Top 10 Wedding Venues In Roodepoort (2023)

There are several superb wedding venues in Roodepoort that can guarantee excellence when it comes to your wedding event and celebration. When planning your wedding, one of the major things you must have in place is an outstanding wedding venue, to make your wedding very special indeed.

Top 10 Wedding Venues In Roodepoort

While there are many wedding venues in and around Roodepoort, these are some of the best that can be recommended:

1. Everwood Country Weddings

These guys are committed to anything wedding, and they will help you guarantee a very great wedding venue that will make your special day a very pleasant and remarkable one indeed. Rather than having to bother your head about putting things in place yourself, the staff at Everwood Country Weddings will get that sorted out for you.

2. Oakfield Farm

You can also take advantage of Oakfield Farm for a pleasant wedding ceremony, particularly if you are around Roodepoort and its environs (it is located in Muldersdrift). Here is a beautiful venue that is utilized for all manner of occasions, as far as you desire having a very good event.

3. Eagles Fare Restaurant & Wedding Venue

Eagles Fare Restaurant & Wedding Venue is located in Poortview, Roodepoort, and is deserving to be on this list, being one of the best around here. Something that should be noted about these guys is that the staff works hard to give their customers a swell time.

Eagles Fare Restaurant & Wedding Venue operates a pleasant restaurant, and they also have a wedding venue that can be utilized for wedding celebrations. The fact that they have been in this industry for some time now is an indicator that you can trust the services being offered here.

4. Rustic Garden – Function Venue

Rustic Garden – Function Venue is located in Wilgespruit, Roodepoort, and is a versatile place you can utilise to host your wedding events too. It is always very important to plan your wedding as earlier as possible before the day itself arrives. Hence, it is helpful to settle for a nice wedding venue which must be settled beforehand too.

You can contact Rustic Garden – Function Venue and book way ahead of time before your wedding day comes.

5. Waterfall Cove River Edge Venue

Waterfall Cove River Edge Venue is one of the very best you can find around. This is a very nice place that can give you the glamour you crave for when your big day comes. Wedding day is usually a very special one, and you should see to it that you make use of a very beautiful event venue to make it superb.

Waterfall Cove River Edge Venue has been in this business for many years now, and have been used by so many people for their various events – including weddings. Therefore, as you make preparations for your wedding, you can include this venue as the place your special moment will happen.

6. Très Jolie

Très Jolie is one of the very best wedding venues you can find around here. These guys have been in this business for many years now and have been patronised by so many clients before now. The reviews are impressive, which is a good indicator that many clients were pleased with what they were offered at Très Jolie.

Therefore, if you have been wondering where you should hold your wedding, you may want to consider Très Jolie.

7. Morrells Boutique Estate

Just maybe you want a royalty wedding venue that befits your status, then you can settle for Morrells Boutique Estate. This is one of the very best wedding venues in the whole of South Africa that is operating on a very splendid level.

Morrells Boutique Estate has also been in business for many years now. Additionally, this venue has been used by many people for their different events, including weddings, and it makes sense. Therefore, if you want to settle for a very beautiful wedding venue for your wedding celebration, then go for Morrells Boutique Estate.

8. Memoire Wedding and Conference Venue

Memoire Wedding and Conference Venue is a big one around here that can be used for your wedding event too. This is a center with an impressive management that gives attention to quality details, and you can do a very stunning wedding there.

Memoire Wedding and Conference Venue offers services revolving around Catering, Corporate and conference, Conference Accommodation, Private Dining, and so on. You can check the beautiful pictures of this venue online to see how organised it is. Indeed, Memoire Wedding and Conference Venue is one of the best around this area which can be recommended.

9. The Garden Venue

The Garden Venue is one of the best places you can host your wedding ceremony. It prides itself as a multiple award-winning wedding venue, with so many satisfied users already. Carefully constructed, it is set in beautifully landscaped gardens, and it is a remarkable place to hold one’s wedding.

These guys have one of the finest wedding venues with different outdoor garden chapels, wedding halls, and so on. In fact, if you need a place to enjoy your honeymoon, these guys have you covered (it has some beautiful hotel bedroom as well as honeymoon suites). With all of these, you should see and know already that the management is very serious about the business of wedding events.

The Garden Venue is set across 3 hectares, and is one of the biggest of its kind around this place.

10. Monte Vista Venue

Monte Vista Venue is one of the very best wedding venues around this region which can be recommended to anyone seeking a superb center to hold their wedding. Of course, while these guys are not the most perfect you will find in the country, it can still boast of having a lot of satisfied clients (which is pretty impressive).

In Conclusion

These are some of the top wedding venues in Roodepoort and its environs. While there are several others that are doing very well, you can start with the ones highlighted here and settle for the one you are more comfortable with.