrimonial. Interestingly, the company attends to various types of clients – business owners, corporate entities, Insurance firms, Attorneys, as well as private folks.

It should be noted that the company is committed to truthfulness and accuracy, and each client is giving great priority. Hence, you can be rest assured that you will be attended to with professionalism.

7. iCatch

iCatch is a company that is based in Cape Town, working as private investigators with expertise in areas like catching spouses with infidelity, as well as general surveillance. If you are in need of private investigation services that will be offered on a professional basis, you can reach out to iCatch.

It should be added that this company operates across the country, even despite being based in Cape Town. They have the knowledge and skills that can help you unravel certain things that can be helpful to you.

Before getting the ball rolling, you can take out time to first contact the management of the company, as well as listen to reviews from past users. You can then engage an initial consultation without being forced to be committed.

8. Fuse Security

Fuse Security is another prominent private investigator in Cape Town. The company has professionals that can help with stuff like address report, anti-stalking, background investigations, comprehensive background report, eavesdropping detection, forensics, infidelity investigations, insurance investigations, person location services, phone number search, social media & internet investigations, surveillance services, Anti Bribery / Anti Corruption Programme, Big Data Analysis, Big Data Analytics, cheating spouse, Court Proceedings, Criminal Record Checks, Due Diligence, Financial Investigation, Guarding Service, Infrastructure Protection, Private Investigator job in Cape Town, Private Security as well as Security Consultant.

9. Effective PI

Effective PI is another private investigator in Cape Town, filled with highly trained and experienced professionals who can work with clients to give some answers to some things they want to see unravelled. Effective PI is determined to deal with their clients while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

The company can help out with things like Background investigations, Comprehensive background report, Infidelity investigations, Insurance investigations, Child Custody, Corporate Investigations, Court Cases, Credit Checks, Criminal Charges, Criminal Defense, Cyber Security, Cybersecurity Solutions, Domestic Investigations, Employment Screenings, Fraud Investigation, Gps Tracking, Lawsuit Support,.Lie Detection, Marital Investigations, Missing Persons, Polygraph Testing, Private Detective Services, Private Security, Risk Management, Track And Trace, as well as Undercover Operation.

10. Royal Investigations PTY (LTD)

Royal Investigations is located in Dorp St, Stellenbosch, in Cape Town. The company is a specialist Private Investigation and Surveillance agency that can work with clients all over the country.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top private investigators in Cape Town. However, before approaching any of them, it is helpful to take time to know what others are saying about them via reviews from folks who have used their services before.

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