Traveling To Dubai From South Africa (2023)

Dubai is the most prominent and biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, and it is considered a tourist destination. Culture, tourism, and business blend perfectly in Dubai, evident with many shopping malls, hotels, museums and parks, and deserts that serve as tourist attractions.

If you are considering moving or intended to travel to Dubai from South Africa, there are many things that you need to know that will inform your plannings and expectations. I am here to navigate you through all you need to know and even more.

Types Of Visa For Moving To Dubai From South Africa

If you are considering moving permanently to Dubai from South Africa, you will require a visa that will enable you to reside and function in the United Arab Emirates for a longer duration.

The UAE government grants various housing visas that extend over a relatively long time:

1. Family/Dependent Visa: This visa category is granted to an intimate family member of a UAE national. The UAE national is the patron of the visa.

2. Investors Visa: The UAE government grants foreign business investors with significant investment in Dubai an investor visa. Investors with enormous financial investments in Dubai could get a ten-year residence visa. The business investment is the patron for this type of visa.

3. Student Visa: International students in a UAE tertiary institution are granted student visas by the government. Students with exceptional performance can sign up for a five-year residence visa after their studies. International students are also allowed to invite their family members to Dubai. The student’s school is the patron of a student visa.

4. Work Visa: This type of visa is granted to employees functioning with a business in Dubai. The employer stands in as the patron of this type of visa.

5. Retirement Visa: Affluent elderly foreigners who want to retire in the UAE are granted this type of Visa. Elderly foreigners do not require a sponsor to retire in Dubai.

Documents Required To Work In Dubai From South Africa 

Essential documents that should be provided with your enrollment form includes:

1. colored sample of your valid passport

2. Two colored passport pictures with white background.

3. If a friend or family is sponsoring your visa, provide a sample of their passport, sponsor covering letter, and proof of relationship.

4. Provide evidence of your hotel accommodation if no one is hosting you.

5. Provide a copy of your bank statement, showing that you have adequate finance to care for your needs on the trip.

6. Your proposed travel route must be provided along with other documents.

7. Medical reports from approved hospitals.

Costs Of Migration To Dubai From South Africa 

The cost of migration is dependent on the type of visa that you choose to purchase. Migration to Dubai from South Africa is cost-intensive. A single entry visa with a stay duration of 30 days costs R2289, while a single entry visa of a 60 days duration costs R3694. 

Multiple Entry visas with a duration of 30 days cost R4634, and the 60 days multiple entries cost R5570.

How Long Can A South African Stay In Dubai?

A South African can live in Dubai with a visit visa for just 60 days. However, a visit visa can be upgraded to permit an extended stay of 90 days.

A South African with a Multiple visit visa can stay in Dubai for 30 days for each visit. This type of visa can not be upgraded to accommodate an extended stay.



Moving to Dubai from South Africa is a life-changing decision that should be taken with clarity and useful information. The UAE government grants foreigners some visa categories to choose from that suit their needs.  

Documents required when moving to Dubai from South Africa include medical reports, a valid passport, and a travel itinerary. Migration from South Africa to Dubai is expensive, so you should consider your finances before migrating.

Ensure that you consult a credible travel agent and financial advisor for professional advice and guidance before deciding on moving to Dubai or not. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions, so please drop your comments in the comment section below.


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