Second Hand Clothing Cape Town – Top 10 Place/stores To Get Them

There is always something for everyone as far as fashion is concerned. While some people are always bent over brand new clothes, some folks are more interested in second-hand clothing. If you are a fan of this sort, you should realize that there are many places in Cape Town where one can get ‘gently used’ second-hand clothing.

In this article, I explore ten places/stores anyone can get vintage second-hand clothing Cape Town. You can usually get something unique in these stores. Let’s explore.

Second-Hand Clothing Stores In Cape Town

1. Anything Goes Clothing and Furniture, Hout Bay

This store has been around for many years now – over 29 years. They deal with superb second-hand stuff, and you will always see plenty of clothes that will arouse your interest. It is a destination for many people and is usually filled with customers. Indeed, Anything Goes offers great value for money.  The store has an office phone number that can be utilized to reach out to them. If you want to, you can call them through this telephone number – +27641289186.

Address: 45 Victoria Avenue, Hout Bay Cape Town, Western Cape, 7806, South Africa


2. Chic Mamas Do Care, Bergvliet

Another destination where you can get barely-worn clothes of good quality. If you are interested in getting affordable designer clothes, you can visit Chic Mamas. Well, it is interesting to note that this is a non-profit spot, where a reasonable portion of the sale goes to charity. 

Chic Mamas Do Care looks like a boutique and is reasonably managed. You can always get reasonable items there.

Location: Corner of Dreyersdal Road and Children’s Way, Bergvliet


3. Deja-Vu, Kenilworth

Another recommended place you can get affordable second-hand clothes in Cape Town is Deja-Vu. It can be referred to as an old-fashioned boutique, where folks can buy classic, good-quality designer clothing. They don’t just sell clothes – you can also buy shoes and bags. At the store, you will see skirts, blouses, jeans, and even jerseys there – grouped in their classes. You will even see cardigans to buy at the store. You will see clean clothes and can select what you want.

Location: 278 Main Road, Kenilworth


4. Help the Rural Child, Mowbray

Here is another place you can get nice second-hand clothes Cape Town. It is a very nice vintage building where folks from different places gather to get clothes. Of course, they don’t sell clothes only – you can also buy books at the store. Nevertheless, as expected, the clothes swiftly move off the shelves. Hence you should be quick to get your stuff.

Help the Rural Child sells affordable clothes (this doesn’t mean there are no exceptions). Hence, you will always get something to grab.

Location: corner of Main Road and Victoria Road, Mowbray


5. Lakeside Clothing

Here is another one that can be recommended to folks around Cape Town in need of nice and affordable second-hand clothes. While it is a small second-hand store located where it is, you should know that inside of this tiny shop are superb affordable clothes with good quality. It should be noted that as a shopper here, one has to be set to jostle for space (as stated earlier, this shop isn’t quite large). You will get stuff like caps, hats, bags, umbrellas, and so on.

Location: 105 Main Road, Muizenberg


6. Second-hand Rose, Claremont

Second-hand Rose is a spacious store, unlike Lakeside. But then, this isn’t a thing of competition for space, but we are concerned about where to get cheap second-hand clothes around Cape Town. You can always get something classic at this shop – ranging from shoes, hats, and even scarves. You can get pegs where you can hang your stuff. It’s a large place that has something for everyone. If you care to discuss anything with them on phone, you can do so via this phone number – +27216744270.

Location: 8, Grove on the Square Warwick Street, Claremont Cape Town, Western Cape, 7708, South Africa

7. Glitterati

Glitterati is a place you can get nice womenswear and men’s fashions from the 50s to the 80s.  At Glitterati, you can also get gloves, shoes, suitcases, hats and other things. If you have anything you will like to discuss with an attendant of the store, you can give them a call via their official phone number – +27828195247.

Location: 127 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre Cape Town, Western Cape, 8000, South Africa


8. Kalk Bay Vintage

Kalk Bay is a beautiful place you should be for a number of reasons. It will take you just minutes to get there from the center of Cape Town. But of course, we are not just interested in describing the beauty of the town, nor explore the several things that could be done there. Rather, for the purpose of this article, we are interested in getting nice “newly-worn” clothes. And we have to point to the beautiful Kalk Bay Vintage. 

Here, you will always be surprised at the sort of clothes you will see and get. Don’t be surprised then that you will find yourself spending a lot of time at the store. If you will like calling their office phone line, you can do so via +27217886348.

Location: 67 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


9. Milnerton Flea Market

Here is another place that can be recommended if you want something vintage around Cape Town. Asides the amazing items you can buy here (you have a wide range of options), the experience is also superb. Milnerton Flea Market is an outdoor market, which makes it more exciting. You will come across several stalls selling products that will catch your attention and admiration.

Location: 126 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland Cape Town, Western Cape, 7405, South Africa


10. Never New

Finally, let’s introduce you to a young store around town – Never New. You can get secondhand clothing for males and females here.

Location: 15b Lower Main Road. Observatory. Cape Town


In conclusion, if you are a lover of secondhand clothes, these stores and places have a lot for you to choose from.

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