56 List Of Radio Stations In Gauteng And Their Frequencies

A radio station is a broadcasting firm that offers information dissemination services. South Africa is a renowned and affluent African country that has a lot of radio stations and also, a lot of listeners. However, in this article, the list of all radio stations in Gauteng Province, South Africa, will be provided. Check below to view the list!

List Of Radio Stations In Gauteng And Their Frequencies

  • Stereo / VCR FM 6
  • Chai FM 101.9
  • ArrowLine Chinese Radio Station
  • Cosmo FM 90.5
  • East Rand Stereo 93.9 FM
  • Radio Veritas
  • Rainbow FM 90.7
  • River FM
  • Hot FM 91.9
  • Soshanguve Community Radio
  • Thetha FM 100.6
  • Tuks FM 107.2
  • TUT FM 96.2
  • UJFM 95.4
  • Voice of Tembisa FM
  • Voice of Wits (VOW FM) 90.5
  • SiriusFM 105.7 – in the Springs area
  • VUT FM 96.9
  • Thetha FM 100.6
  • SM online radio station-vosloorus
  • To be confirmed
  • Moretele Community Radio
  • Radio TNG
  • Kulani Mabobo FM
  • mahlaba fm 99.0
  • Sloot fm 88.8
  • 6thethafm
  • Yfm 99.2
  • Thetha FM 100.6
  • Eldos FM Community Radio
  • GROOTfm 90.5
  • Heidelberg Community Radio
  • Hellenic Radio
  • Hope FM
  • IFM 102.2
  • Impact Radio 103 FM
  • Jozi FM
  • Eastwave Radio 92.2 FM
  • eK FM 103.6
  • Kasie FM 97.1
  • Kofifi FM 97.2
  • Lenz FM 93.6
  • [LM Radio 702kHz AM]
  • Mams FM
  • Midcities 107.4 FM
  • Mix 93.8 FM
  • RadioActive Rock[12]
  • Radio 1584
  • Radio Islam MW 1548
  • Radio Medunsa
  • Pretoria FM
  • Radio Today

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Major Reasons Why Radio Is A Popular Means Of Communication In South Africa

Radio is of great value not only to the African continent but also to the whole world in general. Moreover, in this section, the reasons why radio is so common among South Africans will be discussed below.  Read further to know more.

  • Radio Reaches A Large Number Of People

Radio remains the most used mass communication gadget in South Africa. This is because the medium can easily convey information to a multitude number of people at a time. Radio is a democratic means of communication. It reaches the poor, rich, young, old, educated, and illiterates. When compared to other means of communication such as newspapers, television, and the internet, radio stations have a larger audience.

  • You Do Not Need Data Or Airtime To Listen To Radio Stations.

This is another important reason why radio is a prominent communication gadget in South Africa. You don’t have to spend much before having access to reliable information. Unlike Cell phones or television in which you will need to subscribe to a package before gaining access to information, the radio is always free.

  • Radio Is Portable

This is another main reason why people intensely love utilizing the radio to get information. Radio is portable and can be listened to anywhere at any time. You don’t need to get it plugged into an electric socket before functioning.

  • It Is Easier And More Affordable To Create Radio Station Shows

Radio Stations shows are quite affordable and easier to present than TVs and other visual content. Through radio stations, South Africans can easily send messages and information at an affordable price to other members of the country.



Radio Stations in Gauteng are of significant value because they can spread information quickly and reach the local audience as well. The list of all radio stations in Gauteng Province, South Africa, has been provided above. Go through the list compiled to discover great entertainment, news, sports stations, and much more!

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