Top 10 Private Investigator In Sandton (2022)

If you are looking for a private investigator in Sandton, it is interesting to note that there are several professional companies here that offers this services. In fact, a handful of them can attend to clients from different parts of the country, since they are already experienced in their field.

Top 10 Private Investigator In Sandton

Here are some prominent private investigators in and around Sandton:

1. SSI Consultants

Located in Morningside in Sandton, SSI Consultants offers services like Background investigations, Infidelity investigations, Insurance investigations, Person location services, Surveillance services, Cheating Spouse, Civil Matters, Crime Investigations, Criminal Activities, Debt Recovery, Fraud Investigations, Industrial Espionage, Lie Detector, Missing Persons, Pre Employment Checks, Private Investigation, and even Romance Scam.

2. JJ Private Investigators

If you need a professional company that can work for you as a private investigator in Sandton, you can work with JJ Private Investigators.

The company is filled with trained folks that can help you out with things like Background investigations, Forensics, Infidelity investigations, Insurance investigations, Surveillance services, Asset Investigations, Asset Searches, Business Searches, Cell Phone Tracing, Child Custody, Civil Lawsuits, Civil Matters, Corporate Investigations, Corporate Litigation, Corporate Security, Credit Reports, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Law, Criminal Record Verifications, Debt Collections, Disciplinary Hearings, Divorce Records, Due Diligence, Employment Verification, Fraud Investigations, Gps Tracking, Handwriting Analysis, Litigation Support, Missing Persons, Personal Investigations, Private Investigations Private Security, Product Liability, Risk Management, Security Guards, Specialized Services, Tracing Agents, Vehicle Recovery, as well as Vehicle Tracking.

3. Tld Private Investigator

This company is in Johannesburg, but can still help you out if you are in need of the services of a private investigator in Sandton. There are several reasons you can give this firm great priority, as it has been around for many years now.

The company takes pride in being one that can exceed the expectations of their clients, since it brings remarkable results.

TLD Private Investigator offers services like address report, Anti-stalking, background investigations, comprehensive background report, deceased search, eavesdropping detection, forensics, infidelity investigations, insurance investigations, person location services, phone number search, process serving, social media & internet investigations, surveillance services, Asset Search, cellphone investigations, Cheater Spouse, Child Custody, Child Support, Civil Lawsuit, Corporate Investigations, Criminal Defense, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Records, Cyber Security, Data Analysis, Data Recovery, Delivery Services, Divorce Cases, Domestic Investigations, Due Diligence, Electronic & Physical Surveillance, Employee Theft, Environmental Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Fraud Investigations, Identity Theft investigations, Private Investigation Services, Spy device, Tracing, Undercover Investigation, and so on.

4. Cyber Investigation Agency

Cyber Investigation Agency is located in Sandown in Sandton, and you can patronise these guys since they are good with their jobs. You will however do well if you first contact the management of the company to know how they can help you out with what you need, before taking any further action.

5. Snoopers Investigations

Snoopers Investigations is another company that is located in Sandton. Located in Fredman Dr, Sandown, they offer services that revolves around private investigations. However, it is helpful and important that you try to check out reviews from past users of its services before going ahead.

6. PG Investigators

Also situated in Sandton, you can contact these guys for services like mobile device forensics which has to do with extracting digital evidence from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions.

PG Investigators have trained experts who can conduct electronic data gathering for legal evidence purposes. The company has the necessary tools to carry out its operations, and you can give the firm a try too. They can even help you retrieve Call logs, text messages, whatsapp records, crack passwords, and so on.

7. Silent Investigators

Also, you can decide to work with this small firm in Sandton if you are in need of private investigative service here. Of course, who don’t have to be in Sandton before you patronise the services, as the staff attends to cases all around the country.

Silent Investigators can take care of things like identification and verification of witness, monitoring individual activities, domestic / matrimonial investigations, tracing verification of back ground substance abuse suspicions, investigations in to individual activities, and so on.

Silent Investigators can boast of offering professional and reliable services. If you want honest and trustworthy services, you may give their services a try.

8. Sin Corps (PTY) (LTD)

This company is made up of professional folks who can serve your needs in this regard too. The company claims to have experts who discreetly place people, premises etc under surveillance. You can patronise the firm to track suspects and other similar things.

9. Norpam Investigations & Security

The company operates in several parts of the country, providing specialized services in stuff like investigation services. The firm prides itself to be one of best private owned companies you can find in the country that is operating in this industry.

Either you want guarding services or even debt collection services, Norpam Investigations & Security can help out. The company offers services which are carefully created to meet the requirements of their clients.

So, if you need a firm in this industry that operates 24/7, you can settle for this.

10. ADI Consultants

This firm has been around since as far back as 1991. They boast of having well trained and experienced staff members who will work with you on things like investigations (civil, corporate, criminal, financial); confidential investigations; surveillance/counter surveillance; covert recording; hidden cameras; wireless video; vehicle tracking and devices; Spyware; Data recovery; Computer forensics; Digital forensic science; Crime prevention; missing persons; and so on.

You can seek to find reviews of previous users who have firsthand experiences.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top private investigators in and around Sandton. It is also necessary to advise that before you take any serious step, should first conduct your due diligence.

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