Where to Watch and Download Afrikaans Movies Free Online (2023)

Before the advent of the advanced technology we enjoy today, people could only watch movies via DVD OR VCD. Some folks would even have to go to a movie theatre to get and relish that movie experience. However, all thanks to advanced technology, you and I can now see tons of movies on our internet-enabled devices in the comfort of our beds or homes

If you are wondering about where to watch and download Afrikaans movies free online, the good news is that there are many platforms that you can get them from. You can watch and download Afrikaans movies free online from platforms such as Showmax, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play Movies, SBS on Demand, Filmdoo, Box-office and Afrikaans Flix. Please note that it is easier to get new Afrikaans movies on these platforms than older ones.

Where to Watch and Download Afrikaans Movies Online Free and Paid

1. Showmax

Showmax is a popular paid movie streaming platform where you can watch your favourite Afrikaans movies. The platform has millions of subscribers with a subscription price of $8.99 monthly. Showmax has collaborated with KykNET to provide its viewers with South African content. 

All you need to enjoy your favourite Afrikaans movies on Showmax is a valid subscription, and you have unlimited access to several Afrikaans movies. You can download your favourite movies on your phone or mobile devices via the Showmax App, which subscribers can download from the Play Store or IOS store.  

2. YouTube

If you are using a smartphone or are tech savvy, then YouTube is not a strange name. It is one of the most popular free movie streaming and downloading platforms in the world that gets a lot of video viewers daily. YouTube is replete with millions of movies in different categories. You can watch or download Afrikaans movies to watch later on YouTube. 

However, you won’t get a lot of Afrikaans movies on YouTube, which is understandable. YouTube might not be the best option for you if you are a new Afrikaans movie lover. However, if old movies are your thing, then you will get those on the platform. 

3. iTunes 

iTunes is another platform to watch and download your favourite Afrikaans movies without many hassles. It is a paid platform renowned as a music and podcast platform; however, you can also use it to watch your favourite and available Afrikaans movies. 

However, subscribers should note that watching Afrikaans movies on iTunes will cost more than on other platforms. You might have to pay up to R100 to download movies on the platform, but the exciting part is that you can download the movie anytime you want. Furthermore, you can get the iTunes application on your computer even if you use a Windows Personal computer.

4. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is a platform that allows you to rent and buy movies without any hassle. Afrikaans movies are also available for rent or sale on Google Play Movies. The platform enables Afrikaans movie producers to upload their content for users to access it at a price, either by renting or buying it. Buying Afrikaans movies allow you to download them. You can download the Google Play Movies app on the Play Store or IOS store to enjoy many Afrikaans movies.

5. SBS on Demand

Afrikaans movies are available on SBS, another popular movie streaming platform. The platform is a paid platform, and you can only watch Afrikaans movies and other kinds of movies when you have a valid subscription. However, it is not replete with a lot of Afrikaans movies as the platform is an Australian platform.

6. Filmdoo 

Filmdoo is a movie streaming platform that allows you to pay to rent movies online. The platform does not allow free Afrikaans movie downloads. You will be required to pay to watch any of your favourite movies. Filmdoo contains a lot of old and new South African content. A monthly payment of $1.49 will allow you to enjoy Afrikaans movies for as long as your subscription lasts.  

7. Boxoffice

DSTV offers the Boxoffice platform, and you would require a subscription to access content on the platform. You can enjoy as many Afrikaans movies as you want at a subscription fee of R35 DSTV is renowned for loads of South African content. You will surely get value for your money as you can download lovely Afrikaans movies on this indigenous platform.  

8. Afrikaans Flix

Afrikaans Flix is a free app you can use on your Android device. You don’t require to pay for a subscription to the app. You can watch free movies anywhere you are on Afrikaans Flix. If you own an Android device and you are an Afrikaans movie lover, then you can quickly get on this platform. An exciting feature of the app is the English subtitles that movies usually come with, so people who are not fluent in Afrikaans can also enjoy and understand the movie. 



Many people love and enjoy Afrikaans movies or films for several reasons. All thanks to an advanced world, you don’t have to visit the theatres or cinemas to watch your favourite Afrikaans movie. Right there, in the comfort of your bed, you can watch your favourite Afrikaans movies for free or through a subscription. With Platforms such as Afrikaans Flix, YouTube, Filmdoo, Showmax, and Box Office, amongst others, you don’t have to wonder where to watch and download Afrikaans movies for free online. 

All you have to do is to ensure that you have a good internet connection, necessary devices and a subscription where applicable, and you are good to go, at home, in the office during break time or on the go. So I am curious to know which of these platforms is your favourite or which you would love to try out next. Please feel free to let me know in the comment section below, and I can’t wait to hear from you.