Bajaj Car Price In South Africa (2023)

The Bajaj Qute generated a reasonable amount of buzz when it was launched into the South African market some months ago, for very good reasons. The little vehicle came from India and is an interesting quadricycle that can carry four persons conveniently.

Bajaj car price in South Africa is R 75 000. Also known as the RE60, the Bajaj Qute is one of the cheapest vehicles in the country.

How Much Is Bajaj Car Price In South Africa?

The Bajaj car costs R 75 000 in South Africa. This nice quadricycle is permitted to be driven in every part of South Africa, and several South Africans have been purchasing the car since it was launched in the country some months back.

Interestingly, the company selling the car is trying to make it easy for anyone interested in getting one, even if they don’t have a lot of resources right now. While it is currently being sold for R 75 000, you are permitted to opt for a monthly installment basis, where you pay around R 2 000 each month.

This is a nice structure for obvious reasons. We have to be realistic and admit that there are certain South Africans who will crave to have a vehicle like this, but who can’t afford to pay for it just once due to its price – R 75 000.

However, many can start paying just R 2 000 each month till they finish the payment. This way, they can own the Bajaj Qute without being hindered by resources. Additionally, the company (Bajaj South Africa) can afford to sell more vehicles and make more revenue in the country.

Getting The Bajaj Car In South Africa

Bajaj has been a prominent brand in the automobile industry for many years now. This is one Indian company that has grown significantly well and is doing a great job not only in India but in different parts of the world too.

Bajaj has a good presence in Africa, and a country like South Africa can’t be ignored. Therefore, the company made this four-wheeler model of an auto rickshaw to serve good purposes for their customers.

The Bajaj Qute is more comfortable than the average auto rickshaw you may know. It has doors and a strong roof. It can easily carry four persons, including the driver, and you sit as you would in a car. Its steering wheel is that of a car, and it is cool.

The vehicle can move on petrol and CNG. It came with a liquid-cooled DTS-i engine (216.6cc), while the overall length is 2635 mm.

Where To Buy Bajaj Qute In South Africa

While Bajaj is an Indian brand, the company has its presence in South Africa – which is known as Bajaj South Africa. If you want to buy a Bajaj car in this country, you can get this at the company, at its showroom in Randburg.

When you get to Bajaj South Africa showroom at Ext-8 Northriding Malibongwe Drive, if you are ready to own the car, you can take a test drive too.

Generally, one of the reasons you can get the Bajaj Qute for that price in South Africa is because you can easily buy it in the country. Let’s say you have to import it from India or some other country, you will have to spend a lot of money on this.

All You Should Know About Bajaj Car In South Africa

This vehicle was first unveiled in India by Bajaj Auto some years ago, which means it is not a new thing in the country. The automobile giants had entered into a partnership with Nissan and Renault to make a low-cost cars.

After the Bajaj Qute came into existence, the company became determined to send it to different parts of the world too. Not just looking towards Africa (where it has been selling many of its other products), but even Europe (the company was able to obtain the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval certification for the Qute).

The Qute provides 20 kilograms’ worth of storage inside the bonnet despite its features, and it has some good space under the seats too. While it is light and cool (plus it is economical when it comes to fuel), it can only run simply at 70km per hour maximum.

Therefore, if you are buying this Bajaj car in South Africa, you should have your priorities and know what you will want to use it for. It is necessary to know that you can’t simply take the Qute to a very long distance due to its configurations.

Now, one of the questions a lot of people are interested in knowing about this vehicle is revolving around safety (which is very understandable). Interestingly, the company is confident that it is great since the vehicle has been tested on multiple parameters.

Before Bajaj started selling the Qute. It conducted some experiments in India, on different terrain and weather conditions to confirm things like structural durability, performance, efficiency, and so on. It is easy to accept because Bajaj is a company with a reputation in India. It was made known that the whole process of making the vehicle is supervised and quality checked by expert engineers.


Bajaj car price in South Africa is R 75 000. You can however opt for the option of paying a monthly installment of R 2 000 if you are comfortable with that. This will make it to buy the Qute if you can’t afford to pay all at once.

If you are buying the Qute, you should be sure of what you want it for. The vehicle has high strength and can operate on all roads in South Africa. Nevertheless, you can’t obviously take it everywhere due to obvious reasons.

Finally, several people have been buying and owning the Bajaj car in South Africa since it was introduced in the country. This means you can go ahead too if you need one.